Inactive [ADMN/INFO] ChestEnforce 0.1.0 - Search your server's chests! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Check chests across the entire server with a single command to check for illegal item spawning. Set accepted values for certain item types in the config, then use a simple command to scan every chest used since the plugin was installed. Chests that contain over the accepted limit will notify you!
    Feel free to post or PM me your server's IP! I'd love to see how you use ChestEnforce.
    Also, check out my site for early releases, dev versions, new plugins, and more!

    DOWNLOAD at BukkitDev:
    1. Set up your values in the config. Some default values have been provided so you can see the format. With these default values, ChestEnforce will notify you when a chest contains more than 9 diamonds or more than 1 diamond block.
    2. Use /searchchests or /sch to search every chest accessed since the plugin was installed. Chests containing more items than the limit specified in the config will give you the item that infringes and the location of the chest.
    Additional Features
    - ChestEnforce will automatically scan the area around spawn for chests and add them to its list on its first run.

    - /searchchests (/sch)
    Searches every chest on the server for items over the specified limit.

    chestenforce.searchchests - The ability to use /searchchests

    - 0.1.0 | First release on BukkitDev

    Coming Soon:
    - Items of the same type not in a single stack will be counted together
    - /searchchests <id> <amount> will only search for items of the specified ID above the specified amount.
    - Furnace and dispenser checking
    - Reload command
    - Checking player inventories, both online and off.

    Known Issues:
    - Double chests report twice.
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    Slick. I'll check it out as soon as I get a chance ;)
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    Nice, approved.
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    I like it. I'll use it! :)
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    This is an absolutely brilliant plugin. Honestly, I have been waiting for who knows how long, for something like this.

    Mega props for this. No lag, works flawlessly. Thank you.
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    Nice! This is a good start, and it works great so far. Not sure how elaborate the coding would be, but it would be nice if your plugin could scan the entire map for all chests. My map is a year old and there are chests hidden away all over the place. Would be nice to not have to wait until some discovers it and accesses it. I am looking forward to the updates! Good job!

    Some "seasoned" players were baffled that I found their diamond filled chests burried deep down in stone. lol... suhhhweet!
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    As I've found out for another project of mine, scanning the entire map is a very slow process. I suppose I could have it run over the course of 20 minutes or something when the plugin is first loaded, that would probably be better than waiting for the chest owner to access it.
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    Long scan times would be fine since you only have to do it once, and any new chest after that would be logged in automatically. I would suggest making it command based to allow the admin to control when the scan takes place. Something along the lines of:
    /sch scanmap (scan entire map)
    /sch scanmap area 1000 (scan area withing 1000 blocks of my current position)

    ..also... it would be nice to have the ability to remove the items from the chests once they are logged, without actually having to teleport to each chest, manually transfer out the items into my inventory, and then jump into a vat of lava to dispose of them.

    something like:
    /sch remove 57 qty 100
    ...would remove ALL item 57 (diamond blocks) from any chest if that chest has more than 100 diamond blocks within.

    ...and/or the ability to remove the entire chest!
    /sch removechest 57 qty 300
    ...would delete an entire chest, or all chests contents... whichever is easier coding wise.

    I also need to track down masses of enchanted items and potions... but one thing at a time...


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    Awesome, keep up the good work!
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    This sounds like a great plugin. If you could make it work for Tekkit item ids i would definitely use it! = D

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