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  1. Description:

    With this plugin you can easily bind messages, player-, or servercommands on any sign with any text. The signs can be activated by right clicking them.
    • Messages: One or more messages will be shown to the player who clicked the sign.
    • Player command: The command saved on the sign will be executed by the player who clicked the sign.
    • Server command: The command will be executed as a Server/admin command.
    You can add an unlimited amount of commands or messages to every sign. You can mix -for example- two messages, one server-and one player command on one sign as well.

    DEV-PAGE (more info and download):
    >>> ServerSigns <<<
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    Love the plugin, do you think you could add a third type of permission so that the command is executed under the permissions available to the creator of the sign (Perhaps a 'Creator Command'). This way instead of people with access to the plugin having unrestricted console access, moderators and other staff can also make signs but would only be able to use commands that they have permission to use. This would be a fantastic addition to an already great plugin.
  3. I planned to add New permissions to give more flexibility. With the New One you can give a User the rights for normal commands (create ans use). I am going to add this Feature today. Tanks for the idea

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    What would constitute 'normal' commands? As in permissions for allowing specific commands defined under certain usergroups? And also are you planning to incorporate the 'Creator Commands' so that for example if a user named "johndoe" made a sign, then if they made a CreatorCommand "/money pay <player> 50" then it would execute the command under johndoe's account? My main interest with this is so that Moderators can make signs that make use of their moderator commands (without access to OP commands), and so perhaps the console would log the username under which a command was executed.
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    could you give me permission again? I want Bukkit can also use this =) because it does not work for me =( So please tell me what do I do that's so or not it is in the permissions?
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    I freakin love this plugin!
    thanks! ^_^
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    what a nice plugin u got there!! i just love it :D! thank u :3
  9. This plugin is awesome and helped us design new epic pvp events with spectacular effects that players can't do on their own but this plugin lets us add safely to the event without risking them abusing the powers etc. Really cool!
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    it looks simple ive already used this plenty but for me i cant get the setcooldown right i want it so the cooldown is set for the player that uses the sign so they can only use it once.
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    is there a way to display a message to the player who pressed the sign but without the "[ServerSigns]", so we can make Books with stories or simply rules :D!
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    If there was anyway to set {player} or something for <server> commands. So the console issues a command from the person who clicked the sign. IE: /svs add <server> give {player} fence 1 would give the player who clicked the sign 1 fence. Would make it nice for system messages so I can announce who just set the server time to day :)

    Also, for some reason I cannot get the AddPermissionGrant flag to work at all... no matter what, unless a person has the permissions in their group, they cannot issue the command via a sign. Might be because I am using GroupManager?
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    would it be possible to use this to add "player" to a user group/faction that they can choose?
    I like the cost system where you pay money to use the command, with it i could make the cost of a group/faction switch very high and give a new player just enough to pick a group/faction.
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    Your Plugin worked fine but since today i get this error:

    05:01:45 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to ServerSigns java.lang.NullPointerException at com.iCo6.system.Queried.useMiniDB( at com.iCo6.system.Queried.hasAccount( at com.iCo6.system.Accounts.get( at de.craftville.ServerSigns.ServerSignsPlayerListener.onPlayerInteract( at$11.execute( at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent( at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent( at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent( at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.interact( at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a( at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:39) at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b( at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a( at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w( at at
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    Hey, i am curious to see if there is a way to make it so a player can issue any command signs, because when i do something such as /region addmember () () when they right click it it says "you do not have enough permissions" If there is a way to do this please tell me, i am kind of a noob so dont yell at me for not knowing. Also to make it so it does the command to whoever rights click it do i have to put like a * or something to signify it does it to anybody, for example would i do /svs add gamemode * 1 and the star would mean anybody who right clicked would have the command issued to them? is that how it works? Thanks! Great plugin BTW!
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    Please some help here
    The Permission nodes
    Dont works for me some help please:)
  18. I'm posting this comment regarding your plugin 'Serversigns'.
    I've been using GroupManager to handle my permissions and I have been having difficulty getting the permissions feature to work.
    This is what I use:
    /svs add /warp arena
    Then do:
    /svs addpermissiongrant essentials.warp.arena
    When I ask a default class player to right click the sign, it tells them they don't have permission.
    No errors come up in the console.
    I am using GroupManager 2.8.2 (1846)
    Thank you.
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    I have a suggestion.
    My server has an application process that a guest has to go through to build and get started but most of them have trouble posting on the forums. Could it be possible so that when one right clicks a sign, it takes them to a specific URL in thier browser? If you could do this, I am sure we and many other servers would appreciate it. Thanks!
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    is it possible to give my users the permission to use every sign even if they usually dont have the permission for the command on the sign ?
    serversigns.use.* didnt work :(
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    i have made an polish translation.
    if i could ask for it to be released in the next build i would be very thankful.
    pl#by Tomexpl
    rightclick_bind_commandKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy aby zaprogramować tablice.
    set_commandZaprogramowano pablice pomyślnie.
    serversign_createdServerSign zoztał pomyślnie stworzony.
    rightclick_listKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby wyświetlić polecenia na niej.
    rightclick_set_priceKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby ustawić cene.
    set_priceCena zoztała dodana pomyślnie.
    rightclick_bind_permissionKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby zaprogramować uprawnienia.
    set_permissionUprawnienie zoztało dodane pomyślnie.
    rightclick_set_cooldownKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby ustawić czas czekania.
    set_cooldownCzas czekania dodany pomyślnie.
    rightclick_copyWybierz tablice przez klikanie na nią prawym przyciskiem myszy.
    rightclick_pasteKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby wkleić.
    rightclick_del_commandKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby usunąć polecenie.
    del_commandPolecenie zoztało usunięte pomyślnie.
    rightclick_del_permissionKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby usunąć uprawnienia.
    del_permissionUprawnienie zoztało usunięte pomyślnie.
    rightcklick_deleteKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby usunąć wszystkie polecenia.
    commands_removedWszystkie polecenia zoztały usunięte.
    edit_commandPolecenie zoztało zmienione pomyślnie.
    rightclick_reset_cooldownKliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na tablice aby zresetować czas czekania.
    reset_cooldownCzas czekania zoztał zresetowany.
    no_numberTo nie jest numer.
    not_readyTablica bedzie gotowa za <cooldown>.
    line_not_foundPodana linia nie zoztała znaleziona.
    not_enough_permissionsNie masz wystarczających uprawnień.
    no_serversignTo nie jest ServerSign.
    not_enough_moneyNie masz tyle pieniędzy.
    cannot_destroyNie wolno ci zepsuć tej tablicy.
    need_confirmation_costTablica kosztuje <price>. Wpisz /svs yes albo kliknij ponownie.
    need_confirmationPotwierdz tablice wpisując /svs yes albo kliknij ponownie.
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    I use this plugin but it dosnt want to work with spam guard. Is there a way to fix this?

    Derp, I forgot the * infrot of the command

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    Can let players use they have no jurisdiction used command?
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    Hi I'm trying to use server signs to let players pay for a rank. I use PermissionsEX for my ranks and perms.
    My question is what command do i bind to make the sign work for each player who clicks?
    Its easy to bind commands for a players name but I can't work out the command for (player who clicks the sign).


    /svs add <server> promote playername
    cost $8000

    So is there a wildcard that PEX uses for the player? Or is there another solution?

    Please help!
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    Can you make the plugin to bypass permissions of other plugins so normal players can use the signs? :)

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