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    KillCam v0.5 Beta



    KillCam allows server administrators to change a variety of respawn settings, the main feature of the plugin being the "KillCam Mode". When a player dies when this mode is enabled, they will promptly be turned invisible and invincible, and be teleported to their death point. While "dead", a player cannot break or place blocks, and the use of items is disabled. This allows a server admin to let players to watch a battle while not getting in the way, an alternative to temp banning them on a pvp server.


    • Customizable respawn time.
    • Allow players to watch the battle without getting in the way of the action.
    • Respawn players with a specific health and food amount.
    • Allow "dead" players to fly if desired.
    • Custom chat prefix for "dead" players.
    • Option to find respawn location automatically (plays nicely with plugins like SpawnControl), or use the world's default spawn location (better for slower servers)
    • Commands to revive or respawn players.
    Change Log:

    View older changes:


    KillCam is on BukkitDev! The download link and other stuff is all there:



    Todo List:

    • Commands to release a specific player from "KillCam Mode" at their current location, or respawn them. - Added in 0.4
    • Save inventories to allow Admins to "revive" players and give them back their items. -Added in 0.4
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    Seems cool
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    Add your RB in Title
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    v0.3 Alpha is out, added config option to disable player messages, and bug fixes.

    Let me know if you have any bugs/suggestions! :)
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    Keep it up!
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    Good idea!
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    @Chrono7 I would move this if it weren't for the fact that you haven't uploaded any files to BukkitDev. Tag me when you do.
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    @md_5 Really? That's weird, I have 3 alpha files up...
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    It's Curse. Curse is weird.
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    lol, it does say that won't syndicate because I don't have any beta files, but I can assure you that I have alpha files up
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    Maybe if you change the last file to 'release' the staff will get a notification.
    Not that it should matter, just to be sure ;)
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    I shall check
    EDIT: Gotta make file types Release or Beta. I made them all release for you.
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    @md_5 Thanks!
    Can I change them back to Alpha? It's still in heavy development and it's not perfect yet :/
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    Beta should be o.k but it seems that alpha files won't be approved :(
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    seems kinda confusing, maybe a video? or am i asking too much
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    Sure, I understand. I received another request for a video, so I'll put one up when I'm done bug fixing v0.4, which will be soon :D
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    is this a Call of Duty Killcam?
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    Ok, v0.4 is up! Although Minecraft 1.0.0 just came out, v0.4 is still for Minecraft 1.8 CB 1337. I will update it as soon as Bukkit releases a RB for 1.0.0

    Next, I will upload a video demo of the plugin to clear some things up.

    Oh, and I added a donate button ;D

    Not exactly, it teleports the dead player to the location where they died and lets them watch the battle, like a camera.
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    Awesome! :)
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    Ok, v0.5 is up! Still waiting on a RB to update for Minecraft 1.0.0 :/
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    Men i put in my 1.8.1 server but he dont create any adicitonal folder, I just start the server, but in the console have a error and dont accept plugin, what did i do?Help me please!
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    As I said in the Bukkit Dev thread, post the error or I can't even begin to help you.
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    I have an issue where with this plugin it interferes with world edit as when i do a command with world edit, it is then done again. I dont know whats causing this plugin to do this with world edit.
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    Screenshot? Any log errors? Then I can help you.
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    This is what I wrote to the plugin developer of AntiPVPLogger (

    Thought it would interest you aswell!

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    Can you add permissions so that I can enable this only in one world?
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    Love the concept

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