Inactive [ADMN/GEN/FUN] QuickGM v1.0 - Switch gamemodes faster than ever! [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    Everything is here on BukkitDev :D

    QuickGM (stands for gamemode) is the quickest way out there to change your gamemode. With a one letter command (and future plans to click change gamemode), QuickGM allows admins to easily build, but also fight. This is only one out of the many situations where QuickGM is helpful.. download it today and discover more scenarios where it helps :D!

    NOTE: Now when you run QuickGM, it will create a config file where you can edit a block. Whatever block (ID) you choose is important. If you have the node (QuickGM.sneak) and you sneak and right click that block, it will change your gamemode.... Amazing! Thanks to everyone who requested this!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    * Quick gamemode changer
    * Easy Commands
    * Lightweight
    * Change your gamemode by right-clicking a block!

    Commands & Permission Nodes:

    /QGM = This is the help command

    /G = Changes your gamemode and sends you a message
    Node: QuickGM.G

    /M [player] = Changes [player]'s gamemode and sends them a message
    Node: QuickGM.M

    NODE (for sneaking & right-clicking a block): QuickGM.sneak

    Upcoming Features:
    * Change gamemode with buttons - COMPLETED

    Suggest some more features down below.

    Big Thanks To: colony88

    Change Log
    v2.0 - Added sneak & right click block for gamemode change
    v1.0 - Initial Release
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    I love you.
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    Hmmm, player interact event and an isSneaking() check would be a fun feature for toggling gamemode :D
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    Do you mean like if you right click a block while sneaking, you'll change gamemode? I can work on that

    I just did the right click gamemode changing thingy

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    Good Plugin! But can I deactivate the messages?

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