Inactive [ADMN/GEN] AutoGroup v1.1.1 - Manage players based on time and PayPal donations. [1.4.5-R1.0]

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    Its fine now i found another plugin with all of the permission plugins support so i'll use that. :)
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    All donations are inherited.
    Take the default config
    Don1: $10
    Don2: $25
    Don3: $26

    As soon as your total is 10 you get promoted, as soon as you donate again to reach 25 you get promoted and then when you donate to $26 you get promoted to the max rank.
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    What plugin because I need permissions support too.
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    I wish Permissions 2/3 would be destroyed!
    It would take me 5 minutes to do, but on a matter of principal I won't.
    description: Allows use of the donate command
    default: true
    description: Allows use of the playtime command
    default: true
    description: Allows use of the playtime command on others
    default: op
    description: Prevents player from being ranked
    default: op

    Are the defaults if you use permissions 2/3

    What permissions plugin do you use?
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    Group Manager.
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    command: manuadd %1$s %2$s

    Put that in your config, it should work.
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    I'm a little bit confused, my logic right now is that the loyalty group is based on the time since they first joined the server, correct? I guess that would explain why it says: Welcome to group <Master> (My loyalty group) then underneath it says: Welcome to group <Advanced> (My 2nd group). Another thing I am wondering, is like even though they are in the group, it insists on putting them in that group again and again. Like say I was in the group Advanced after about 5 minutes it would say: Welcome to group <Advanced>.

    Could you explain the loyalty group to me as well as why it continuously wants to put me in the group?

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    I have patched that and given a private copy for testing:

    I will release it as 1.1.1 asap
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    Thank you, added it to my server right now and I am testing it. I'll give you my findings as to wether it has fixed my problem or not once I finish testing it.

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    I use bPermissions not permissions 3.x.
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    Having a bit of a problem.

    Heres my set up.

    I cant get past rank Member-2.
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    It only goes up to addict 3.

    Continuous promotion bug fixed in 1.1.1

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    Can you make the .yml like groupmanager.yml? (You talking about managing perm too right? but with more features) Because i think groupmanager is 1st manager of permissions manager, maybe you can make your plugins become the number 1 too if using like groupmanager setting..

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    No, this plugin does not provide permissions management, instead it works with a plugin such as GroupManager in order to tell GroupManager what permissions to give you depending on how much you play.
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    Please please make this compatible with Group manager.
    All i need is a plugin that ranks my players ):
    I saw Timerank, but their was no node for autogroup.norank
    So i was left sitting watching doners get ranked, and mods getting ranked.
    So i had to delete the plugin.
    Please make it work with group manager
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    I think the very very latest group manager works.
    Maybe I will have to do permissions 3 / gm
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    Any chance of making it go higher then 3, I need it to be around 50.
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    I'm just thinking of the most efficient way to calculate which group to promote to.
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    50 does sound like a lot. But I was going to make the rank look like a progress bar, and it was going to have 10 lines that will light up green when your playtime goes up. And I will have 5 ranks so 50 total.

    Example: ||||||||||||
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    I've spent the day yesterday getting MySQL and phpMyAdmin up and running... what exactly would my donate.php file look like, and do I change the information the same I did in the AutoGroup config file?
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    See this bit at the top of the file, edit it like so:
    $host = "localhost";
    $username = "USERNAME";
    $password = "PASSWORD";
    $database = "NAME OF DATABASE";
    $table = "donators";
    $table2 = "players";
    $myemail = "YOUR EMAIL HERE";
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    When testing through the sandbox, does the email need to match my dummy account email? And does the host variable need the port MySQL is running through? I'm sorry with all the questions, I've just spent so much time on it I'm getting frustrated :p
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    Yes for email no for port.
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    Can this auto demote after a certain time?
    Like if you become "un addicted" and "un-loyal" and donations "expire" after a certain period.
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    Every time a player joins the server it keap saying welcome player to member. Need a fix please.
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    Was wondering if you could add more VIP groups to the config file, I have 8 groups.
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    Fixed it a while back.
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    Hey, I'm trying to edit this plugin for my personal use but I couldn't find a way to get it working, this error keeps coming... AutoGroup cannot be resolved /AutoGroup/src/main/java/com/md_5/autogroup/events line 27 Java Problem

    Here is a part of the code of the error:

        public void onPlayerQuit(PlayerQuitEvent event) {
            String name = event.getPlayer().getName();
            if (AutoGroup.playerTimes.containsKey(name)) {
                AutoGroup.playerTimes.get(name).setLast((int) (System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000L));
    May u help me? =)

    Hey I fixed it =p, It was the imports... all they were pointing to com.md_5...... so I just put the right packages, and it worked, thank u! =)

    I really wanna something to give players the group VIP for periods of time, and it could be configurable, like that:

    Group1: VIPs
    Group2: VIPs
    Group1Amount: 5
    Group2Amount: 10
    Group1Time: 30
    Group2Time: 60

    The time is in days!

    Is there such thing like that?

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    Not yet, personally I am not a fan of that donation system.
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