[ADMN/GEN] AdminPanel v1.3 - A easy to use Spout panel for admins [REWRITTEN! CLICK ME!]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MuisYa, Sep 25, 2011.

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    ----> Click Here <---
    AdminPanel has been rewritten, all bugs are fixed and the plugin is way faster now! Please check it out. I hope you like it!
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    @moselekm Thanks alot of the positive feedback! I appreciate it :D

    Altough i got no idea what wrong with that button than, i must say. I didnt tested it a 100% soo,
    i will look into it soon to see if i can fix the problem. I will work on the Teleport buttons soon.
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    Dude,you don't support permissionsBukkit,you support superperms! That includes bpermissions,permissionsbukkit,permissionsex,etc...

    LE: Also,get on skype,i'll help fix the "kill monsters" button! ^^
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    Good job MuisYa i like your plugins, its also long time last we spoke my friend :D
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    @RPGWorld Yeh i know, Thanks tough. Edited the text.
    I will come later, there is a friend here...

    @Tobytheminer Thanks dude! And yup it was, hows yr server going?
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    its going great MuisYa :D well i got alot of work and school at the moment so i do not got that mucth time for updating the plugins yet but it seems to work fine still :D
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    I love the plugin, I was wondering if I could get the source from you?
    Thank You, and keep up the awesome work!
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    Could you add the possibility of just selecting players in the panel so we don't have to type them?
    And when I try to kill a player, I kill myself... is this a bug?
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    @Boose Depends on what you are going to use it for?

    @colony88 Eeehm, i thought about it. But i wont add it, since big server could have like 80players online, if i got 80 players. The panel is full. Im sorry. I could try to make a instant player search thingie. But that would be pretty hard...

    The "Kill a player" button works fine for me, if you typed youre own name than it will kill yourself, else it is just possible i think...
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    I'm just starting to get back into Java coding again, Ever since I got minecraft it has RE-sparked my interest in java programming. I am curious about the code I'd love to be able to see how exactly it works with spout and how it loads the AdminPanel in game. I basically would just like to see the code to learn from it, I Do Not plan on stealing it and calling it my own (if that's what your worried about). But, if I'm even able too, I'd like to modify it specifically for my server, like adding my own commands or hooking it into other plugins, so to make commands easier for my less knowledgeable admins/mods.

    But, for the most part I'd just like to have the opportunity to learn from the code... I've never seen a plugin with this kind of ability. And if by the off chance that I'm able to use your code and add to it, I'd still give you full credit (of course) for the plugin. Though I doubt I'd ever distribute the plugin, and if I even thought of it I'd ask and show it to you first since it is your baby after all.

    I like I said above, I'd really just like to have the opportunity to learn from it, I'm a bit rusty in the coding department, its been probably 3 or 4 years.

    Thank You for your Consideration.
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    the kill player button doesn't work it kills me instead + th e kill all monster button kills them but the monsters is still there unable to move and well, they're just there for no reason
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    Thank you so much for this great plugin!
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    How would I be able to get to it from my server?
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    This works like a charm. This makes my mod's jobs much easier! Thank you!
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    Hmm, i think the Kill player and remove drops buttons are glitching yes...
    Im sorry for that. I will try to repair them soon!

    @nichiatu Thanks!
    @Bricklord551 Eehm? Im sorry?
    @streaml1ned Thanks dude! Of Dankje ;)
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    Thanks for the Awesome plugin :cool: Running on our little server [diamond]
    Got a bit of trouble with killing one's self instead of target , but is funny as hell lol
    I would love to see included the following if you can and i know would be used a lot on our server :D
    Customisable buttons with maybe a few layouts to select from, all adjustable within the config and using the GUI in game (modify node) would be nice too so you can state which command is to be used + what the button is called (reads on GUI)
    A main list or drop down bar / scrollbar of the members/users that are online to select from quickly, could have blank at top for typing in a name if they are offline or even make list selectable from online users to offline or both?
    Would be great if a moderator or admin was be able to mod their own GUI ingame (or myself in config) and make or move the commands hooked to buttons where he/she wanted within the template parameters . using only the commands available to them in permissions obviously.
    If adapted slightly i also think this could be used by all our users and be a fantastic tool. Long commands they use instead of typing them in could be assigned and things like joining jobs, making a res, paying a friend etc the benifits especially for our younger users would be invalueble making it easier and faster. You wouldnt beleive the amount of times you can tell someone to use an upper case letter and still it seams beyond thier grasp.... Builder NOT builder lol
    I could set the layout of the custom GUI's with the commands etc done for them and assign permission nodes to each group relevant to the different GUI's listed in config !! HOW AWESOME THIS WOULD BE !!
    If you cant do this could you at least make the options you give configurable with true-false and permission based with say mod node and admin node so could give a limited GUI to some users ?
    :p sorry if i dont make sense or repeat myself lol
    P.S. Thanks for the AWESOME plugin ;)
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    It'd be really awesome if you added buttons for reloading plugins and such.
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    @Micheal_Lee I havent updated the plugin for a long while, ill add alot of stuff soon.
    Im sorry!
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    I can't seem to get this plugin to work. It loads correctly and when I hit F4 the AdminPanel appears on my screen and the center box displays the correct number of players online and ram usage but there are no buttons in the other boxes. There is a popup box that says "AdminManager Logo" when I mouse over the word AdminPanel at the top of the screen, so that seems to work at least. How can I get the buttons to appear?
    I am running PermissionsBukkit and SuperpermsBridge 1.2 and my Spout Server is version My Spoutcraft client is 1.0.6 build 564. I use McMyAdmin as a wrapper and it is currently running Craftbukkit 1067.

    Is this a permissions problem? It seems odd that I can see the panel but don't have access to any of the buttons. I have full admin privileges on the server but I am worried that I somehow haven't set my "op" status correctly. Any help you could give would be most appreciated as this looks like a very cool and useful plugin. Thanks.
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    @Phirax Hahaha, thanks for ALL the info! Finally someone who does read the sticky topics!
    Anyway, its a spout bug they fucked it up... Got no idea but i will try to fix it soon!

    Also for everyone:
    Soon AdminPanel will be called YouControl and im gonna rewrite ALL the code!
    So i can improve performance. Hope you enjoy!
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    Doesnt work. Pleas help :( ... I have got Spout plugin! :(
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    @smexhy AdminPanel or YouControl? It has been rewritten. AdminPanel is not working anymore...
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    You Control...And i have got spot but doesnt work :(
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    @smexhy If you got YouControl please do it in the other topic at YouControl..
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    You dont help me with my problem?
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    So is this abandoned?
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    No, i just renamed the plugin.
    I will do an update soon! Which is going to pretty big. And good!

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    i get an error message saying "could not configure are you using the latest version of this plugin"? any help?
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    @aikoels Are you using "YouControl" or "AdminPanel", if you're using AdminPanel please download YouControl and if you already are. Leave a post at the BukkitDev forum.

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