[ADMN/GEN] AdminPanel v1.3 - A easy to use Spout panel for admins [REWRITTEN! CLICK ME!]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MuisYa, Sep 25, 2011.

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    ----> Click Here <---
    AdminPanel has been rewritten, all bugs are fixed and the plugin is way faster now! Please check it out. I hope you like it!
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    realy nice man!
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    @Oady I cant get PEX fixed. So if you dont use BukkitPermissions, its OP by default.

    @Fr0zenfr0g Thanks alot!
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    Awww that's a shame, thanks for trying though :)
    But will it cause errors if I try to use it as OP and I have PEX installed?
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    @Oady Im sorry, hihi.
    No if you use it as a OP with PEX installed it wont cause any errors. That shouldnt be a problem.

    Btw everyone: Version 1.3 is out.
    New feeatures:
    • Remove Drops button.
    • Kill animals button.
    • Better looking!

    Anyone interested in Setting players their balance, using iConomy 6 by @Nijikokun
    And granting and setting balances blabla?

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    hey i installed the plugin and i am pressing f4 but nothing happens at all can you please help me?
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    @kazzy Hmmm thats weird. Are you using a Spout client?
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    by spout client do u mean having spout in the plugins folder?
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    Nope, you need Spout in youre plugin folder.
    And if you want to see the popup, you need a Spout client, so instead of starting normal Minecraft.
    You start Spout. The .exe file can be downloaded here.
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    ok thx sorry i havnt used minecraft since 2 versions ago
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    No problem, havefun using Spout and AdminPanel :D
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    thx awesome plugin btw
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    this can be useful some times but it isn't as important...
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    Pex works with superPerms anyway (the default .hasPermission permission check) or at leas it should do :)

    EDIT: and you made it for superperms, not permissionsBukkit, PB is just a plugin to manage them, superPerms is the system ^^
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    @kazzy Thanks dude! I really appreciate you like it.

    @Fr0zenfr0g I might add it as soon as there is API for iConomy 6...

    @Oady that means you can just use it with PEX....

    @ben657 Aaah, oke. I didnt know that....
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    Read the downloads. Only on request.
    So if you ask me gently by sending a PM telling me what you are going to use it for. Sure!
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    Hi there :D
    i liked the idea so much, i already did my own ^^
    But thx for the idea, it is for private purposes btw.
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    @Seta Soo, you decompiled my code. Pasted into Eclipse.
    Made 1 extra button. Compiled it and named it a different way...
    Sure go ahead? -_______-
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    Please add GroupMangeer Suport :)!
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    GroupManager = Essentials, and i hate Essentials....
    And if there is no SuperPerms detected, it will fallback to OPs.
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    make the button to have this panel appear config??? i use spout coordinates and it uses the f4 button to toggle :/
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    Well, you can change it in the config already... So if you dont like F4 just change it to for instance F5
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    Whats wrong with a guy, interested on Spout, getting inspired by a very good idea, doing his own code?
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    @Seta Than its okay, i thought you just ripped off my code and stuff lol.
    Havefun with it! Hope you learn something of it :D
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    Amazing plugin. Add a PermissionsBukkit interface to it, and for me it would be perfect.
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    How about if a user is able to add custom buttons IN-GAME! For Commands that they use continual.
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    @Windows_i7_920 Hmmmm, that sounds like a very good idea! I will see if it is possible :D

    @Datas That wont be possible, since my plugin should listen to everything that happens in the server, and that causes alot of RAM usage. And since the goal of this plugin is to keep it as leightweight as possible...
    You could give me suggestions on buttons, and i might add them.
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    Wow, never seen a spout gui look that good. I might actually try to learn the spout gui stuff because this is just soo cool :p
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    When I use this plugin I can't use any commands, or chat at all. EVERYTHING is broken. When I disable it everything returns to normal. I use PEX if that makes any difference. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. The only thing I noticed in my server log is that PEX failed to initialize, or so it seems at least.
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    @Drexl What Bukkit build are you using? Got any errors in the log?
    And what version of Spout are you using?

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