[ADMN/GEN]AdminCmd 7.3.5-time, give, tp, repair,kill, warp,weather,afk,OpenInv [1.5.1]

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    AdminCmd - Fork of PlgEssentials:
    [​IMG] Website : www.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Wiki : http://wiki.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] BugTracker : http://bug.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Downloads : HERE
    [​IMG] GitHub : http://github.com/Belphemur/AdminCmd

    AdminCMD is a powerful plug-in that brings you commands that can give you total management over your server. Featuring the most widely used commands in Bukkit server management such as: inventory management, banishment of bad players, limitation to teleporting, setting spawn and home way points, and much, much more! Blockface approved and rated as one of the best plug-in by server owners.
    Unleash the power of Bukkit!

    For the blog : www.admincmd.com
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    My issue with this plugin vs essentials is that essentials have good in-game help, this has none..
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    For now I'm relaying on the Help plugin, with the great help of @Lathanael who's updating the help file.
    I'm thinking of using his help file to provide my own help function.
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    My mistake, however it's worth pointing out that Bukkit has a built in command alias feature. I used it for a few of your commands before you introduced the priority system. Or is that still not what he's wanting?
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    Yes it's what he want, but it's only works with the real name of the command (because with the alias you can't be sure that my command will be executed).
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    Ah I see what you mean. Sorry for being a bit dense there. :)
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    Hey , commands works well but i have no idea how i could add them for OP's :/ (i have permissions made by Nijikokun, TheYeti and rcjrrjcr) someone could help please?
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    I just found your plugin, and looks like a great replacement for Essentials (whoopee!) but can't find anywhere an explanation for the different files in the folder (can figure out most) and what the options in the config.yml mean. Do you have it posted somewhere?
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    If you have Permission, you know how to deal with Node, right ?

    Then it's easy, each command have it's node, and his parent node :
    /item -> admincmd.item.add
    parent node : admincmd.item.*
    /repair-> admincmd.item.repair
    parent node : admincmd.item.*

    To give the permission to ALL the command, just add the node : admincmd.*
    To give permissions just for a certain group of command (example items commands ) : admincmd.item.*
    To give perm to a single command (example for /item ): admincmd.item.add

    @Xordaii :
    Folders :
    Folder /home/ -> Contain all information about the players, there home, there last location before and if it's there first connection. Each file have the name of the player.
    Folder /locale/ -> Contain the locales files.
    Folder /scripts/ -> Contain a single file scripts.yml where you can configure your own bash/batch script to be executed by the server (only for experienced admins)
    Folder /spawn/ -> Contain a single file spawnLocations.yml containing all the spawn location that your setted in-game with the command /setspawn.
    Folder /warp/ -> Pretty same as Folder /spawn/ but for warpoint.

    Files :
    Alias.yml -> Contain every Item alias you create inGame.
    banned.yml -> Contain the name of the banned player and the reason of the ban
    blacklist.yml -> Contain blacklisted items
    config.yml -> Config file
    items.csv -> Contain the default alias of Essentials
    kits.yml -> Contain the kits.
    muted.yml -> Like banned, but for muted players.
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    Is it possible to make a config.yml with comments, explaining what each line/setting does and their limits, please?
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    For with option do you need explanation ? I mean I did my best to make it pretty obvious ...
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    Posted the ones I had no idea what they did, or need full explanation for, and my guesses on some. My problem is that I can guess way too many things that each can mean, and then worry I am setting it up wrong because I can't figure out which one the author means it to do. Some I just need to know the max and the min, and what a reasonable amount would be, say what would be twice walking speed.
    autoAfk: true   #assuming this turns on or off someone being afk
    after a set time, if they don't move or talk? double checking
    firstConnectionToSpawnPoint: false #no idea
    resetPowerWhenTpAnotherWorld: true #no idea
    glinding:  #range these can be?
        newYvelocity: -0.5
        YvelocityCheckToGlide: -0.2
        multiplicator: 0.1
    autoKickAfkPlayer: true #please explain how this works, it kicks people
    after a set time? or as soon as afk, skip the timer?
    afkKickInMinutes: 30  #checking for sure, how long someone is afk before kicked?
    noMessage: false  #no idea
    invisibleRangeInBlock: 320   #what is the range allowed for this? Would hate to have this less than the max, and
    someone possibly have far view on, and see me when far away,
    but not close up? Or am I wrong in assuming this is how far away from
    you someone has to be to see you?
    afkTimeInSecond: 60   #does this mean how long before you are marked
    afk, or before you are kicked?
    statutCheckInSec: 20  #no idea
    Thanks for taking the time to help!
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    #Display for all new player the MOTD and the news
    MessageOfTheDay: true
    #Default value for each power
    DefaultVulcanPower: 4.0
    DefaultFireBallPower: 1.0
    DefaultFlyPower: 1.75
    #Language of messages displayed in the plugin.
    locale: en_US
    #Disable every message of the plugin
    noMessage: false
    #Activate the autoAfk, meaning the player will be set AFK after the given time
    autoAfk: true
    afkTimeInSecond: 60
    #Activate the auto kick AFK people after the given time
    autoKickAfkPlayer: false
    afkKickInMinutes: 3
    #After how many seconds the plugin will check if the player didn't move for the AFK
    #Also used to send update about the Invisible status.
    statutCheckInSec: 20
    #How many home a user can have. 0 = Infinite
    maxHomeByUser: 0
    #Only useful when using bridge with SuperPerm, to avoid the use of the bridge.
    forceOfficialBukkitPerm: false
    #If true and if it's the first time that the player connect, he will be spawn at the spawn point you set
    firstConnectionToSpawnPoint: false
    #Fly,God,vulcan, etc ... are power. If true, these power are lost when tp to another world.
    resetPowerWhenTpAnotherWorld: true
    #Range check for update the invisible status.
    invisibleRangeInBlock: 312
    #Fake quit when you become invisible
    fakeQuitWhenInvisible: true
    #Activate the parachute when falling in fly mode
    glideWhenFallingInFlyMode: true
    #Tweak the parachute value.
        newYvelocity: -0.5
        YvelocityCheckToGlide: -0.2
        multiplicator: 0.1
    #Activate the color sign, using & to select the color.
    ColoredSign: true
    #Command that will have all priority under other plugins.
    - reload
    - ex
    - undo
    #Disabled commands
    - blah
    - thor
    #Disallow muted player to do private message
    mutedPlayerCantPm: false
    #Max Range in block for the tp at see.
    maxRangeForTpAtSee: 312
    #Mean, when you want to tp to a player or tp the player, he'll receive a request that he can ignore or accept.
    #By setting this option to true, the tp request will be activated by default.
    tpRequestActivatedByDefault: true
    #How much minute before a tp request become invalid.
    tpRequestTimeOutInMinutes: 1
    #Disable some "debug" message when launching the plugin (change it to true only if you have a good reason to do it.)
    verboseLog: false
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    Yea i know how to work with nodes etc. but .... i cant find the OP's group ;| .
    I have only Default,Member,Moderator,Admin....... or perhaps the op's are called semiadmins ?
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    You have to put permission in the group you want.
    And then assign the group to the player.
    By default Admin have all permissions. Then put yourself in it.
    After for other "OP", use the moderator group with the right perms.
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    Nice, I didn't even think of that, I just noticed that a lot of servers had the "/back" for after someone dies.
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    Thank you very much Dark_Balor.

    @Gazaownik OPs isn't a group. You use Permissions *or* OPs to designate who has permission to do some things. Some plugins allow you to do both. The only way to designate an OP is to put someone's username in ops.txt in the root folder of your server. Some plugins will look there to see if you are an OP for certain permissions if you don't have Permissions or PermissionsBukkit, PEX, whatever you use instead.

    You can't change what nodes are OP enabled, just who has them. If a plugin defaults to OP, you usually are stuck with what the author decided OPs should have and what everyone else shouldn't.
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    Your welcome, I was too lazy to do it before :s

    To take your word : In Admin Cmd, you can force the use of BukkitPerm meaning, if you don't have a plugin that use these perm (SuperPerm), it will fallback to OP.
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    /Ping command ? This would be extremly usefull ;)
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    Ive got it already xD.... (just added perm nodes to moderator as Dark said) anyway thanks for nice plugin.
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    Hey guys.
    How can I get - for example - Black Wool? How do I write the ID? I improved 35:15, 35^15 and 35_15 but nothing happens.
  23. @Dark_Balor

    Doing: /mute
    Gives: /mute playerName

    Shouldnt it be something like: /mute name <optional duration>

    Also, ability to unmute offline players would be nice. I can always edit mutes.yml but it doesnt seem to notice this until a reload/restart is done.

    /item 35:15

    This will give you 1 black wool, if you do /item 35:15 5 it will add 5 more black wool to your inventory.

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    [CHANGE] Connected in Motd have now there prefix.
    [FEATURE] Tp request can be activated by default in the config.
    [FEATURE] List all the "type" existing in the game. Type /list to see possible types, and /list type to see the content.
    [FEATURE] Tp back, to tp to the last location before your last tp or death.
    [CHANGE] Unmute offline player.
    TODO :
    air at see
    super breaker
    alias functionality

    /back                                          admincmd.tp.back
    /list                                          admincmd.server.list
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    Suggestion: Command which prints in chat player coordinates, world.
    /getpos <player>
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    /playerlist                                    admincmd.player.list
    I've did this in my permission plugin and tested it out but the groupe didn't have the permissions...
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    Use /loc

    @DeathmannX : Did you reload the permission plugin after adding the right node ?
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    This plugins is so great that when I switched server hosts and permissions became inactive I had nowhere to turn. I tried essentials group manager but I didn't want their essentials-core since it had too much in it. I had to decide to keep AdminCMD or Essentials. I picked AdminCMD since its the greatest plugin I had ever used and also PermissionsEx great and easy plugin. Dark_Balor if its ok that can you continue Permissions by TheYeti or Nijikokun? Ill help since I'm kind of getting the hang of java.
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    Nop sorry, for me Permissions is a "monster" since version 3.x. It deserve to die. (Nijikokun say so too). A lot of other Plugin Developer think the same ^^
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