[ADMN/FUN] Wrath v1.2.0 - Kill players in various horrific ways! (Multiworld, Permissions) [953]

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    Wrath: v1.2.0
    Kill players in various horrific ways!

    Latest Download: v1.2.0 (Source)
    Copy the .jar into your "plugins" folder and reload your server.

    Older Releases: v1.1.0 (740), v1.0.0 (740)

    Kill players in various ways, with the option to display custom messages when you do:

    • /wrath explode <player> [-s]
      • Counts down from a configurable number and explodes the player.
    • /wrath strike <player> [-s]
      • Strikes the player with lightning, killing them instantly.
    If you have any suggestions, please reply to this thread.

    • -s: Makes the command silent (won't display a message).
    Permissions Integration:
    Here are the permissions that you should allow for certain actions:
    • wrath.*
      • Grants permission to use all Wrath functionality.
    • wrath.explode
      • Grants permission to make players explode after a countdown.
    • wrath.strike
      • Grants permission to strike down players with lightning.
    You can also just use *

    Coming Soon:
    • Allow messages to be displayed when a Wrath command is used:
    • "/wrath ignite player" to burn the player slowly, with no chance of dousing the flame.
    • "/wrath ravage player" to call a pack of wolves to ravage the player until dead.
    • "/wrath drown player" to force the player underwater until they die.
    • "/wrath impale player" to impale the player with arrows until they are dead.

    • v1.2.0
      • Added a basic version of "explode" to kill the player after a certain amount of seconds.
    • v1.1.0
      • Fixed permissions (the plugin was never linked in).
      • Reworked the system to allow new "wrath" commands to be added easily.
      • Added the ability for a command to produce a message.
    • v1.0.0
      • Initial release.

    Considering adding a "flood" and "hellfire" to this. Think of exciting ways to kill players with godly powers and post them here. :)

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    Lord Chaos

    Maybe a lightning storm. It makes lightning on all squares in x radius of the player you target.

    Oh and make it so you can set a global server message like "XXXX has used his godly powers to strike down YYYY with fury and lightning"

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    Yes.. great message!!! Pls implement.. LordChaos idea!!!
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    Maybe you could add rains of arrows and angry wolf packs.
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    Haha I especially like this one!
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    And this is why people i hate shouldn't join my server, thank you very much sir ;P
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    Haha it has become our new favourite thing in Pineapple Craft. I'll add the messages soon and some other "horrible deaths"
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    Ahh yes i think this will work out much better for dealing with the more pesky of my players insted of tnting everything and blaming it on creepers lol.
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    Version ranges should really be used only when necessary
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    If this isn't too hard to code you can add the ability to set someone on fire and make it so that water doesn't put it out :)
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    Yeah I intend to add that soon. I've just been really busy with running Pineapple Craft recently. I'll try and get to it this weekend.
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    City Builder

    If you add message please make it so that they don't have to be shown, sometimes it's more fun to strike down a pesky user and not have anybody know that it was one of the op's that did it, and just let them think that they happen to be in a bad place at the wrong time.
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    I was thinking of setting it up as follows:
    • Define a message in the config as a default, something like "%PLAYER% struck down %VICTIM% with his mighty powers".
    • Add an option param to the /wrath command to allow messages to be overriden (disabled or not), for example: "/wrath strike player -m Take that fool!"

    I've added a coming soon section of things I intend to add.

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    It would be nice to strike people with lighting without them knowing :D. Bookmarking this plugin :p
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    Currently (v1.0.0), the plugin does not show a message.
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    That's not really what this plugin is about. If you want the functionality from that plugin, you should use that one. This one will be all about killing players in horrible ways. Lightning is just the start.

    1.1.0 is released with a massive system abstraction to make it nice and easy to add more "wrath" commands and to add message capabilities.

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    awesome man. trying it today :D
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    Is it possible to make players drop their loot when they die from this? It's kind of hardcore to fry them AND their loot.
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    Possibly, I'll look into it.
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    Spawn a bunch of mobs around the target! Example: You are walking along and suddenly you are surrounded by 50 zombies! The console says: You have been attacked by XXXX with his handy dandy zombie horde!
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    This shouldn't be too difficult to add. The messages are customisable so you can make it whatever you want or nothing at all.
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    Awesome! I can't wait for my zombie horde to assemble!

    By the way *customizable
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    This seems like a cool plugin, but will there be a way to link this with iConomy?

    Like the iConomyHealth plugin, where it costs a player money to use it on other players. This would be a great edition to all RPG servers. Not to mention how great it would work for the coming-soon features like: ignite player, ravage player, drown player, explode player and impale player.

    Admins could use permissions to set up a magic-user class and it would cost Money to use each wrath. And if you use the summon wolf or zombie wrath, it would cost per wolf or zombie, etc.

    It would also be great if it was fully customizable, so you could set the amount of money it takes to use each wrath in a config file.

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    Don't see why not. I could add economy in easily enough.
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    Any way possible you can add in here the ability to turn off weather?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Peg them with eggs instead of arrows. It may deal no damage, but they have some chickens following them now.
    Teleportation to the void is always fun.
    Most death plugins also come with a tp to the sky limit too.
    Suffocation by sand.
    Cause a giant to spawn, kill the player, then dissapear.
    The list could go on.
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    That's not what this plugin is about, sorry. I have seen one that does this though.
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    Sorry about the slow progress, I have been distracted recently with another plugin and waiting for a change to be put into Bukkit.

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