[ADMN/FUN/TP] MultiWorld v1.1 - More worlds with environment support [1000] [Discontinued]

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    MultiWorld - More worlds with environment support
    Version: 1.0 CraftBukkit 860

    Commands (open)

    /newworld [world name] normal|nether|skylands - Generates a new world
    /goto [world name] - Teleports you to a world

    Permissions (open)

    multiworld.newworld - Access to /newworld
    multiworld.goto - Access to /goto

    Click here

    v1.0 - First release
    • Added PermissionsBukkit support
    • Worlds now load themselves

    Known bugs:
    You have to load worlds using /newworld after a server restart!
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    Feature request.

    A command to list all availavable worlds.
    A command to DELETE a world that you no longer want.
    The ability to make users unable to go to certain worlds.
  3. i noticed, that if you have 2 normal worlds, that it only remembers the last world you added, have other userts this too, or is it an plugins conflict?

    EDIT: I have craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-980-g4ed23b1-b1060jnks (MC: 1.7.3) and version 1.11 of your plugin
    other plugins on server:AnimalComanion, AutoAnnouncer, BOSEconomy, ChestShop, CommandBook, CraftBukkitUpToDate, SeathFeed, Help, IPNotify, LagMeter, MiniBackup, MobileAdmin, MotherNature, MultiWorld, OpenInv, PerformanceTweaks, Permissions, PlayerStatusSigns, Plugins_info, properTime, Rocket, WaterproofRedstone, WorldEdit, WorldQuard, iChat, CreativeGates, Jail, LWC, NoCheat
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    Thanks for this great plugin! :D But I think it might be conflicting with Essentials?
    When I use /goto (worldname), it says: Wrong.

    Thats it. :p It won't work for me.

    Is it because in some other plugin, goto is to go to a coordinate? I've tried all the above methods, but to no avail.
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    McMyAdmin uses /goto that could conflict.
  6. if you conna stop whit this plugin? may I get the source code then so I can continue?
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    Jd-gui can decompile plugins.
  8. but if I decompile it whit that, I miss the #commends.
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    I didn't add any comments to the source, only in my newer plugins.
  10. ok, then I wil decode it.
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    Wondering is it possiabble to put a 1.8 world in and a 1.7 world and copy things form my 1.7 world into 1.8 world btw i know how to copy ect just wondering if possiable Thanks :D
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    You can do that with WorldEdit. Select something, type //copy and then //save (your building's name). In your 1.8 world type //load (your building's name) and then //paste.
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    Yer i know all that wondering if it would all work out with this plugin like be able to have a 1.8 world ect :D ?
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    Yes it would work.
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    Mad good plugin xD
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    Im sorry im really interested in this plugn but is there a list or could someone tell me by the /newworld <worldname <environment> wat is the environment list? :confused: plz help
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    nether skylands normal
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    Can you add a delete world cmd please i hav a world i deleted and when i restarted my server it just remade the world
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    Thankyou :)
    your monkey, Monkey ;)
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    After 1.8.1, I have had an odd problem.
    It doesnt allways start all the worlds. So I have to use /newworld <worldname> to gain access to my worlds.

    Anyone else had this? Using version 1.1 with CB 1185
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    How to Setspawn in another world
    i did /newworld Xtreme Normal , When i did that i have maked a spawn but how to setspawn here ??
    Its just the spawn for this world , not for the server ...
    Pleas help me !
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    I got a problem!
    In the Group Manager i set: Guest.... Build: False
    In the server properties is set: Monster: False
    But in all of the Worlds created with multiworld Guest cn build and monster Spawn.
    Help Please
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