[ADMN/FUN/MISC] Player Editor v0.9.2 - Allows changing of Player's Skins, Capes, and Title [953]

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    Player Editor - Allows changing of Player's Skins, Capes, and Title
    Version: 0.9.1
    Static Jar: PlayerEditor.jar
    Author: Created by @alta189 of MineDev Team.
    CB Version: Supports 953 - 1000

    Player Editor is an Amazing plugin. It allows you to change a Player's Skin, Cape, and/or Title. THIS DOES REQUIRE CLIENT MOD. The client mod is not required to connect though, just to see the changes made by player editor. The client mod is Spoutcraft and the accompaning Spout Plugin. You can edit as specific player, or an entire Group. Remember that specific player settings will overrule any group settings.

    • Change Player's Skin, Cape, and/or Title
    • Change Group's Skin, Cape, and/or Title
    • SQLite and MySQL support

    How to submit a good error report


    Command and Usage Demonstration:​

    • Spout Plugin
    • Spout Client - Only required for users that want to see the changes made by Player Editor
    Commands: <> required [] not required

    Note: Currently you have to be an OP to use these commands, however permissions nodes will be added later.
    • /pedit [help] - Shows help for editing players
    • /pedit add <playername> - adds a player to the database
    • /pedit info <playername> - shows the settings for the player
    • /pedit skin <playername> <URL> - Set the Skin for the player *
    • /pedit cape <playername> <URL> - Set the Cape for the player *
    • /pedit title <playername> <title> - Sets the title for the player. See title help below!
    • /gedit [help] - Shows help for editing groups
    • /gedit add <groupname> - adds a group to the database
    • /gedit info <groupname> - shows the settings for the group
    • /gedit skin <groupname> <URL> - Set the Skin for the group *
    • /gedit cape <groupname> <URL> - Set the Cape for the group *
    • /gedit title <groupname> <title> - Sets the title for the group . See title help below!
      * URLs have to be accessable by the players. They cannot be http://locahost/some_image.png
      An example of a good Cape URL is http://minedev.net/capeme/cape/alta189.png
      Also Cape and Skins have to be .png format
    • Note to remove skin/cape/title replace the title or url with the word nothing. Lower case is required
    Title Help:

    Titles can have variables that you can use to add color and player names. Remember that variables have to be UPPERCASE​
      • <NAME> - Player Name
      • <NL> - New Line
    Colors: The following are colors that you can add. The format for a color is <COLOR>
      • AQUA
      • BLACK
      • BLUE
      • DARK_AQUA
      • DARK_BLUE
      • DARK_GRAY
      • DARK_GREEN
      • DARK_RED
      • GOLD
      • GRAY
      • GREEN
      • RED
      • WHITE
      • YELLOW
    Planned Changes:
    • Add permissions to each of the commands, right now it requires you to be an OP - 0.9.3
    • Add a command that allows you to edit you and you only, self edit /sedit of course with permissions xD 0.9.3
    • Ability to change Citizen's NPCs 0.9.3
    • Want more? Give me requests and ideas :D
    Who is MineDev?
    MineDev is a Plugin Development team. It is made up by:
    • @alta189 - Lead Plugin Developer and Founder
    • @iPhysX - Lead Forum Administrator, Plugin Developer, and Founder
    • @cronikkk - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @adamki11s - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @jamescosten - Team Member and Moderator

    Version 0.9.3
    • Updated from BukkitContrib to Spout
    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed SQLite reload bug
    • Fixed Respawn removing capes
    • Fixed wrong version showing in console
    Version 0.9.0
    • Support for Minecraft 1.7.x
    • Support for CB 953
    • Discarded Permissions Group
    • Implemented new group handling
    • Performance Enhancements
    • Possible Fix for SQLite Errors
    • Installation Video
    • Demo and Command video
    Version 0.8.2
    • Allows use of commands in the console
    • Fixed re spawning without a cape/skin/title
    Version 0.8.1
    • Fixed typo in SQLite Database creation
    • Fixed variable <NAME>
    Version 0.8
    • Public Release
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    Did they discontinue this?
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    Considered inactive.
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    am can anyone help me i have problem the folder after a start the server and stop it again doesn't appear
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    for some reason it doesnt create a folder in my plugins folder when I install it
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    WHOA? Why spout?! It lags for every player of my server!
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    there is an error on last spout, player editor dont identify spout players = capes and other stuff not show, please fix it and compile with RB1060!
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    could you make an command that will change the skin of the player that wrote the command i am sure people don't want to give to some players the power to change all peoples skins.
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    It would not work without Spout ;) Spout is the API which it uses.
    That's coming in a later Spout update. Check the timeline and issues for an ETA :)

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    I don't know if someone has asked about this..
    I am using Heroes on my server (Class system) which enables permissions per class.
    Would it be possible to make permissions node groups for different capes?
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    Agreed this would be ideal in most situations. Allowing you to tie a group to a permission would be brilliant. It would then work the same way as Chat Prefixes have been suggested.
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    I'm getting the same problem D;
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    I also agree with this, im sick of editing different files for different groups...would be amazing if you could tie a group to a permissions group :)
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    I have got problems setuping that on #1060 with Spout 1.0.2.

    Is the newest verion of Player Editor is 0.9.2 ?


    I setuped it on my mysql database

    @Update #2

    After 4 restarts of server it get works. ;)
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    Awesome plugin :D works perfectly with no problems so far, I hope that you get the Citizens setting implemented soon as it would be perfect for my server and something ive been looking forward too since BukkitContrib/Spout begun :D
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    Is there a way to add players to groups while ingame? I can't remember how I added players to groups before...Brain fart...

    EDIT: Ok, found out that there is no CMD to doing this and I really wanted that, IT would be sooo much easier If you could just go /gedit addplayer/addp <groupname>

    Please consider this. Thank! :)
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    How long time should take you to add a feature:
    *Ability to change Citizen's NPCs 0.9.3

    With that, the plugin gonna be perfect.
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    Nothing Works, at all. using 1060, i can see the commands i /pedit and /gedit, and it says SET TITLE FOR DEFAULT but no names change at all ): UPDATE MOD PLZ! ITS EPIC!!!!!
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    sorry, but how add somebody to a group ? Use permission ? work with groupmanager ?
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    Permissions group support please!
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    try this it works like a champ for skins/capes on normal npcs as ell as 'evil' ones. just remember that the cfg in that post is not correct any more...just look on page two for the proper setup.
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    I have problem with skins, when i teleport for a big distance, the skin dissappear and need to be loaded again, it take from 1 minute to 5-10 minutes, could you make something to get it faster loading ?
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    At the moment, I can see my skin and cape but nobody can see them and I can't see other's too :(
    Never mind, it's working now, after 2 or 3 reconnects, ... a little bit unstable, don't you think? :rolleyes:

    You've said NoNoNO so I'm changing this to spoutEssentials

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    ok, I don't have time to update... Im a part of a bigger picture, Why did you feel the need to post that?
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    This needs group permissions badly....
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    Just to let you know that I'm trying hard to get a working cape/skin plug-in, nothing else, sorry if I've sounded rude :(
    BTW, now I know you're one of the Spout Team devs, great work you guys are doing, I just have to thank you all :D
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    too bad
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    Too bad for you, pal.
    Don't you think are you getting a little arrogant?
    Let me see, we are users and you are the "great plug-in developer of all time", is that the way you think you are?
    Again, you've said "Im a part of a bigger picture", that's what you want us to know about you? Really?
    Just shut up or treat as users trying to use your MIGHT plug-in, as users, asking for features, asking for whatever.
    Sorry if I've sounded rude, second time, but now I have to do it.
    Hey guys, try this one:
    spoutEssentials, it's working like a charm.
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    No I don't feel arrogant. Infact I abhor any people who think they are better than every other plugin developer. When I said bigger picture I meant that I now am working on the things that make PE/SE work, and that takes all my time, if you haven't noticed non of the other main devs of Spout are working on their plugins. Why? because Spout is growing so fast, we are constantly trying to fix bugs and add features, plus we have to start preparing for the 1.8 update.
    See even you see how fast it is going.
    This weekend I am going to try to find time to recode Player Editor and hopefully have no bugs.
    I don't want to support groups because there are too many Group Permissions Plugins and they never work right.
    You do sound rude. Im sorry I don't have time for Player Editor right now, but Spout is taking up my time, along with my classes, and my job. I have classes from 7 am to 2 pm and then work from 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Then I come and work on Spout till I pass out. Because of the work on plugins I do, I haven't had much time to even play MC.

    I had stated multiple times that I wasn't going to add permissions groups. Why? Because I had, then Permissions 3.x and broke that. Then I had to add GM support even though it is inactive, then people asked for PEX. It never ended. Then Bukkit SuperPerms came out with no group support. The easiest thing for me was to get out my own System for groups that only was meant for PE.

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