[ADMN/FUN/MISC] Player Editor v0.9.2 - Allows changing of Player's Skins, Capes, and Title [953]

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    Player Editor - Allows changing of Player's Skins, Capes, and Title
    Version: 0.9.1
    Static Jar: PlayerEditor.jar
    Author: Created by @alta189 of MineDev Team.
    CB Version: Supports 953 - 1000

    Player Editor is an Amazing plugin. It allows you to change a Player's Skin, Cape, and/or Title. THIS DOES REQUIRE CLIENT MOD. The client mod is not required to connect though, just to see the changes made by player editor. The client mod is Spoutcraft and the accompaning Spout Plugin. You can edit as specific player, or an entire Group. Remember that specific player settings will overrule any group settings.

    • Change Player's Skin, Cape, and/or Title
    • Change Group's Skin, Cape, and/or Title
    • SQLite and MySQL support

    How to submit a good error report


    Command and Usage Demonstration:​

    • Spout Plugin
    • Spout Client - Only required for users that want to see the changes made by Player Editor
    Commands: <> required [] not required

    Note: Currently you have to be an OP to use these commands, however permissions nodes will be added later.
    • /pedit [help] - Shows help for editing players
    • /pedit add <playername> - adds a player to the database
    • /pedit info <playername> - shows the settings for the player
    • /pedit skin <playername> <URL> - Set the Skin for the player *
    • /pedit cape <playername> <URL> - Set the Cape for the player *
    • /pedit title <playername> <title> - Sets the title for the player. See title help below!
    • /gedit [help] - Shows help for editing groups
    • /gedit add <groupname> - adds a group to the database
    • /gedit info <groupname> - shows the settings for the group
    • /gedit skin <groupname> <URL> - Set the Skin for the group *
    • /gedit cape <groupname> <URL> - Set the Cape for the group *
    • /gedit title <groupname> <title> - Sets the title for the group . See title help below!
      * URLs have to be accessable by the players. They cannot be http://locahost/some_image.png
      An example of a good Cape URL is http://minedev.net/capeme/cape/alta189.png
      Also Cape and Skins have to be .png format
    • Note to remove skin/cape/title replace the title or url with the word nothing. Lower case is required
    Title Help:

    Titles can have variables that you can use to add color and player names. Remember that variables have to be UPPERCASE​
      • <NAME> - Player Name
      • <NL> - New Line
    Colors: The following are colors that you can add. The format for a color is <COLOR>
      • AQUA
      • BLACK
      • BLUE
      • DARK_AQUA
      • DARK_BLUE
      • DARK_GRAY
      • DARK_GREEN
      • DARK_RED
      • GOLD
      • GRAY
      • GREEN
      • RED
      • WHITE
      • YELLOW
    Planned Changes:
    • Add permissions to each of the commands, right now it requires you to be an OP - 0.9.3
    • Add a command that allows you to edit you and you only, self edit /sedit of course with permissions xD 0.9.3
    • Ability to change Citizen's NPCs 0.9.3
    • Want more? Give me requests and ideas :D
    Who is MineDev?
    MineDev is a Plugin Development team. It is made up by:
    • @alta189 - Lead Plugin Developer and Founder
    • @iPhysX - Lead Forum Administrator, Plugin Developer, and Founder
    • @cronikkk - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @adamki11s - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @jamescosten - Team Member and Moderator

    Version 0.9.3
    • Updated from BukkitContrib to Spout
    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed SQLite reload bug
    • Fixed Respawn removing capes
    • Fixed wrong version showing in console
    Version 0.9.0
    • Support for Minecraft 1.7.x
    • Support for CB 953
    • Discarded Permissions Group
    • Implemented new group handling
    • Performance Enhancements
    • Possible Fix for SQLite Errors
    • Installation Video
    • Demo and Command video
    Version 0.8.2
    • Allows use of commands in the console
    • Fixed re spawning without a cape/skin/title
    Version 0.8.1
    • Fixed typo in SQLite Database creation
    • Fixed variable <NAME>
    Version 0.8
    • Public Release
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    This doesn't work with xauth, why? Doesn't show the skin no matter how many times i relog.
    Nevermind, it shows after a while.
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    ETA to Spout update? :D
  5. I have problem with this. When i set skins, capes ets. they are blinking (dissapearing and then reapearing) from time to time. Any solution to fix it?
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    Yes, still working on fixing Spout. When I fix that, I will fix Player Editor
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    New version of BukkitContrib
  8. Ah ok. But i found something very strange. When i set skins/capes on my localhost test server, i see them all time without blinking. But on our public server, its blinking a lot.
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    Is it possible to have higher definition capes? This would be great because i want to use logos on the capes that are too big to fit, so when i made a red dagger logo i had to reduce the dagger alot. Hoping for an answer soon.
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    Updated to Spout
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    Can you change skins for people who didn't buy minecraft?
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    Spoutcraft Launcher does not support cracked clients.
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    no more past bukkitcontrib support?(I know spout is updated bukkitcontrib)
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    use the old unsupported version?
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    where can I download old ver.?
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    Well lucky for you I have my old version (don't know how up to date it was, no garanties or support on this I suggest to just upgrade)
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    nice! Thank you so much!:D
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    Boon Pek

    It's already 0.9.3, so should I expect permissions support? ;)
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    Are you going to fix the blinking skins and capes in the Bukkitcontrib version?
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    Unfortunately no, I'm adding a lot this weekend. Since I am on the spout team, spout has taken a lot of my time.

    I dont support BukkitContrib. Spout has fixes for the teleporting issues.

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    I don't think i'll be updating my server to Spoutcraft, although I think it's a good idea, it's something I'd consider as it develops maybe, but do you know anything that might help prevent the blinking?
    I tried uploading to a more reliable image hosting site but it didn't have any effect :(
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    :3 is that hinting that 9.3 may be out this weekend?
    :3 is that meaning we maybe days away from having Citizens support?

    BTW, great work on Spout, whole thing seems spiffy and awesome.
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    I updated to spout(1.0.1), and delete bukkitcontrib.
    And replace PlayerEditor.jar to latest ver.
    But PE doesnt work(I logged in through spoutcraft client)
    Except updated spout and PE, there are nothing changed.
    Am I mistake something?
    before update, it works very well.
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    I will test :(
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    cheer up!

    and thank you!

    I love your passion and works!:)

    ps: title and linked jar file is 0.9.2
    0.9.3 is typo?

    Hey, I found the reason.

    spoutcraft client doesnt work.

    I set ForceSinglePlayerClient: true, and logged in with spoutcraft.

    But server kicked me cause I dont have spoutcraft Sp mod.

    why? can you help me?

    I was exactly typed my mc ID, PW and logged in..

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    known issue
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    This work with Citizens?
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    Did you read the FAQ?
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    nope :p
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    Then read it...

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