[ADMN/FUN] LvlUp v1.0 - Levels you up, and down, unlimited levels! [1.0.1 - R1]

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    This plugin is made to help you with everything related with levels, including enchanting tools and armor!

    [*] LvlUp allows you to level up, level down, level up 10, level down 10, level up 100, level down 100, level to 100 and level to 0.

    lvlup: Levels you up 1 level.
    lvldown: Levels you down 1 level.
    lvlup10: Levels you up 10 levels.
    lvldown10: Levels you down 10 levels.
    lvlup100: Levels you up 100 levels.
    lvldown100: Levels you down 100 levels.
    lvlto100: Levels you to 100.
    lvlto0: Levels you to 0.

    Download from Mediafire: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    v1.0 - Release
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    You could make this a lot more usable by making the command more like /levelup <amount>, that way they don't have to only go up by 1-10-100. Same for the level down command
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    Yeahhh.... I thought about that...
    The only problem is i dont know how to do it..
    Im pretty new to plugin making, all i can do is simple commands and stuff.
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    Well if you want some help I can offer some :)
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