Inactive [ADMN/FUN] KillBox v1.2 - A Collection of Player Killing Commands![1.2.4 R1/1.2.5R1]

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    Download Link [<Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Just place the file in your servers plugins folder, and your good to go!

    Earlier Versions are on BukkitDev
    BukkitDev Page

    Over 9000 downloads! Thanks to everyone for their support!

    What Is KillBox?
    KillBox is a collection of commands for killing other users of your server in creative ways! From putting griefers in their place to just messing with your friends, KillBox is the perfect way to kill with style on your server.

    What Are The Commands?
    A video showing some of the features in action!
    Thanks to MinecraftWinds for making this! Check Them Out Here

    KillBox Features:
    * Permissions support: Bukkit permissions only.
    * Defaults to OP
    * By default, when a player is struck down they receive a message telling them who their killer was. To silence this message, simply add 's' at the end of a command. e.g. "/smite andrew " will send a message, whereas "/smite andrew s" will not.

    -added /maul command

    -added /fall command
    -added /out command
    -fixed default to OP bugs

    Note: I am planning on updating and improving this plugin as much as I can, so ideas, suggestions and bug reports are very much appreciated!
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    Nice! How did you make the logo!?!
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    Photoshop, just created the text and applied an emboss effect. Simple!
  4. Perfect Plugin !!!
    I NEED it !!!
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    perfect for the people I have on my server, but does the /explode blow up terrain as well? or could that be configurable?
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    1.2 Released! Works with 1.1 R4
    added another command:
    /maul - Send a pack of wolves to a player
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    Hey mods, is this good for releases?
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    Kill your players in 117 weird and wacky ways. Why not?
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    Thanks a ton!
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    What a awesome plugin finally i can wack all my server members and get them fell pain MUAHHHHHHHHH

    (the last part was just for fun;))
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    Awesome! :D
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    Awesome plugin, thanks! :)

    Just curious, would it be possible to somehow control the lightning with an object? Like a stick? That way you could aim it at players without it being obvious something is against them by direct hits every time :) I have been looking around for plugins that do similar things, but this is the only one that is still up to date :(

    I don't know if it'll let me post links, but something like this (But using a standard object):

    Also, since you're looking for ideas, maybe one that builds a box of TNT around the player? :D

    Having fun with it anyhow!
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    funny you say this, as one of the plugins i made (but didn't release) actually used a "God-Wand" so to speak that would strike a targeted player/location with lightning based on where a player clicked with a stick. I'll look into integrating this. thanks for the idea!
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    Sweet! Subscribed with keen interest :)
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    This plugin seems VERY like mine (, it just has a little less functionality and was released afterwards. I mean, you even added "Hounds/maul" days after I did. The other updates follow that same pattern of happening after mine. But you've got some good ideas I haven't picked up on, like starving. Perhaps you'd like to merge with my project?
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    i cant find the 1.2.4 R02 download. Only 1.2.3 and it doesnt have the /strip command
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    I made a video on it.
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    best mod ever this is perfect becuse i have people that wont lison to me on my server il torcher them :)
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    Sorry, I've been busy as of late. I've updated the page and a file version compatible with 1.2.4, with the /strip command restored :).

    As for MinecraftWinds , Thanks a ton! That means alot. I've moved a copy to the main thread, as well as putting a link to your Facebook page in there as thanks.
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    Woah :) thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :D your plugin is really fun to use!
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    Great Plugin. Just adding it to my server now. Im happy. All of them work great!
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    Does this override godmode or not ?
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    Could you elaborate on that? what 'godmode'? a plugin?
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    wen i /maul someone the wolfs look mad but they dont attack the person can u fix plzz

    wen i do this command the wolfs look mad but they dont attack the player

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    Godmode is where you can't get hurt/damaged
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    GOD_Benno_GOD i think only the /kill command would override it.
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    Alright, so i figured maybe you could add an irog golem command to kill them. I think that would be funny, orif you want to annoy them, you could send snow golems onto a player. Thanks
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    A17Hawks thanks :)
    Is KillBox compatible with essentials GroupManager or not ?
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    Will you still update this plugin?
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    Can you please make it so that when you do one of these commands on someone, it doesnt tell them what happened and who did it. Its more fun when they are clueless. That would be awesome thanks.

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