Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN] CommandBin v2.29 - MOVED TO BUKKIT DEV! [1.2.5-R3)

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    CommandBin has been updated to v2.00!
    Download using the normal link! (<Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
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    where are all the commands gone? /home and /sethome are all gone
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    I am well aware. CommandBin stripped down on commands greatly to be as light as possible.
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    Ah come onn, home and sethome are really useful :( i will not use this plugin anymore now..
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    One of the main issues people complained about were: the home commands and the kick,ban, commands.
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    nvm i will use homex or something like that ;)
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    Can you post a complete list of commands and permissions?
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    Check the OP.

    If anyone encounters problems with the new version let me know.

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    Are you going to make it compatible with any other permissions any time soon? Just wondering.:)
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    Before the next update yes.
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    still not getting the R spout key. and all my warps have been disabled. how can i migrate all my /warp locations to the new system? ..... sad, no new /warp system at all, all functionality has been lost. that is very disappointing.

    nevermind.... can someone please send me 1.42......... 2.00 lost all the functions i was loving.

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    That's good to hear. I'll wait for when that happens.
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    no more warp and fsay wtf!?!?
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    Please put /home and warps back! I NEED THEM. If not can u direct me to another warp/home mod? Oh and tp?
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    Who made these complaints? Why? Couldn't they just not use the warp or home commands, or perhaps take them out of the permissions?
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    Please add a commandbin.* node! (for all commands)
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    Version 2.01 released.
    Added loads of new features and full permission support re-added.
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    Um is it not supposed to load a config? If it isn't i'm good :D
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    still sucks without /warp and those commands. guess a great deal of us are going to need to find another command plugin. this is pointless without half the commands you removed from 1.42..... and the R spout command still wont work.

    can anyone help find a plugin with /warp /home etc etc..? just lost the only real command that i needed........
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    I never said they were being removed forever. They're only removed temporarily till I can find another way on storing them better.

    CommandBin v2.02 released.
    Added /home and /sethome :)

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    [quote uid=42675 name="CainFoool" post=780840]<font color="#ff0000">[​IMG]</font>


    Download: [<Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Source: [GIT]
    Donate: [PayPal]
    AOD: [<Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Logo created by Bulk Vanderhuge

    What is CommandBin?
    CommandBin is an attempt to bring essential commands that a server needs into the life of Bukkit. CommandBin was started on the 1st of November 2011 and has ever since been maintained by CainFoool.

    What permissions does CommandBin support?
    CommandBin supports every permissions system.

    What are the commands and permissions?
    To get the permissions, you very simply use the Command, e.g.: CommandBin.spawn
    To get the command, just remove the Command part, e.g. "tpCommand" would be the "/tp" command.

    1. /block - Block a player from placing blocks - CommandBin.block
    2. /broadcast - Broadcast a message - CommandBin.broadcast
    3. /clear - Clear your inventory - CommandBin.clear
    4. /createworld - Create a world - CommandBin.createworld
    5. /creative - Set your GM to creative - CommandBin.creative
    6. /explode - Explode a player - CommandBin.explode
    7. /feed - Feed yourself - CommandBin.feed
    8. /freeze - Freeze a player - CommandBin.freeze
    9. /fsay - Fake Say a message - CommandBin.fsay
    10. /gm - Change your game mode quick -
    11. /handicap - Stop a player using commands - CommandBin.handicap
    12. /heal - Heal yourself - CommandBin.heal
    13. /home - Teleport to your home - CommandBin.home
    14. /join - Send a fake join message - CommandBin.join
    15. /leave - Send a fake leave message - CommandBin.leave
    16. /mute - Stop a player talking - CommandBin.mute
    17. /nick - Change your nickname - CommandBin.nick
    18. /put - Put a player where you're looking - CommandBin.put
    19. /sethome - Set your home location - CommandBin.sethome
    20. /setspawn - Set spawn to your location - CommandBin.setspawn
    21. /shoot - Shoot a player into the air - CommandBin.shoot
    22. /slap - Slap a player - CommandBin.slap
    23. /spawn - Teleport to spawn - CommandBin.spawn
    24. /strike - Strike a player with lightning - CommandBin.strike
    25. /survival - Change your game mode to survival - CommandBin.survival
    26. /time - Change the time to day or night - CommandBin.time
    27. /tp2p - Teleport one player to another - CommandBin.tp2p
    28. /tpall - Teleport all players on the server to you - CommandBin.tpall
    29. /tp - Teleport to one player -
    30. /tphere - Teleport a player to you - CommandBin.tphere
    31. /tpworld - Teleport to a server world - CommandBin.tpworld
    32. /unblock - Re-allow a player to place blocks - CommandBin.unblock
    33. /unfreeze - Re-allow a player to move - CommandBin.unfreeze
    34. /unhandicap - Re-allow a player to use commands - CommandBin.unhandicap
    35. /unloadworld - Unload a server world - CommandBin.unloadworld
    36. /unmute - Re-allow a player to chat - CommandBin.unmute
    37. /weather - Change the weather to sun or rain -

    What are the main features of CommandBin?
    CommandBin can be used as an Administration Tool, a fun tool, an all-around general tool and a teleportation suite. I have tested every command and they're all working fine. v1.42 was never properly tested by me.

    Due to this post getting too long and I am trying to simplify the post as much as possible, the change log has been greatly shortened.

    Version 2.02
    - Minor Fixes
    - Added /home and /sethome

    Version 2.01
    - Removed Maven Support
    - Added a /nick command
    - Added a /gm command
    - Added a /fsay command
    - Added full permission support
    - Added a /broadcast command

    Version 2.00
    - Full CommandBin Rewrite
    - Bukkit Permissions Support[/quote]How

    I downloaded it then on my server i try the commands and it read's "unoun command". Plz help me i want this plugin soooooooooooo badly

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    I need to see the errors that you are getting in-console before I can help you.

    How what? ..

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    Can someone help me with the installation when im in my server it just says you do not have permission. Can someone help me fix this?
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    Great job! Like essentials, but better.
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    hmm my friends dont have permission to set home and /spawn... im not sure what to do to fix that and rather not give them op

    also im new at server hosting this is my first plug in

    got it...nvm

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  28. I'm afraid the /gm command isn't working. It's changing from creative back to survival, but it doesn't work back the way (survival to creative).
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    Try downloading now. I posted a small hotfix.
    - Cain
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    Just wondering can you add /kill back please?
    I need that command real bad!

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