Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN] CommandBin v2.29 - MOVED TO BUKKIT DEV! [1.2.5-R3)

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  1. Put the 2 nodes if you put only CommandBin.general.sethome the command /sethome dont work you need to put the 2 nodes.
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    Ok Thanks
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    Dear CainFoool can you please fix so i can use myworld and mywarp instead of urs, or make like /home invite player nameofhome and make the warps so were u looking when you set the warp, it's there you will look when u warp to the place.
    Love ur plugin, -Linkk
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    CainFoool, can you create a plug in which allows, when I destroy the egg a Dragon respawn.
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  6. Hey Cain can yuo make it so there is a way we can see the current warps? like /warplist or something? That would be great thanks.
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    @zDevon Thanks, but i already posted in plugin requests, but nobody answer me. That's why I ask Cainfoool for that.

    @CainFoool , So Can you make it ? ( plugin ==> spawn a enderdragon when you break the dragon egg. ) ( This is already in your plugin but I just want that. So can you either make it or can you give me the code lines.
    Thanks for your Help.
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    i cant use the jail commands :mad:
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    Deleted user

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    Thank you very much. I hope spoutcraft is compatible with my many mods.
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    Take a look at the change log. Jail commands have been removed as of version 1.34.
  12. I use your plugin in my server: (Spanish server)
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    When will it be in 1:40 :)? soon i hope
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    Bugs: Not working commands /jail /unjail /setjail /setunjail; when i write a command /spawnmob pigman, it says This creature does not exist. (pigman) and the same with /spawnmob pigzombie, cavespider, enderdragon. And you could add mushroomcow and snowman, specially snowman, i nedd it.
    Maybe you could create command to edit blocks. This command is on this plugin but that plugin has to much commands but you could create /edit in your plugin.
    And i want to ask, is there any plugin that adds recipes, which are editable by the plugin user, like me or other who downloads that plugin? I saw one in server, they have recipe for spawner, and other things, i asked is that plugin created by the admin of that server or it is created not by him and he sayed it is plugin, i think downloaded, and i think he didnt wanted to tell the plugin name. There you can see:

    Maybe do you know plugin with permissions with only one command which changes spawner type i think it should be /spawner [pig/cow/skeleton/...] Or maybe you can add that comman to your plugin?

    Sorry for bad english :)

    Im editing this post after one day, because i want two more commands.
    Add commands /storm and /snow
  15. When is going to be the new update 1.4?
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    you did it wrong. i dont know about pigmen but ender dragon is like this /spawnmob ender_dragon 100
    and its /spawnmob cave_spider 100
    you have to remember to read the desc before complaining. the jail commands did not work so he took them out.

    Did you read the desc? he added jail commands but took them away because they didnt work. Please read the full desc before complaining

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    Can you please give me a Cape. Ill pm you my minecraft name, or send you a Email
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    Hey guys, I cant get rid of the annoying ore broadcast. I try setting it to false but it then says that the plugin is out of date and I get some errors about explosions not being able to be placed
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    just noticed on ""
    [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN/SPOUT] CommandBin v1.34 - Commands required for a server! [1.0.1-RC1] CainFoool 12/27/2011 03:36 am

    Is this a new build ?
    where is the new link to download as first page does`not reflect any updates
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    Why CainFoool doesn't reply to our posts??
    Maybe CainFoool could add this thing to every coomand:
    enable: false/true
    (to enable or disable command you want, because i think there are some other plugins which are better fos some commands like niftywarp)
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    Is there something to broadcast messages in an extravagant style on chat? If not, this would be a great addition
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    How do I unable some stuff, like the "05:22 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Coal Ore!" or the lightning + fire when I log in? My house is made of WOOD, lol.
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    Im not adding that feature, end of story.

    I'll add more customisation for that eventually.

    Recheck over the config.
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    Oh, I saw it now!

    I actually have a problem, not with your plugin, but all of my configs files... appear in a STRAIGHT LINE, comand after command, making it really difficult to edit...

    Any tips, Cain?
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    Adding a /back to go to the last loaction would be nice.
  27. This is stupid thing if you want this delete in plugin.yml
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    Alright guys; I am going to continue work on CommandBin now, Christmas is over and I plan to do work!

    Re-released CommandBin v1.40!

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    When I issue the /tpworld command it says: An internal exception occurred when trying to preform this command.
    Any help?
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    1,000th post! :D

    Redownload, should be fixed.

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