Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN] CommandBin v2.29 - MOVED TO BUKKIT DEV! [1.2.5-R3)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Nov 1, 2011.

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    RC1? Im guessing that means its working with #1597? Love your plugin BTW
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    this has almost everything in essentials and MORE!!! I would def recommend this!
    I used to always use Essentials, but once i saw this! switch.... :p
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    is there a config to disable certain commands?
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    Hello! Me again! Im glad that you're 1.0.0 and i wish to use you but this will be my first plugin so i dont know how to install... Help pl0x?
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    how to install it please???
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    just drag the file into your plugins folder and start up the server, easy as that.
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    hello, well i have the plugin fully running in 1.0.1 rc1 and whenver i make a warp or new world it forgets it exists next time i come on (when i shut off server then turn back on) fix please
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    Dude im a new server owner installed your plugin and LOVED IT!!! Nice job cain a like for you!
  10. On a scale from 1-10 how hard is it to disable some commands.
    Just add an array option in the config.yml where users can add the commands they dont want, like :
    disabled_coms :[tp,home,sethome]

    and have an if statement on the top of the commands loading function in the source code, to see which commands are allowed to work and which arent.

    Your plugin is awesome, but it uses some default name values, that some people dont want to use. Please understand this and help us out here.

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    Just a few questions
    -Is it 100% that data values will be added to /i?
    -Will /tp2p wiinick ps991 be turned into /tp wiinick ps991?
    -IF yes when will there be an update and how long do u think it will take?
    -Will more features be added, and or suggestions be taken?
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    Is there any way to leave out the motd or disable it?
    I have another plugin which does the motd, so now I have double motds displaying :/
    I tried removing the motd-text, but after a restart it added the default motd back.
    I also wonder if you can disable the join/quit messages too, since I also have a plugin making custom join/quit messages already.

    It would be cool if you had nothing entered at those lines, it would disable that feature. Or if there was a true/false option in the config. Could that be possible to implement?
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    can there be a link so i know all the commands
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    Will jail commands be making a return any time soon? Love the work so far.
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    It's not hard at all.
    I'm trying to get rid of some plugins that other people are using through this plugin so it removes the need of those other plugins.

    Yes, and yes, and yes.

    Put inside '' - '&4' (Just to keep it as blank)

    There is. Hit the permissions spoiler.

    Maybe soon. I am currently rewriting CommandBin so eventually I'd imagine so.
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    That's why I love this, and you - Optimization. But a suggestion: If you haven't already planned for this, could you throw /back into this somewhere (/back as in going back to where you died)?
    Sounds good.
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    Hi.... When do you planing on puting jail cammnds back at the server?
  18. I totally get this. I mean thats why i love this plugin. But soooooome plugins are more complex and better to use like Tele++ that has more /tp options to it, than simple /tp.

    I am just saying, can you even consider applying this feature to it ? Be able to 'disable' some of the commands?
    What if we could just delete the commands from the config.yml inside the .jar ? Right now it crashes if we do so...the server gives out errors, while in some plugins, this action disables the commands...i dont know how they do it, but if its easy can you allow an option like this one ?

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    Hola! Im here once again! Is there a command that allows for flight? if not can you please add? Thanks very much!

    Hola! Im back! I was just wondering on how you can use permissions for certain commands? thanks!

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    I love this plugin.
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    I agree, this has lots of commands and its great but it can't do everything perfect or do everything exactly like some people want it. So being able to disable some would be highly appreciated.
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    Great plugin, but is there any way to disable certain commands?

    I have a plugin that does the spawn, but since they share the same command (/setspawn) I can't set the spawn for my groups.
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    Why dont CommandBin.*: true work? what is the node to have access to all commands?
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    Is there a way I can remove the /spawnmob command, or disable it? I want to use a different plugin to spawn mobs.
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    Hey. I love this plugin, but could you add a "lock time" command so I don't have to keep typing /time day
    when it gets dark. Thanks.
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    Ok, so I just downloaded this, and have followed tutorials showing how to set up permissions, but alas, this pluggin is not identifying that there are Permissions! This is the only plugin that I have on my new server so, I don't know if it's just this plugin or not. Can anyone help?

    Edit: I'm using PermissionsBukkit.
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    How do I re-enable explosions? I'm no good at code and i couldnt find anything that had to do with explosions, other than explosion stick, and explosion bow.
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    Use bPermissions.

    enable-explosions in plugins/CommandBin/config.yml
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    Are you going to put this on bukkit dev.
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    Rewrite is nearly finished aswell :)

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