Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN] CommandBin v2.29 - MOVED TO BUKKIT DEV! [1.2.5-R3)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Nov 1, 2011.

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    That message will not show if you do it through Console.
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    Hey CainFool, can you add a command that spawns Ender Crystals? (The flaming bedrock things on top of the obsidian towers in The End that heal the Enderdragon) It would be cool to use as decorations.
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    dude this disabled my TNT and explosions and i dont have world guard
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    option to disable /plugins and /pl would be good
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    Check the configuration.
    Shall add now. ;)

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    add /warplist ? xD
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    hey when ever i try to pass a command either from your plugin or default commands(i know your plug over rights some of them but every one fo them was having problems of some sort tell i took your plug ot) not i get this error

    16:11:14 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to CommandBin
    mapping values are not allowed here
    in "<string>", line 37, column 52:

    anyway of fixing this? i'm using the current recommended build(1597) but it was happening in previous stable builds
    I love your plugin so far so i hope this doesn't take to long to fix
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    Ehh... :/
    Give me the full error.
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    PLEASE respond!
    -Fix /i because data vaues dont work like 44:2 or log:1 or 278:30 or potion:692
    -Fix tp command, instead of doing /tp2p do /tp wiinick ps991 which tp's wiinick to ps991, and also include /put which puts a player where ur crosshairs are.
    -Since commandbook is dead, please try and keep the tp and /i commands like them because they make sense. Overall these suggestion should be fairly easy to add.

    Respond to let me know u love me. :p
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    Loved the bottom :p

    I will code a better /i soon.
    The tp command, I will consider it.
    /put already exists.
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    Well im happy that u listened, thank you. The only reason i cant use this plugin is the /i. So if thats fixed, this plugin will be amazing. The /tp2p suggestion is just topping on the cake. But not needed. :D

    I didnt know about /put, but awesome that its already added
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    idk if im doing something wrong but i downloaded the plugin and put it in my plugin folder but i cant get any commands to work
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    Send me your server startup.
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    Maybe missing something elsewhere, but I don't see the ability to run batch commands anywhere, bukkit or otherwise, and was wondering if there isn't already a way, could you add this? I could then set up batch texts, and enable godmode, explosion stick and bow all at once, and then turn them off by typing /bat biggod-/bat biggodoff or something.

    Also, amazing job you've done here, perfect balance for my server, not too slim, not too bulky...
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    can you add banning people that are offline?

    also fun little suggestion: add a swap

    /swap player1 player2

    switches their positions :p

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    give me a bit i'll go replicate it if no ones on my server right now, i didn't think anything else was pertinent because it was java errors that seemed more related to bukkit not liking my linux java, but i'll pass it along anyways if its more useful. good job so far btw, i can't wait to see what else you add

    eh... nvm i fixed it, i deleted the config file and when it re-wrote the file all of the issues where gone. something must of changed between versions or have been corrupted, i can still send over the error if you would like though.

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    The plugin is running in the new Build? (1.0.1-R1)
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    Any luck with the xp command yet?
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    It should run fine.
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    1.0.0 coming anytime soon?
    I don't know how to rank with permissionsEX or command bin.
    Please notify me anytime soon when the new version is coming, thanks
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    i have the commandbin.jar in my plugins folder but it just doesn't work when i try to do the commands do i need anything else aside commandbin.jar to run the plugin??
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    Just set this up, great plugin. However, is the config documented anywhere? Would help to know what some of the more vague options do =).

    -Drop XP on death? Isn't this basic functionality? Is the purpose to have an option to disable vanilla functionality? Or is there more to it?
    -Mob-max amount? Does this go for neutral mobs? Is 100 a vanilla-ish value? =P
    -custom chat?Bouncy lapiz lazuli? haha guess I could just try some of these.
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    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the server's and if anyone doesn't mind can someone tell me how to give myself permission and other players to use these commands? Thanks.
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    go get (permissions bukkit) it should work with the current recommended version.

    then use the permissions nodes listed with there commands on the first page of this topic.
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    One suggestion, cause I love this command in Essentials:
    /back - teleport you back to the place you died
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    I can't pull up any commands and when someone joins I get the error, could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to CommandBin. What should I do? I have 1.0 also. So I have no idea what is happening.

    Ummm one sec

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    Some nodes aren't wanting to work as they should. For instance, users with CommandBin.general.spawn can't use /spawn. My admins with CommandBin.general.heal can't use /heal.

    I'm on the latest RC-1 build using PermissionsBukkit, though this also happened with PermissionsEx and bPermissions. There is no error in the console when the above commands (and a few others) are used, just the "You do not have permission" message. Any help?

    And, will jail commands be making a return anytime soon?
  29. Is there any way i can disable some of the commands ? like /tp ?
    I am using an advanced tp plugin (tele++) and its annoying doing /tpp when i can do /tp.
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    Why can i make me Permission ?? Im the Admin on the Server

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