Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN] CommandBin v2.29 - MOVED TO BUKKIT DEV! [1.2.5-R3)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Nov 1, 2011.

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    yes, but i solved the problem :)
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    I have craftbukkit 1493 and every command i try to use the command as a player an error message appears "an internal error occured..."
    and when i try it in the server console a bunch of javascript errors appears crazyly
    It worked before when i had craftbukkit 1337.
    Please fix it, it's one of my favourite plugins :3
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    just installed... so worth it, i love it!

    explosion bow bypasses worldgaurd, how can I stop that?

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    great plugin!

    Can you make a permission for that ore broadcast?
    I will that only my mods and admins see that message, not my hole server...
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    Full error in console please.
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    FYI /kick doesnt seem to work, /ban works but I have to use both /pardon and /unban to unban them

    edit: oh apparently kick needs a reason
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    Apparently I got a problem with the /setxp command. I tried to gave somebody a few xp and he gained health instead of xp.
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    Sorry,I am new but how do I download bukkit for my server?
  9. Can I kiss you? Cuz i love you for making this!!!
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    Not over the interwebs, sorry :( However you can contribute your love by donating ;)
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    i don't know if is a problem or not but when anyting explodes the near blocks don't break :'(
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    hey can you add damage parameters to strike and shoot? other wise nice job so far, i can't wait to see what else you add to this, its replaced most of my plugs already!
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    i can has examplez?

    "Damage parameters" don't really give me enough info.
    That depends if a plugin is blocking explosions.
  14. Please add /killmob, /home list and /warp list.
    Thanks for all.
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    I'm only using your plugin
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    Me sad, me cannot read source and be good bukkit pluginer xD
    Too bad that troll had to come and ruin it :( I might try read off of essentials, haha ;D
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    /killmobs command would be great
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    basically so I can tell the command to do no damage or as much as I want like the slap command, i don't think it'll be easy for shoot, but strike shouldn't take to long.
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    Since it seems that you didn't read my last post I'll just repeat myself: I have an issue with the /setxp command. It seems the command manipulates the hp of a user and not the xp. For Example: When I type "/setxp Ramizini 10" I'll just get healed for 5 Hearts. I don't really think it is important but have some more Information anyways: Server is running with Bukkit 1502 and only your plugin. Every other command is working just fine. Only this one doesn't seem to be working as intended.
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    It's much easier to @TaG me, but I will look into it.
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    also i'm having issues with set home and set warp, its having some sort of internal error, using build 1530 I'll pull up a proper description when i can.
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    Implying TrashCan is a virus.

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    Get off my thread iffa, you were banned for a reason.
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    Locked until administration deals with the immature squabbling going on.
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    CommandBin is BACK!
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    Yay! :D

    So question about explode bow:
    Can you make it so we can disable block damage? I set the radius to 0 but that also negates any extra damage :[
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    @shanko I have a configurable option that lets you enable/disable explosions in your server.
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    Hello CainFoool,
    could you make any command for teleporting player to specific XYZ location? And one command for display of location?

    For example:
    /loc - Show to you your XYZ location (In-game: Your location is: X99 Y12 Z-56)
    /tploc <player> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleport <player> to specific location (Example: /tploc Yiahimyr 99 12 -56)

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    i have a problem with your plugin
    i use an another plugin for warps
    but if i want /warp set test
    i get This war does not exist.
    So commandbin think its for him but it isnt...
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    Rephrase all that :/

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