Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP/WGEN] CommandBin v2.29 - MOVED TO BUKKIT DEV! [1.2.5-R3)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Nov 1, 2011.

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    <Content removed by Rigby>
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    @iffa you're going to get yourself banned
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  4. /me facepalms
    Just cause its a bad plugin doesn't mean you have to make fun of it! @iffa
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    How dare you ruin my surprise... You're next... :p

    Content cleaned up, have a nice day.
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    Hey i need some help, a friend and i setup a server but we cant get the setxp command to work. It doesn't do anything and we don't get an error...
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    Yes I am aware, I am still in the process of fixing it.
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    Few questions if anyone can answer please? :]

    Can I spawn tamed wolves with the spawn mob command

    can I spawn splash potions and other specific potions with /i

    Does the exploding arrows/bow thing work??
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    Bukkit has no API yet to spawn a certain type of potion.
    You can't spawn tamed wolves.
    And yes, the exploding arrow works. It will only damage your world however if you have enabled explosions.
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    When do you think it'll be done?
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    0o What ? Do you mean you reproduce your work with your permission because I just reupload your jar because everyone was saying the link was dead or whatever
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    Pretty much yes. Mirroring links are not allowed.
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    Oh well sorry I didn't know I just tried to help ^^
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    I'm begining my server with some friends and your admin tool is really nice and usefull but i have some issues which may also be from "bukkit-side".
    1º Unless i set everyone to OP we can't break blocks ("bukkit-side").
    2º How can i simply disable the strike on login "thingy"? Do i just like edit the config.txt and type "strikeonlogin=false"?
    Sorry for making question 1 since isn't related of your plugin but can you at least answer question 2?
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    No, I meant like whenever you type in " /i 1 " with no item amount, it gives you 64 instead of 1

    Oh and can you update to rb 1512? Damn bukkit, you and all your random rb's everyday.

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    After I edit the message of the day and broadcasting ore finds, the /home and /sethome commands come up with an "Internal error". Also, the modified MOTD does not display...please help/fix!
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    For a Teleport for not ops can u set it so that a request goes to the person u ask to tp to ? [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Can you please add a way to turn off the login lightning thing if you just using the OP system. I am running a small server for friends and really don't need to use permissions but its annoying to login and lave lightning strike.
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    Alright, ill do that now quick.
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    And done, redownload.
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    Been reading the source for 2 hours and have learned A LOT. You should add a /fly command and some sort of
    simple warp listing command like /warplist. Thank you for your hard work!
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    I remmeber posting earlier on this but I cant find my old most, but any way, is it possible for me to remove commands that I dont want. I mean not restrict them but turn them off. (Make it like they don't exist.)

    Because I am running world edit and world guard, but the commands kinda over lap. So IDK what to do.

    Please Help. :'(
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    I was looking at this plugin back when it had 2000 downloads, and now its got 18000!!!! It's been fun to see it develop and become so much better.
    Thank you CainFoool.

    And for the suggestions, maybe add a permission so ops can see private messages.
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    They already can :)
    opscanseepms: in the config :)

    Delete any commands you do not like from the plugin.yml.

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    Oh, thanks.
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    ^700th post, nice :)
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    Command Bin is the Best Command Out there! It is so useful!
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    i have a problem i put the plugin in and ererybody can use it how do i make it so only ops can use?
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    Here goes my spam of feautre requests, most of them minor.
    /tphere ALIAS: /bring, /summon
    /tp ALIAS: /tpto, /goto
    Merge /tp and /tp2p so you can execute /tp Sayshal and /tp Sayshal CainFool // /tp2p is a little weird.
    /clear ~ Add ability to clear single inventory slot or whole inventory.
    /broadcast ~ Server broadcast WITH config option for coloring/naming etc.
    I believe this is more lightweight than Essentials, but I like features.

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