[ADMN/FUN] FakeOP v1.2 - Fake server operator status! [Works 1.5.1-R0.1]

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    FakeOP | Version 1.2

    FakeOP is designed for those admins who have requested a plugin similar to it recently. Commands used by fake ops are blocked and can have consequences for using them, specified by config.

    Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/609/488/FakeOP.jar


    /fakeop [Player] sets a player as a fake op.
    /fakedeop [Player] removes this status from a player.

    - The permission node for both these commands is "fakeop.op".

    command-message: Message sent when a command is blocked Defaults to unknown command message.

    execute-commands: Commands executed when a command is blocked, %sender% is replaced with the command user.

    command-triggers: Setup specific commands to be executed for specific commands being blocked.

    allow-commands: Setup commands that can bypass fake op mode.

    • Version 1.2
      • Commands more picky on what users to accept
      • Remove overly long and confusing descriptions of otherwise simple commands
      • Add config option to allow commands to bypass fake op
      • Add option in config for specific commands used by a fake op to have specific actions
      • Remove unneeded "enable-commands" toggle in config.
      • Add alias for /fakedeop : /defakeop
      • Add compatibility for colors in command message by using ampersand.
    • Version 1.1
      • Config file for changing message displayed and commands to be executed.
    • Version 1.0
      • Initial release.
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    Or... you just ban them. People who ask for op don't belong on my server. That's just my opinion.
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    Indeed you could. I usually like to just mute them and have them leave on their own though.
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    Sorry to discredit the plugin, if someone wanted it than it's worth having :)
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    You are the coolest.
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    troll plugin. i like
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    I noticed that when you fakeop someone, it takes away all commands from them. I don't know if that was intentional but I like it XD Nice plugin.

    I should learn how to read >_>
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    This is pretty funny. I can also see this becoming more of an issue. The one who got fakeop would think that op is screwed up and ask beg you to fix it. Still, it is a great plugin.
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    Now the next person who asks to get [fake]op: Let's try kicking the owner! [Error] "[Owner], I can't kick you!"
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    I like the idea! I have no need to download it though! :D

    I have Group Manager, and I have a group that is named "OP" that has the normal commands of a Default.
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    This pleases me.
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    True story:
    I started my new server today with this plugin. "Who wants op?"
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    I think it's cool plugin 'cause for big online i need to keep players. But many noobs want to be an admin. Now i can give tham fake admin =D
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    This works for me because My friend Aaron keeps asking for OP, and he is my best friend and all, but I don't think I want to just give him Operater status just because of that.
    He got really mad at me yesterday, so this would be a perfect thing to use xD
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    This is absolutely genius.
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    Love it! Can we add a fake "Your Command is being Processed" or somthing? I mean, we are getting their hopes up with FakeOp, might as well go all the way! :D
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    Sure, I'll throw in a config file to set the message manually for the next update.
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    Wow, thanks! This was my first Request :D

    How about adding a config for setting off a command for every command they try, but the syntax for the command be under a specified name? E.G Running /spawnmob NOOB 15 creepers using a certain Admins name (As the Player will not have the permission to spawn mob, if you get me) when he tries /god. (Hope I'm helping and not annoying you lol)
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    Version 1.1
    • Message sent can now be changed in config.yml
    • Commands to be executed on command can now be added to config.yml
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Atleast now we can annoy them as much as they annoy us. They brought this on themselves >D
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    This is a really cool plugin. I'd use it if i didnt just mute people who ask for OP :p
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    Gonna get this in conjunction with Vanilla to hide it.

    I like this. Bloody genius.
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    Heres a good idea for this plugin
    alot of those players who beg for op usually type /stop or /i diamond 64 or /i tnt 90000
    With this plugin, it shows up as errors, but heres the catch, it sends to the REAL operators the commands their attempting to use, and when they see their using /stop etc etc, you know just ban em.. it'll make the plugin more effective, it's not asking for anything impossible to do, its pretty practical
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    This plugin is genius. GENIUS I SAY!
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    dude that is so true i swear i get 8 ppl come one my server each day wineing can i be op, can i op, how come i cant be op? "cause your a a dumbass now be gone with you devil troll"
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    /fakedeop wont work for me.
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    Only one problem. When I am fake op I can't use commands like /spawn or /warp which are allowed for normal users. Can you fix this ? Thanks in advance
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    What's wrong with it? What exactly happens?
    Err... that's kind of the point.
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    There is nothing wrong.. Some of my other admins just fakeop'd me when i went afk lolz.... Sorry :b
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