[ADMN/FUN] ControlTheExperience 1.1.1- Control EXP [1337]

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    ControlTheExperience is a plugin that allows you to control your EXP. At the moment it only allows you to set your level and check other people's level, but I plan to add a lot of more functionality. If you have an suggestions, please suggest them!

    • Set the EXP level (enchantment level) of yourself or another player (/exp) (Requires experience.command.exp permission, or op)
    • Check the EXP level (enchantment level) of yourself or another player (/expg)
    • Alter drop rate of exporbs (player and entity) (config file?)
    • Permissions for /expg (maybe)
    • Suggest something!
    It supports BukkitPerms and it defaults to op.
    The Permissions are:
    experience.command.exp - Set EXP (/exp)


    /exp (playername) (level you want them to have)
    /expg (playername)

    Changelog (open)

    1.1.1: Fix the bug that makes it so the console can't use it
    1.1: /expg command checks the exp level of a player
    1.0: /exp command sets the exp level of a player

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    that's a just space.
    Please give me a plugin
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    A Suggestion: If you die with alot of EXP, you get half or so of EXP back if you get to your body.
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    That already happens. I'm currently working on a way to see how much exp someone else has.
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    Added a version 1.1. It now has an expg command that tells you the exp level of a player.

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    Jamie Digweed

    Well done dude amazing plugin, if i could request a feature that you could use this plugin from console, that would be great and maybe perms if you can :)
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    Sorry for not having it be able to be used form the console. I just had used a plugin base thing that I always use, and I forgot to remove that XD

    New Version: 1.1.1

    EDIT: fail XD Only ops (or people with the permissions) can use the /exp command

    NOTE: Permission for /exp is experience.command.exp
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    possibility to set the drop rate of exp? like different drop for different death?
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    I'm going to try working on that when I have time.
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    You can edit the title yourself. Thread tools top right.
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    It would be awesome if you could make this work with Iconomy to make it so you can get money in exchange for experience levels or something!
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    Doesnt seem to have any effect when used w/ latest CB's.
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    latest being?

    I know it works with like around 1450 (not quite sure), but I haven't tested on any past that.
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    1540+ Currently on 1550
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    Any chance for an update? /exp doesn't work anymore, it doesn't modify a users exp levels at all. 1.1.1 on CB 1582
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    Well I guess I can chip in some suggestions:

    You can alter exp rate by using the ENTITY_DEATH event. Maybe you can decrease EXP per different mobs with the ability to set the min-max values in config file? :D

    Good luck fixing, I can't be bothered to remake this xD

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