[ADMN/FUN] BukkitContribEssentials v0.1.3 - Textures, capes, music, notifications, and more! [1000]

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    BukkitContribEssentials - Textures, capes, music, notifications, and more!
    Version: 0.1.3

    BukkitContrib is an amazing plugin. Unfortunately, it does nothing on its own that can be used by a non-programmer. BukkitContribEssentials uses many of the features of BukkitContrib without needing any code to be written other than a simple configuration file.

    • Custom texture packs, globally or one per world
    • Custom player capes and skins
    • Custom player titles - can be multiple lines
    • Play music from Minecraft or from a URL, globally (requires OP) or just to yourself (/playmusic command)
    • Custom notifications when entering an area - Includes name, description, any item icon, and (optionally) music
    • Automatically installs BukkitContrib if it's not already available
    Download - Source Code


    Version 0.1.3
    • Updated to work with BukkitContrib 0.1.6
    • Added version command
    • Added reload command
    • Fixed players not getting capes and skins when the /reload command was used
    Version 0.1.2 (2,291 downloads)
    • Fixed log spam when entering a region
    • Added the ability for custom music to be played when entering regions (previously custom music was only available via the /playmusic command)
    Version 0.1.1 (326 downloads)
    • Stopped trying to load BukkitContrib before the check to see if BukkitContrib is installed.
    • BukkitContribEssentials will now display an error message in the server console if an invalid URL for a texture pack is used.
    • Fixed edge case where a player leaving within 1/20 of a second from joining would create log spam.
    Version 0.1 (73 downloads)
    • Initial release
    Default config too confusing?
    Here's a different example:
        default: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32644765/texturepacks/vbtp0-pangea.zip
        world_nether: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32644765/texturepacks/vbtp1-deepspace.zip
          - name: MetroVox Station
            description: Travel hub of the world
            icon: MINECART
            music: http://example.org/trainstation.ogg
                x: 128
                y: 79
                z: 56
                x: 96
                y: 0
                z: 29
          - name: The Grand Tree
            description: Full of spirits and leaves
            icon: SAPLING
                x: 6
                y: 127
                z: 113
                x: -43
                y: 0
                z: 65
          - name: Alden
            description: Hey, look! Sand!
            icon: DEAD_BUSH
            music: WET_HANDS
                x: 74
                y: 127
                z: -167
                x: -8
                y: 0
                z: -207
          - name: Faldor
            description: Town of boxes
            icon: CHEST
                x: 170
                y: 127
                z: -639
                x: 32
                y: 0
                z: -791
            cape: http://llamaslayers.net/cupcape.png
            skin: http://example.com/skins/nightgunner5.png
            title: |
                The Great
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    I'm sort of new to this but where do I put my music files? and how do I add them to the playlist?

    Thanks. :D
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    ok, i feel dumb asking this, but do users need the bukkit contrib mod to see the texture and capes? Do you need the original bukkit contrib with this plugin, or is this a separate plugin. Thanks!
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    Hey you got it up! Thanks, you didnt message me though :p haha idk if u remember me from BC thread. but once again thanks so much. Im testing this
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    HD texture packs seem to cause the client to crash, any way for HD textures to be installed like how mcpatcher does it?
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    Tested, got everything working but music. Help?
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    I also want to know this, let alone a command sheet so we can know how to use this to its full potential.
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    Play music from Minecraft or from a URL

    you said support url.

    what is the truth. am I missing something?
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    I agree, would be silly if the music didn't support URL's.
    Also I am getting an error:
    Version of Bukkit: RC, 953
    Version of plugin 0.1.1
    Version of bukkitcontrib: 0.1.3
    I am getting it when I walk on an predefined area, like in the default (I am using the default config).

    EDIT: Woopsy, saw the comment above afterwards.
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    Put the music files on a web server and use the /playmusic command to play them.
    Yes, you need both the client mod and the server plugin, the latter of which will be downloaded if you don't already have it.
    Oops! I forgot! Sorry.
    I tried those links, and they go to download pages instead of zip files. Try something like dropbox that gives real direct links.
    BukkitContrib doesn't support HD texture packs. Sorry!
    You can play music from a URL using the /playmusic command. For example, "/playmusic -global -custom http://nightgunner5.is-a-geek.net:1337/cat.ogg".
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    you need to inform us some command like that.:'(

    there is any information of your plugin.
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    Even after trying to play one of the built-in music tracks using the /playmusic -global -custom TRACK command, it still didn't work. There were no errors in the console, nor response from the server.
    Also, I only can see the default texture pack in my server. I have specialized texture packs per world. My users that have BukkitContrib say they can see the texture packs, but I simply cannot for some reason.
    Can you also supply the server admins with the commands for the plugin and help with the plugin in general? Thanks, that would be great! :)
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    Is there a reload command or do you have to start minecraft after making changes?
    Also, how do you get colors to work for user names?
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    Make sure you have the BukkitContrib client mod installed.
    There's a /reload command that comes standard with Bukkit and should work with almost any plugin.
    I don't know if BukkitContrib supports username colors. I'll have to look into it.
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    I do have it installed and I am still unable to see any of the texture packs. In my config they are .zip files just like you stated to have.
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    Player Editor does, so I'm guessing yes.

    Upload your config file please, you can just paste it in code brackets.

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    Ok here it is:
        survival: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32398371/Xenocontendi%201.7%2B1.zip
        city: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32398371/coterie-craft-v16.zip
          - name: MetroVox Station
            description: Travel hub of the world
            icon: MINECART
                x: 128
                y: 79
                z: 56
                x: 96
                y: 0
                z: 29
            cape: http://llamaslayers.net/cupcape.png
            title: '&Owner'
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    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32398371/coterie-craft-v16.zip <-- This link isn't working.
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32398371/Xenocontendi 1.7+1.zip <-This link is.
    At lest for me. Are you able to access both of those links?
    Also, I noticed you mention its working for everyone but you. Is your server and dropbox hosted on the same computer your playing on, or on the same network (in the same house)? I'm not sure if that would cause issues, but it might.
    Also, I'm not quite sure how BukkitContrib is requesting files, but you might want to try disabling any firewall/anti virus, as it might block it?
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    That link works for me. With the server and dropbox both hosted on the computer your running the client on, and the fact that everyone else is not having the issue, I'm betting thats it. I'm not positive, either NightGunner5 of this thread or Afforess of the BukkitContrib thread would have to confirm.
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    Ok thank you for the help!
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    great. play music works perfectly now!@@

    but I have aquestion.

    when I playmusic with -global -custom URL

    other players can hear this?

    cause I tested it but only I can hear it.
    (but when I playmusic from builtin music, others can hear it)

    EDIT : I SOLVED IT. update bukkitcontrib sp mod xD
    And finally, you support music from url at region !
    All features are works perfectly.
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    This is either going to be really dumb or really useful but how do I set the min/max region so-ordinates?
    Do I just make a cuboid like WorldEdit and put the first and second point co-ordinates in the min/max?

    Thanks for any help!
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    thats right. min max means cuboid.
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    I did that, but I get no Announcements or music changes. A little gutted. The capes and name changing works though!

    Another thing that doesn't work is th texture pack thing... I set my default link etc but it ended up deleting my texture pack i was using and crashing Minecraft!

    Could we get some sort of tutorial or explanation on how to fully use this plugin?

    Cheers x
  27. add more people to have a cape? how would i go about doing it?
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    You see the bit in the config that looks like this:
            title: 'PlayerName
            cape: http://www.somecapeurl.com/cape.png
    Copy and paste that but use different names and cape URL's.
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    I have everything working fine in this plugin, except for when .was files are played they stop roughly half way through. Any fix???
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    I can't get music to play or set up the regions for it to play. At least you are halfway there!
    Mind If I see your config to see if I am doing it right?
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    1.)No problemo, I dont have regions set up but I feel that I can explain to you how to set up music simple enough.
    Sign up with dropbox (Google it)

    2.)Download the program to your computer and drop your .wav .ogg or .midi files into the public folder (Wait for a check mark to appear to confirm its synced)

    3.) Right click on the file and hit dropbox>copy public link

    4.) Paste it into your web browser, then proceed to your server and type in /playmusic -global -custom (Full url here, no parentheses)

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