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    BanAxe - Your ban helper

    Version: v1.0

    BanAxe is a better way to ban the bad boys:
    Let them feel the power of your BanAxe!
    Ban them with only one click.
    After you clicked on them, they will be hit by an lightning, 2 seconds later they are banned from your server.
    If you want so, they can also be global banned by using mcbans!


    • Ban the bad boys with only one right click
    • (Choose your ban item) Removed atm, back in v3
    • Permissions support
    • McBans support
    • ban mobs!

    /banaxe enable to enable the banaxe
    /banaxe disable to disable the banaxe
    /banaxe global to enable/disable MCbans global banning
    /banaxe help shows all commands ingame


    Source Code:

    Version 2
    • Long range banning
    • charges a lightning on every click
    • commands easier
    • rewrote the whole plugin (by Josh2905)
    • code cleanup
    Version 1
    • First release of BanAxe
    Hail the axe!​
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    Thx :)
    Try to ban an mob, it's a little easter egg :D
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    Well, there's no hammers in Minecraft so this is the next best thing <3
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    if only there were hammers...i guess that might be able to be done using spout? but this is the next best thing, it works great as well.
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    So what does this do exactly in terms of the ban? It just uses the target you hit and:
    /ban <player>?
    I don't use mcband and I am just wondering if this would work with essentials or not.

    That is what I am going to do, use spoutitems to replace some inventory hack only item that will never be used with a badass hammer, and swing it till there is no tomorrow.
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    I really want to know what happens when you hit a mob...
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    Hammers in minecraft would be cool :D
    The following happens after you clicked an player:
    The plugin gets the user as event.rghtclicked that's an entity.
    The next step is to check wheather the user is a player (user instanceof Player) or not.
    After that, itcasts the entity to an player and creates a lightning at the entitys position. waits for 2 seconds and performs the command "/ban " + user.getName.
    If you choose the mcbans version, it performs
    "/ban g " + user.getName + reason.
    The reason is "bad boy" by default, but you have to change it if you change the tool.
    I added the delay because I and my co admins figured out that it is much more funny when the bad boys notice the lightning, it creates a kind of fear in them :D

    The whole thing wil change with the next update, because my friend Josh2905 figured out a way to extend the range.
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    And it works perfectly!:D
    In my version, every richt-click strikes a lightning on the block you clicked on. Then the plugin listens for players, who suffer from lightning and checks, weather the players y-coordinate is the same as the y-coordinate of the block you rightclicked on. With this you can ban players far away from you. In the actual version it only works, if the player is in the block-breaking range.
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    Version 2 out!
    We also moved it to BukkitDev.
    Take a look on the startpost for more information.
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    Where is my Plugin Developer tag? :(
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    Updated the Plugin! v2.1
    Now you can kick players with the banaxe. Simply type /banaxe kick.
    Every command has an alias, like /ba for /banaxe and /ba k for /banaxe kick
    You also dont need to type /banaxe enable anymore, simply type /banaxe (or /ba) to toggle it, and /banaxe again to disable it. This works with all funktions.
    Download will be aviable, when the file is approved on BukkitDev!
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    Jack Kleeman

    I was literally coding this exact thing today. Lightning and all.
    I expect our code is identical, seeing as I could find only one way of doing all this.
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    Hi there, love it. Use it all the time. However, is it possible to change the default message? So instead of "You have been banned by <name>" or whatever it is, I could change it in the config.
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    You can suggest me a better message, if you want ;) I'll add a config with more changabe things!
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    Yeah, until you add a config perhaps the message should be "You just got smacked with the BAN AXE! (Banned by (adminname))."
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    Uploaded Version 2.2 with configurable ban and kick messages! :) will be aviable when its approved.
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    Wait, only on BukkitDev?
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    I Upload my files there.
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    But it's not approved... upload in this thread, please?
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    Whenever i try doing /ba g (banaxe global) it says i dont have mcbans i have mcbans version 3.6? what did i do wrong
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    I found a little bug. When people are in the air (flying), the lightning won't hit them. Is there a way to fix this?
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    Updated BanAxe;

    BanAxe - Your Ban Helper

    Version: V1.1

    BanAxe is a better way to ban the bad boys.
    Let them feel the power of your Axe!
    Ban them with a only one click.
    After you click on the player, They'll be smited then banned from your server.
    (No MCBans support)

    * Easily ban rule breakers with a click of a button.
    * Choose your own ban item!
    * Permissions Support

    * BanAxe.Use

    * /banaxe - Displays the [BanAxe] Message.
    * /banaxe help - Displays the BanAxe commands.
    * /banaxe enable - Enable BanAxe
    * /banxe disable - Disable BanAxe
    * /banaxe <item id> - Select Your Own Banning Item.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Show Spoiler
    Instead of having to always use lengthy commands, I recommend adding bShortcut to your server which allows you to set shortcuts for your commands. Once adding that, In the config.yml, You add the following
            - /banaxe item 258
            - /banaxe enable
            - /give &player 258 1
    That way, Instead of typing 3 commands, You only type /ba which will give you an iron axe, Enable ban axe on the original "Iron Axe (258) and enable ban axe itself. A lot easier!

    Version 1.1
    * Updated API's
    * Dropped MCBans Support
    * Cleaned Code

    Version 1.0
    * First Release

    I did not update this plugin, It was updated by Tonkovich after I requested the update of the plugin in the forums.
    I'm posting this to help everyone else :)
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