[ADMN/FUN] BananaCube v0.2 - Cube those noobs! [818]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, May 29, 2011.

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    imma go test thins in build 1000, awesome plugin (i love all of your plugins)
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    Thanks :)
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    hey, it works!!! and it kills me when i try to get out, and permissions v3.1.6 works, and all is not broken by build 1000. i guess you can update the title now, and this is now my whitelist plugin :)
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    haw your description/tag-line is some good advertising man =) i dont need a plugin like this at all for my little private/lan server, but i desperately want to use it so i too can 'cube those n00bs'! hahaww are you in marketing by any chance? you should be selling this on late night tv for $19.95 (but wait! order now and get two!).
  5. @codename_B Is this on DBO or is it updated :p Version in title says 818.

    If it's on DBO, just flip the version in the title to [DevBukkit] and get a link posted to the dbo page!

    [ Note: This was reported inactive, that's why the status check :D ]


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