Inactive [ADMN] FTBL - v1.1 - Alerts players of the use of Fire, TNT, Bedrock, and Lava [1.4.5 R.0.2]

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    FTBL is a simple plugin, alerting players of the use of the most commonly banned items on any given server, Fire, TNT, Bedrock, and Lava.

    • Check how many times a player has used one of these blocks, and after a number, decided by the server owner, kick them, or ban them.
    Criticism is appreciated and I may add blocks if you request them in the comments below.

    • Almost have a new release ready to test, just trying to get the config able to add to itself after a player places a certain block. I would have a new update out, but ive been focusing my time into a new plugin that allows full customization over food and can cancel eating if food bar is full.

    • Added permissions
      • ftbl.placetnt - Allows said player/group to place tnt without broadcasting.
      • ftbl.placelava - Allows said player/group to place lava without broadcasting.
      • ftbl.placebedrock - Allows said player/group to place bedrock without broadcasting.
      • ftbl.placefire - Allows said player/group to place fire/use flint and steel without broadcasting.
    • Plugin release
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    Sounds good, will add it to my Tekkit server in the morning :)

    Wonderful plugin :) I'll be using this on my Tekkit server from now on as TNT and fire are the main griefing tools there. Going to go deep into the code, add a few lines so the plugin can alert the use of nukes though :/

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    Ok, may also want to add industrial tnt aswell. I may make a version set up for tekkit to save tekkit servers aswell. also, i have trouble finding good tekkit servers, may i get your ip?
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    It's sort of private right now, I guess. My brother, me, 2 people from, my 3 friends who play Minecraft, and that's the cap my hosting service gives me.
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    Anyone have any errors, let me know please.

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