[ADMN] FirstJoinPlus - Customize all aspects of new players joining for the first time! [BukkitDev]

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    FirstJoinPlus allows you to control every aspect of when new players join. Give new players a starter kit, a special spawn location, have the console run commands, launch fireworks, and more!
    Existing players won't get told they joined for the first time after installing this.

    Please click here to visit the BukkitDev project page for full documentation.

    • Announce that a new player has just joined (optionally with the amount of unique players that have joined!).
    • Launch a firework or show a cool smoke effect.
    • Give the player a written book with welcome information (example book here)!
    • Give a starter kit with items defined in the configuration.
    • Force the player or the console to run configurable commands.
    • Set the player as invincible (from everything, including PVP) for a pre-defined amount of time.
    • Much more, check out the configuration below!
    • New players not spawning at the first join spawnpoint?
      You have a conflicting plugin. Set the 'delay-everything-below-by' value in the configuration to a higher value, such as 5 or 10 (this option is set in ticks).
    • Want this plugin to kick in for every join instead of only first joins?
      Set 'every-join-is-first-join' in the configuration to true - this will treat every join as a first join. Great for hub servers as you can have the player teleported back to spawn every join, launch a firework every join, and you can set the join and quit messages to %none to completely hide them.
    • The display name variable is using their normal name and not their display name?
      This means another plugin is setting the display name after FirstJoinPlus is getting it, despite FirstJoinPlus using a normal priority. Set the 'delay-everything-below-by' value in the configuration to a higher value, such as 5 or 10 (this option is set in ticks).
    • Is it possible to do X in the first-join starter kit?
      The starter kit functionality has been left as simple as possible. You can only give items based off of their names and set the amount to give, as shown in the default configuration. Things like setting data values, display names, lore, etc isn't possible, simply because I want to leave this plugin as a first-join plugin and not a kit plugin.

      If you need to do more, I suggest finding a fully featured kit plugin, and using it alongside FirstJoinPlus by having FirstJoinPlus run a command from that kit plugin on first join.
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  2. Nice! Finally someone updated my old plugin ;) gj
  3. Your old plugin? I actually updated iPencil's FirstJoin plugin, but I guess there's lots of them like this out there. :)
  4. ... Urgh... *hint* *hint* ....
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    Thank you so much.
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  6. Version 1.1 released! You can download it as soon as it's approved on BukkitDev:

    Source code now available on GitHub (fork me!):

    Thanks to Score_Under and GJ from the IRC for helping me with this one!

    Changelog below.

    • Config has completely changed - if updating, please delete your current one and let the new one automatically generate when you restart.
    • Added variables and color codes to the config, use %name% and %number%.
    • Added ability to use standard color codes throughout all messages as much as you wish.
    • Added options to disable the first join messages, join messages, and kick messages.
    • Added option to display the unique amount of players in total that have joined.
    • Added ability to give players who join for the first time a configurable item (use the data value for the item). Amount is the amount of that item to give, and data is the data/damage value of it (used for colored wool etc., normally left at 0).
    • Added a /firstjoinplus reload command to reload the config.
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    Maybe an abbreviation for the reload command? Something like /fjp reload. Just a suggestion.
  8. Possibly, but I don't see it as something you'll need to use all that often anyways.

    Plugin confirmed to be completely working with the recent 1.2.4 development builds of Bukkit!

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    Can we disable the first-spawn feature? HeroSpawn does this beautifully for my server and this conflicts with it.
  11. Is it really necessary to send me a PM, comment on the BukkitDev page, and post here with the same question?

    This plugin does absolutely nothing with spawning yet, I haven't added that feature. The values in the config are just preparing for the next release, they do absolutely nothing.
  12. Anyone else have feature suggestions? I'm looking to push a new release but want to add in some new features first!
  13. What the most requested feature, during the time I released it, was a per group join/welcome message support, as in firstjoin.1 as permissions and in the config you would put a message for firstjoin.1 . I actually implemented it back then but never got to release it cuz I was banned >_>
  14. Approved.
  15. FirstJoinPlus v1.2 Released!
    Go check out all the amazing changes and download it now!

    All bugs have been fixed- tons of new features!

    Anyone have suggestions for new features in FirstJoinPlus v1.3?

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    I fucking hate you...... I just created this EXACT plugin for my server, then I see this... God damn. Great job though.
  17. Well, you could have searched for it.. it's been on the forums and BukkitDev for over a month now...
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    I am having issues trying to give gold ingots to a first join player. using bukkit 1.2.5- 1.3.

    the three appropriate lines from my config

    itemonfirstjoin: true

    - 266.52.0
  19. Sorry about that, it appears to have been a small bug. Should be fixed in this version:

    I would push the update to BukkitDev - but BukkitDev sucks.
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    cool, I am really impressed with your response time. Thanks heaps


    Just checked it out and it worked a treat. One step closer to completeing my adventure world.
  21. No problem, glad to help! :D
  22. FirstJoinPlus v1.2.1 Released!
    Go check out the changes!

    More bug fixes and a new command:
    • Added "/firstjoinplus motd" command to test viewing your first join MOTD.
    • Added simple update checking.
    • Fixed players with display names showing as they joined for the first time.
    • Fixed giving players items on their first join.
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    Wow this will be nice to know
    Also I might give em a treat heh heh heh
  24. ..what will be nice to know?
    And thanks? :p
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    I mean it would be nice to know when someone came for the first time
  26. Well that's what this plugin does! :D
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    LOVE IT. HAHA 890 unique players have joined my server :p lol
    really easy,simple but creative :D
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  28. Thanks! :D
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    NP m8 :D

    maybe add custom death messages? i kno it beats the effect of joining but would be cool :p

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