[ADMN/EDIT] QuickSign v0.7.4 - A sign editing plugin for everyone! [CB 1.2.5-R1.0]

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    QuickSign - Edit signs with commands:


    QuickSign let's you use simple commands (or a Spoutcraft GUI) to edit, colorize and erase text on a selected sign. It also supports WorldGuard, Regios, Residence and LWC, so players can't edit signs in regions they aren't allowed to build in without a specific permission node.

    >> Bukkit dev link: this
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    This is a wonderful plugin, I will look into this for sure!
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    Does this support PermissionsBukkit? It wasn't working for me on version v0.3.1
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    Sadly, it's not possible, Minecraft only has a few colors available (16, to be more exact). You can't add any without modding the client, which isn't practical at all right now. Also, silver is an affect achieved by the reflection, which isn't supported by Minecraft (unless you mod it of course). Without any reflections, silver looks light gray (&7).

    Nope, it doesn't. But i'm planning to add some support for it, if I have time. I do believe there's a plugin that allows plugins using the Premissions API to hook into the SuperPerms one, but I'm not sure. I guess that could the solution to your problem for now.

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    I'll be releasing v0.5 tomorrow, with a bunch of stuff you guys asked. I build it for 1060, but it should work on 1.8 builds. Also, due to the fact that nobody uses 1.7.3, I have yet to test some multiplayer stuff regarding selection and breaking signs, so I'm only releasing it as a test build.

    Ok, build 1185 is out. Gonna finish testing v0.5 tomorrow, and I should have it out later that evening.

    It's out people!
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    pls integrate with regios PLEASEEEE and move to bukkit-dev so craftbukkituptodate can detect future updates!
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    Ok, just give me a link to Regios. I'll move to bukkit dev this weekend
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    thank youuu! heres regios: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/regios/
    thing is, regios is just region management to the max if you look on their wiki there is like 5 pages worth of commands features, and nodes!
    and I am a proud supporter of it :D
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    You're gonna have to help me. I can't get the protections working for Regios, on my test server. So, would like to test a build for me? Else, can you tell me how do it? Nothing I'm trying seems to work.
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    Hi, does every sign change gets recorded in LogBlock?? One large servers that is almost a must. =S

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    No, but if an API is available for the plugin, I can add support for it.
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    sure, Ill test it, only mods ill hav installed will be quicksign and regios, pls give me a few things to test/try (things that would hook into regios) ill give u a server log when done ;)
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    Here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43006973/QuickSignTest/QuickSign.jar
    Download this, and use the permissions quicksign.recanbuild
    Try selecting signs in regions where you can't build, in some where you can build, and then in free land. Also, don'T forget the permissions quicksign.use.
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    hey, the permission nodes crashed it is permissions 3
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    Error log please? Also, don't forget to turn on the Regios support in the config.
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    lol ok, im outa being a lazy person for now, ill test it, I had my friend try it out on his server cause we were messing w/ random shtuff, Ill make a blank server w/ simple permissions regios and the test quicksign
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    Well, I've been trying to make a sign that goes


    without having to type that all in, but whenever I try and use /qs color BLACK 2 7, it says Invalid index, I figured out what an index is by testing around and stuff, im pretty sure an index is which letter it starts out on right? If so, it's only letting me go to Index 4, and nothing beyond that...
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    I believe the color command is broken, I'm gonna fix it for v0.6. For the moment just use /qs 2 [&4Mailbox&0]
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    Well, the /qs color all command is broekn as well, just found that out today while trying to use /qs color all blue, said it was invalid or not recognized. Thanks!
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    Ya, I know, but I think that's just the format I got wrong in the description, I changed it in v0.5 and forgot to change the description. Try /qs color (color name) (line/all) (index)
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    Great plugin DDoS [diamondore]
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    Wow, it won't work. Like the commands work but you can't select the sign.

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