[ADMN/EDIT] PrisonMine 1.21 – Reset your mines with ease [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    A must-have tool for all prison servers
    Tired of a tedious and complicated process of creating refillable mines on your prison server? Tired of different plugins not working together? Tired of people going straight for the diamonds, the location of which they remember? I have good news for you.

    With PrisonMine, all you need to do is set up an area, set up the block ratios using an easy-to-remember command, and now you can set it to a randomized pattern using one command, any time you want, anywhere you want. Reset the mine manually through a command, let the timer decide when the reset should occur, or make the mine reset itself once it is mined out to a certain extent! Or let your players reset the mine by clicking a button, for a price that you set.


    • Simple region selection: Built-in wand, Commands, or WorldEdit
    • Custom mine composition: All blocks supported.
    • Many ways to reset mines: through command, on timer, when the specified percentage of the mine is mined out, with a click of a button, or have your players pay for a reset.
    • Put important information about the mines on signs and have them update automatically: show when the mine is going to reset, how full the mine is, who reset the mine last, and much more.
    • Built-in inheritance: link your mines together to have them reset in bulk.
    • Teleport players out of the mines on reset to prevent suffocation
    • Customize any message that is sent to the players.
    • Custom flags: disable tool damage, have the tools break blocks immediately, and so on.
    • Built-in permissions support - plus per-mine permissions.
    • More to come!


    PrisonMine 1.2:
    + Update to work with CB 1.4.7-R0.1
    + Add custom flag support
    + Add configuration option to reset mines on server startup
    + Remove the grossly outdated extensions system. Missed by no one.
    + Bug fixes

    PrisonMine 1.1:
    + Update to work with CB 1.4.6-R0.1
    + Bug fixes

    PrisonMine 1.0:
    + Import and update MineReset code to work with CB 1.4.5-R0.1
    + Add non-intrusive sign support
    + Add an option to import mines from MineReset and MineResetLite
    + Bug fixes
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    MineReset 2.0 has been released, with even more swag!
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    Nice ^_^ Thanks!
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    Does it even have enough swag work with MultiModWorld?
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    I have no idea. Should.
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    Don't see why not. I'm not an expert but there shouldn't be any reason that it won't work with multiworld.
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    It will surely work with multiworld, I made sure that it does, but I have no idea what MultiModWorld does to worlds.
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    Finally someones done a public release of this amazing plugin, ive been looking for this for a while so thanks a lot :)
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    Urrr... For some reason on the Plugin list, the name is called "null"
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    Yeah, I know.
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    Forgot to update the thread. The plugin is, in fact, up to date.
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    problem [Mine Reset] you cannot break stone in this area and yes i have tried turning protection off
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    Alex I have the same problem. Only ops can break blocks in my mine. I tried to put protection on, of, in the plugin config file everything true, then everything false,it never worked =/ please help
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    I used to play on cheesecraft. Now I have my own server, but it was fun as hell!
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    got it working nvm but how to u make the timer signs.
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    Oh, my. I have not updated this thread in ages. Have to fix.
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    Wow, this plugin helped alot! Thanks[diamond] !
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    I like the plugin, though I just need it's features for public mines on my server. We don't run a prison server, so the prison suite part would be a waist on my end. Thoughts?
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    The prison suite is a requirement, and PrisonMine cannot be run without it. Sorry.
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    I know that, as I stated. I was wondering if someone had a suggestion for similar plugin that didn't require other plugins to run.
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    Liger_XT5 Try MineResetLite. It looks like arse, though, and only has the most basic features, but if that's you want - help yourself.
  24. Does it support mod blocks with BukkitForge?
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    TikeRike It should, yes, but I am not quite sure how well it's going to handle outputting block information.
    Actually, I better check on that.
  26. bitWolfy I could maybe test it and report it if I have any problems.

    One thing, I can't use /ps pos1/2. It says it is a unknown command.
    Will it recognize when I use WorldEdit's wand?

    Nevermind, got it working. So far It does work. Blocks added by other mods seems to work:

    Before I did the command:

    Entering the command:


    After I have entered the command:


    So, I guess I have found a good plugin for my modded server :)
    Thanks bitWolfy for this amazing plugin!

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    TikeRike /ps command was deprecated due to an incompatibility with Precious Stones, which uses the same command. it's /prison now, but WorldEdit should also work.

    And you are welcome.
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    I am unsure how to make it so the mine does not reset without the button being pressed and how to make it cost money to reset the mine. thanks.
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