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    SalesMan PlayerManager - A plugin that manage permissions for players.
    Version: v2.0.3

    A simple plugin to set permission for players and groups.

    • Bukkit Build 1185
    • Super Permissions.
    • Groups.
    • Player/Groups per world.
    • Set Build/Destroy/Fire for players.
    • Command to add players/groups.
    • Command to add nodes for player/groups.
    • Command to add Prefix's for player/groups/ and set colors
    Download PlayerManager.
    Source Code

    >>> Simple Setup Guide <<<

    Change Log:
    • Version 2.0.3
      • bug when adding NPC (Citizens plugin)
    Older: (open)

    • Version 2.0.2
      • Added changeable Prefix colors.
    • Version 2.0.1
      • Minor bug fixes
    • Version 2.0
      • SuperPermissions
      • Prefix support added
      • For Dev:
        • Easy just use SuperPerms so you don't have to use any API.
      • API Change
        • Permissions API
        • Prefix API
        • Data API
    • Version 1.0
      • Release

    >> Commands & Permission nodes <<
    Quick list: (open)

    • /pm check <player> <node> - This returns if the user has the permission.
    • /pm add <player> <group> - This add a user to a group.

    • /pm add <world> <player> <group> - This add a user to group in a specified world.
    • /pm create <group> - This creates a new group.

    • /pm create <world> <group> - This creates a new group in a specified world.
    • /pm set <player> <node> - This set a node for a player.

    • /pm set <world> <player> <node> - This set a node for a player for a specified world.
    • /pm setg <group> <node> - This set a node for a group.

    • /pm setg <world> <group> <node> - This set a node for a group for a specified world.
    • /pm deny <player> <node> - This set a deny node for a player.

    • /pm deny <world> <player> <node> - This set a deny node for a player for a specified world.
    • /pm denyg <group> <node> - This set a deny node for a group.

    • /pm denyg <world> <group> <node> - This set a deny node for a group for a specified world.

    • /pm prefix <player> - This returns the prefix for the specified player.
    • /pm preset <player> <prefix> - This set the prefix for the specified player.
    • /pm preset <world> <player> <prefix> - This set the prefix for the player in a specified world.
    • /pm presetg <group> <prefix> - This set the prefix for the specified group.
    • /pm presetg <world> <group> <prefix> - This set the prefix for the group in a specified world.
    • /pm prec <player> <color> - This set the prefix color for the specified player.
    • /pm prec <world> <player> <color> - This set the prefix color for the player in a specified world.
    • /pm prec <group> <color> - This set the prefix color for the specified group.
    • /pm prec <world> <group> <color> - This set the prefix color for the group in a specified world.
    • sm.pm.com - This node allows players to use the commands.
    • block.place - This node allows players to place blocks.
    • block.break - This node allows players to break blocks.
    • block.ignite - This node allows players to set blocks on fire.

    To Do:
    • Remove Node/Player/Group option (command)
    • Check group node.
    Currently working at:
    • Check group node
    • OP command catch
    • * node
    • Remove options
    • Nothing yet.
    BUGS?? Please post a issue here https://github.com/youpko/SalesMan-PlayerManager/issues so I can keep track of the bugs.

    For Developers:
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    This will be perfect for me thanks, but when i try and add a group to a certain world it says you do not have the required permissions, even though I have set myself as admin. I don't have permissions btw and just use my name in ops.txt is that is any help. Thanks

    EDIT: Says 'You do not have the requird permissions' when i try to do any command btw.
    There are no errors in the console either?

    Ok getting them now, thanks for the quick reply

    Thats the users.yml
        group: Admin
    The rest of the files are as they were default

    How do you send them sorry :(

    Got it working now nvm, sorry dunno what i did but i deleted the folder and redid the steps and now it is working. Thanks, great plugin.

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    Glad it works now ;)

    I will also soon release an update with the prefix support ;)
    You can expect it tomorrow or the day after.
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    Cool, just went back on though and now it says i am a player doesn;t say my username and i have lost my skin and all my stuff?
    How do you take it off, plz help
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    You become a "player" (the skin loss comes with becomming a player) when you play minecraft in offline mode.
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    oh right thanks, my internet was down so i played it in offline mode.

    Can u get on minecraft btw, keeps saying cannot connect to minecraft.net?
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    No i have the same problem. We will have to wait until it is posible to connect again.
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    Is the prefix support so when u type it says [Admin] next to your name.

    Also i have a survival world and a creative. How do i make it so you can spawn items in creative, do i get the permission node for the spawning from essentials which is what i use and put it in that group?
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    Prefix does what you say.
    The give command is still op only working on that to.
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    Ok, the give command is what i really wanted tbh, but i don't mind waiting :)
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    Can you change what this does to supporting Bukkit's built in SuperPermissions nodes?

    While the format you are using for commands does make it easy for people to manage things - we don't need another "Permissions API" to support.

    Please take a look at bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit for source code and an idea of how to manage SuperPermissions nodes.

    Basically the only issue with this is that it is entirely incompatible with existing plugins - and a "bridge" would have to be made, which is not what we need. We also don't need plugins to start supporting this permissions API.

    PermissionsEX has its own API, Permissions 2.7 has its own API, Permissions 3.1 has its own API, GroupManager had it's own API BananaPermissions had its own API (though please note I completely reworked that to bPermissions and now it's a fairly popular SuperPerms manager). We really DON'T need another API for plugins to not support.

    Here's what people need:
    • an easy way to manage permissions (CHECK)
    • useful commands (CHECK)
    • 100% plugin compatibility (NOT CHECK)
    With SuperPerms you gain 100% plugin compatabilty because it's built into bukkit - plugin authors just use player.hasPermissions("node.node"); and that's that.
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    I'm going to have to agree 100% with codename_b. Use SuperPerms or you're just causing trouble for plugin developers.
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    I never heard of it but so I will take a look at it.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    I'd appreciate it if you provided an option for option/info nodes as well. SuperPerms isn't necessary in my opinion, but if you add option/info nodes I would gladly add support to my plugins as well!
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    What do you mean with option/info node?
    a node for "/pm"?

    And I am now working on SuperPerms but it is a pain in the ***. Permission don't get saved etc. But will deal with is ;-).
    And the version what I am working at does include Prefixes.
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    Concept that a value can be something other than a boolean similar to how your doing prefix/suffix support. I need to be able to store other data types (Integers,Doubles,Long, etc) and that really works quite well.

    Something along the lines of:
    public String getOption(String node);
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    You want to save other objects to the configfiles.

    public void setObject(String pathObject data){
    save object;

    object getObject(String path){
    load config object;
    The object in this case can be ofcourse Integers,Doubles,Long,etc

    This is something I can make in the next version.

    Verions 2 is nearly done.
    With Prefix's and for plugin developers the save ability to save objects to groups/player per world.

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    Updated to version 2.0
    !!!! Beware config files are not compatible with version 1.0 !!!!
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    Hmm, I dont get it.. I did all you said but it still says : "You do not have the requird permissions"
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    Relogin or try to teleport to another world. So the permissions update.
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    When I Break blocks and place blocks it says "You Do not have the Requird permission" but it's showing [Admin] MinecraftEditYT what should i do? P.S Great Plugin
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    does the allow node in the group contains: "block.break / block.place"
    And make sure those nodes don't appear in other config files (in the deny section).
    If you post you config files I can help you.
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    In game, after I set up my permissions, I typed /pm create <group> and it erased everything that was in the group permissions folder and only created the new one I just entered by using the /pm create command.
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    I will look into it.
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    Should be fixed now. with update 2.0.1
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    Is this a replacement for PermissionBukkit? :O
    • Super Permissions. = Wut?
    • Player/Groups per world. = Awesome!
    • Command to add Prefix's for player/groups/ = Prefix???
    Does this supports EssentialChat?

    i.e: <&2{GROUP}&f> &c{DISPLAYNAME}: {MESSAGE}

    Would it replace the {GROUP} by the one set in this plugin?
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    Superpermissions is the permissions system that is build into bukkit. SalesMan-PlayerManager manages that system.
    Prefix is text before the player name like: [Admin] Youpko. [Admin] is the prefix and you can define the prefix your self.

    No tested with EssentialChat. don't know if it works (probably not).
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    Okay well, essentialchat manages prefixes too... could you transfer the group to essentials chat if essentials is detected? Because superperms groups aren't shown in superperm... maybe i would need to ask this to essentials dev...
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    I simply do not understand the purpose of this plugin. The purpose of Bukkit SuperPerms is so that developers do not have to support "5" different permissions systems (PEX, Permissions 3.x/2.x, GroupManager, OPs, SuperPerms, PlayManager, FlatFile Permissions). Instead, they can simply support SuperPerms and whenever they need to find out if a player has a permission, they simply use:
    if (player.hasPermission("Permission.Node")) {
        //YOUR CODE HERE
    By having several SuperPerms managers, plugin developers have an easy time supporting all of them while server admins get to pick which one they find to be the most user friendly (or which ones offer the best Permissions 3.x/2.x bridges to work with older plugins). Based on this framework, plugin devs only need to support 1 permissions system, and then they are done.

    However, this plugin completely ruins that system. Any API beyond the standard SuperPerms API (see the code example above) is simply more work for a whole bunch of people. It is truly pointless to be both a proprietary permissions manager and conform to standards. If you want to use SuperPerms as a backbone, then you should only use SuperPerms. If you want to be proprietary, then you should only be proprietary. However, being both makes absolutely no sense at all.

    The features you offer the end users should seamlessly integrate with the basic SuperPerms API, however there is no point in complicating things further.

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