Inactive [ADMN/DEV] SetRankPB v1.3.2 - Change ranks in-game [PermissionsBukkit] [SuperPerms] [1.1-R6]

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    SetRankPB - Change ranks in-game​
    Version: 1.3.3 CB 1.3.1-R2​
    This page is no longer being updated! Check the BukkitDev page.​
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    ok thanks.. i figured it out now!
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    Hello. For the setrank plugin, it says:
    This server is not running permissionsbukkit which makes the plugin unusable.
    Please download supremesbridge and permissionsbukkit to get the plugin to work."
    The thing is that I have bukkit permissions...
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    when i try to use commands to "setranks" i keep getting error messages saying WARNING: (this server is not running permissionsbukkit which makes the plugin unusable.. download superpermsBridge and permissionsbukkit to get the plugin to work)

    =/ erm i do have and am using permbukkit and seperpermBridge.... WTF! why will this not work when i clearly have the required plugins/permissions.. made sure .nodes are correct and in the right place but it still wont let me use it..

    Please HELP!!!!

    Regards Crafty!
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    Do you have PermissionsBukkit 1.1? Upgrade to 1.2.
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    Could you do Iconomy support?
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    Its okay i got it working, silly mistake on my part.. i thought i had permbukkit but i only had the folder i must have deleted the .jar file by accident...


    Regards Crafty!
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    That'll come soon.
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    a town219

    hey im having issues with the setrank plugin. could sombody please help me out whenever i use the /rank [name] [member] for example, it says that you have changed their rank and stuff but when they type it still has them ranked as guest with the same guest permissions. i even have the guests logout and try it again and it does the same thing. i need help setting it. so the prefix will say[Member] with member permissions instead of staying at guest
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    I don't want my admin to change ranks ingame I want the Owner rank to be only able to change the ranks.
    but. The admins got the -* command.
    Anyway I could disable admins to not change ranks with like
    - -setrankpb.all
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    Anyone know where to download PermmisionsBukkit and SuperPerms?
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    i need permissions bukkit

    now i need superms and icant find it

    I GOT THE PLUGIN BUT THEN it says that i dont have it y i have them both


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    @mrbell11 Try to use PermissionsBukkit v1.2
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    I got a problem. If I want to change the ranks of the players on my server, it just changes the prefix. The permissions for him are still the same as before. For example: If the name for a player is at first: '[Member] Player: Message' and I type in /rank Player Admin (when Admin is a group in the permissions config) then he has the same rights as a member, but is marked as '[Admin] Player: Message'. I can also rank him as a group that does not exist in the config. I'm running CB 1317. Any help?
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    That's a problem with your Permissions.
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    Wtf? How? I have the latest PB. Or do you mean that I have made a mistake myself in the config? Also, is it normal that I can rank people to anything I want or is that the problem with perms?
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    I don't know how that happens. But SetRankPB is only editing the config and reloading PermissionsBukkit. It can't modify your permission nodes. And yes, it's normal that you can rank people to everything you want.
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    oh, in that case if it's normal, is there any possibility to change the function to rank people only to existing groups?
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    Please, please update to 1.2 Offline rank up's and non-case sensitive rank changes are in great need please !! My mods are screaming "change plugins" but I'm holding out for 1.2 c'mon dude, grace us with awesomeness.
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    Just uploaded 1.2. Just fixing the problems from the previous version. iConomy support, and the lower rank can demote higher rank bug will be fixed in 1.2.1 (and maybe custom messages).
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    Is there a instruction video anywere?
    and is it like if you give somebody a rank that it says
    [Guest] ......
    [Member] .....
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    You need to use PermissionsBukkit for the ranks, and a prefix plugin (like SimplePrefix) for the [Guest], [Member] etc. This plugin is only made for changing ranks easily, not the main part itself.
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    When comes the broadcast message option?
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    YAML doesn't like color codes. Could take a while.
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    Trying to rank these palyers "x_LMG_x", "Mine_or_die123", and "P1298" no matter what we type we can't rank them. It says "x_LMG_x's rank has been changed to Miner" it doesn't actually change it though. I have checked my PermissionsBukkit and it is creating a NEW user with that exact username. Examples:
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    x_Lmg_x: <---This is the REAL username
         - Citizen
           - Miner
          - Miner
    mine_or_die123: <--This is the REAL username
            - Citizen
            - farmer

    This should be fixed as I have had to revert back to the previous version of SetRankPB to save me from having to edit the config.yml for Permissions every time a player with a less than normal name need to be ranked. Also, why can you rank players that do not even exist? That seems a little silly to me.
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    It seems to think that the player isn't online. Got the latest recommended build?
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    CB RB 1337
    If you meant the SetRankPB latest RB I had 1.2.1
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    Can you make a config.yml or permissions.yml example?
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    u can use .properties?
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    does it work on group manager
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    Gonna start use this <3 but how do i make a rank ? and what are the default ranks ?

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