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    PluginReloader - Load/Unload/Reload individual plugins:
    Version: v0.1

    Download PluginReloader :
    Thanks to @Jon for making it work with the recents revisions of CraftBukkit!

    Source code on GitHub

    This plugin allows you to load, unload or reload a plugin without reloading all of the others.

    I made this plugin because I had enough using the expensive /reload command just to update or install one plugin.

    With PluginReloader, you can upload the .jar, then do /plugin load PluginName, and voilĂ ! The plugin is installed. No need to reload everything. A new version came out? Upload the .jar, type /plugin reload PluginName, and it's updated :D

    It's also very useful for developers, it's possible to reload any plugin if you update it (it's not simply disabling/enabling the plugin, it reloads the whole .jar file)

    Usage: (it's pretty straightforward)
    • Load a plugin: /plugin load PluginName
    • Reload a plugin: /plugin reload PluginName
    • Unload a plugin: /plugin unload PluginName
    You can specify more than one plugin if you want to load/reload/unload more than one at once.

    A word of advice: This plugin is a beta at the moment. Bukkit doesn't provide methods to properly unload plugins (yet) so I'm doing ugly things in the code. I tried to replicate what exactly happens when doing a true /reload, so it should work as expected but things may go wrong.

    It should also works with dependencies, I tried reloading iConomy, and all plugins depending on them redetected it properly when it was reenabled.

    Please report any errors you encounter using this with the full stack trace from the server's console, along with the plugin name and version so I can test.

    Permissions nodes:
    The plugin supports PermissionsBukkit. If not installed, only ops can use the commands
    • pluginreloader.load: grants access to the /plugin load command
    • pluginreloader.reload: same with the /plugin reload command
    • pluginreloader.unload: same with the /plugin unload command
    • pluginreloader.* : all of the above
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Could you answer my question?
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    Should I be worried that this breaks / corrupts something?

    also, if you have a plugin, example1 - you cant edit, delete, mvoe example1.. so how are you going to paste the new version of that plugin into the plugin folder to tell it to load that? use a different name each time?
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    use as example a program that can remove it(read last page, someone already told the name)
    Its called unlocker, very easy program :)

    To OP:
    Thanks, this will save a lot of my time for every time /reload the server.
    Gonna use it :)
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    Here's a fix for that.
    This works with both builds 1185 and 1240.
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    Jon's build works fine, but I can't believe this functionality isn't already in Bukkit. There's functionality to reload the whole server so it makes sense to have functionality to reload parts of it too. I suggest making a pull request for a "reloadPlugin" function (and loadPlugin/unloadPlugin) to get it added into bukkit itself so this plugin won't break with updates :). I assume there already is a loadPlugin and of course reloadPlugin isn't neccessary because you can just unload followed by reload.
    Edit: Also, Linux doesn't care whether a file is in use or not (which is what my server runs on), so I can always replace plugins either after unloading or even before reloading them without needing the fix.
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    this doesnt really work great..i added multiverse plugin in and did /plugin load [name] and it said it was loaded but it wasnt...didnt do anything...
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    Installed. Very useful! [diamond]
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    Any way to have it completely stop using the plugin? It does not completely unload it as it is still in use when unloaded.
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    this never works on any plugins....it always says is that plugin up to date? and just doesnt reload it or load it or unload it..
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    There are quite a few plugins it doesn't work properly on like Mulitverse, Spout, bInfo/bChat to name a few. It works well on some of the other plugins I use though, you just have to be aware of which ones you can use it on. Some plugins I have successfully used reload on are NoCheat, RegexFilter, Superpickaxe, and CraftIRC.
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    oh well i tried it on lwc,iconomy and groupmanager all failed hard lol
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    PluginReloader is still working on 1337. Perhaps change the version tag to [1337]

    Also, keep in mind that plugins are now being setup on the Bukkitdev page. It would be awesome to see this on there.

    Thanks for plugin!
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    This plugin needs a reload all feature then include an exceptions list.

    Mainly because some plugins dont reload properly like spout, so when i do the reload command it can skip spout. Will this work?
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    Request: strip the tailing .jar if included by accident (or script)
    /reload ChestShop.jar
    Error with ChestShop.jar: plugins/ChestShop.jar.jar does not exist (check console for more details)

    Thanks for this great plugin!
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    perfect! Lets see how this works!
  17. Very nice plugin, works well on my testserver when I need to do a quick change
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    Bradley Hilton

    Hey any chance of upating this to work with 1.1 dev builds? All I get are "Error with <plugin>: listeners (check console for more details" but nothing is given in the console, the plugin doesn't even give the onDisable strings.

    Okay it appears to only be the /plugin unload <plugin> command, the /plugin load <plugin> works just fine.
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    Yes, the unload (and therefore reload) is broken in 1.1. I updated a local copy to fix it, because I absolutely depend on this plugin as a plugin dev. Happy to push the changes to the original author if he wants to maintain and publish an updated version.
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    I also need this plugin. Please update!
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    Is it possible to upload this local copy? Just in the interim, until the author releases an official update. This plugin saves me
  22. Hello, I am one of the lovers of this fantastic plugin which permit to reload individually a plugin while SpoutPlugin don't allow global reload since a recent version.
    Yesterday I decided to try to "update" this plugin and I discovered that the problem is caused by the new (and very useful) Event system, so I commented all of the code about the field "listeners", and I worked well.
    Here is the jar file : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22298537/Plugins/fixed/PluginReloader.jar

    Hoping that this will help some of you :)
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    please update to version 1.1, Is not working on my server msg like "listeners";
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    Thanks so much jon it works PERFECTLY for me :D Thanks again!!!
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    any update for 1.2.3?
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    MOD-version works on 1.2.4 R2
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    Doesnt work for me, When attempts to do any command it tells me Error with {PluginName}: listeners (check console for more details) The problem is there is no error in console.
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    I guess this one is dead :/ anyone feel like coding this...
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    Long time no see MadJawa. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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