Inactive [ADMN] CreativeControl V5.0 - Control some creative features [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    always telling my game mode beggars to not use chests! can i with this plugin?
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    I can not break my own blocks. It just gives me:"You can not break blocks owned by: Beldrama"

    Everyone else can break their own blocks except me.

    I have the owner permission which is: - '*'

    That has been all I have needed for all the plugins I have currently installed.

    I even tried adding - CreativeControl.Protection.OwnBlock Since I persume that will let me bypass people's block protections. Still doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance. // Beldrama
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    some users in my server have pointed out, that when they pass from the creative's mode to survival's mode they loses their enchanted items..everything..from armor to pikaxe and weapons! why?
    my config:
    my permissions: VipC are in creative..
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    are you using v3.2?
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    last version fix this? idk which version im to known?...thanks
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    PERFECT!! this plugin is perfect..

    maybe i found a players can open all chests if they press on it with hand.. :(

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    I'd love an 1.2.3 update
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    multiverse support?
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    emm hello. Iam having a problem:

    after 15min when server is on, some creative players when changing from creative to survival still having their creative inventory. (and server is showing error in console about this). in bukkitdev there are to posts about this bug but still not answered. I need this plugin working. help please.

    P.S. sorry for my bad english.
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    how can I make so a world can be survival and also creative? I need this urgently please!
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    Add the permission "CreativeControl.World.Keep" or be OP
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    Ok, thanks very much for the fast answer :)
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    You're welcome
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    Question: És portugues? Eu sou :)
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    Sou brasileiro :D
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    Kkkk, bom :D, é um plugin muito bom :D, estou instalando ele no meu server agora :D
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    I'm having an issue with my users being able to open and interact with chests in minecarts. They cannot use chests, but if placed in minecart they can. They are filling full of diamond blocks and then getting them into survival when they switch back.
    Can you prevent creative users from opening chests and furnaces in minecarts too?
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    am using authme and the inventories are changing when you login sow you cane have dia in creative logout en login and you have is on survavel

    ay don't want thate the hole world is in creative if jou set creative to true everywant has creative but ay want thate only admins cane go in creative but thene is says only craetive world help plz

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    The anwser is in my dev.bukkit main page.

    A: Add the permission "CreativeControl.World.Keep" or be OP

    or downgrate to v3.8 and wait for the update

    Update to something above V3.3
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    When a player in creative mode tries to sell somthing, it says [CreativeControl]:This command isnt allowed in creative mode. How do i make it so that it doesnt show the [CreativeControl]? I don't want players to see any of the plugins the server has
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    Alpha to 1.3.1 is out :3

    1. Added Adventure gamemode
    2. Properly saves player's inventory
    3. New default configuration
    4. New inventory save/restore method
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    I'm not getting errors in the console but whenever I, or another player, goes into a creative world, it does not change their gamemode. However when you switch worlds, the "Your gamemode has been changed" message appears TWICE, instead of just once. Perhaps it is changing it to creative, then back to survival again?
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    maybe you have other plugin handling the gamemode? Like Multiverse?

    You can disable this in the worldName.yml, set ChangeGamemode to false.
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    I don't believe that multiverse is causing the problem. However I will not dismiss your suggestion so readily. I shall examine the configuration files and reply again, or just edit this post.

    Thanks, I figured out that is was not only Multiverse that had been causing the problem, but also RoyalCommands. Thanks again.

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    Hey there,
    thank you for this great plugin and the great support.
    I have one question. I'm using bpermissions and tried to fill with the permissions nodes. But somehow none of the permissions work. Op can do whatever he wishes to do, but any other player has no rights besides being in creative and bulding. E.g. if i give one the node "CreativeControl.EGG.*" he still cannot user any eggs.
    I have always had this problem but I never bothered to write you. Now i'd like to use the features but can't.
    Yes, i do have vault installed (also for ther plugins) and it works fine.

    Any thoughts?
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    Try "CreativeControl.Preventions.Eggs", if bpermissions is supported by vault it should work D:

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