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  1. After the plugin detect a new build, it download to bukkit_update in the main-Folder. After that you must stop your server and copy the craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar from bukkit_update to your main-Folder.​
    After Version 1.4 I support plugins if a new version found it download to build_update/plugins. After that stop your server and copy/move the new files to your plugin-Folder

    This is no autoupdater, it only download the new Version do the update-Folder, the user have to copy the files. On this way, he know which plugins he update and can check if he like to update.

    I recommend to save your old craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar/plugin before update. Not all builds from CraftBukkit work correctly.

    For more infos and download:

    • Download the newest build to build_update
    • Config-File in plugins/CraftBukkitUpToDate/
      • to enable/disable automatic download
      • choose between stable or recommended Builds
      • set craftBukkitName (Default: craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar)
      • deactivate pluginLog
      • deactivate craftBukkitUpdateCheck
      • blacklist to add Plugins, you don't want to update (blacklist=test1.jar;test2.jar)
      • deactivate automatic pluginUpdateCheck
      • deactivate serverLog if new Version available (broadcastOnlyToOps=true)
    • Check for update in a configurable period
      Configurable in in milliseconds lowest value is 300000 (5 min), standard is 1800000 (30 min)
    • Broadcast if new update available (To all Ops, or via Permissions).
      Configurable in default value is true
    • Command to download every build you like. Example: If you like to download build 400 you type /craftbukkituptodate download 400 or /uptodate download 400
    • Command to show changelog for BukkitBuild. Example: If you like to show changelog for Build 431 type /craftbukkituptodate changelog 431 or /uptodate changelog 431
    • Command to start plugin-Check, to start type /uptodate plugin
    • Command to start the update-Check, to start type /uptodate update
    • All commands work also at Server-Console type only craftbukkituptodate or uptodate without /
    • Automaticly download new updates for Plugins
      • Download new updates in build_update/plugins
      • with links to the plugins, this one download automaticly if a new one at my server
    • Permissions:
      Permissions/GroupManager is optional else only ops can use the commands.
      Available permission nodes are (case sensitive):
      • craftbukkituptodate.broadcast - these users get a message if a new build available
      • - these users can use download-Command
      • craftbukkituptodate.changelog - these users can use changelog-Command
      • craftbukkituptodate.plugin - these users can use plugin-Command
      • craftbukkituptodate.update - these users can use the update-Command
      • Pail Gui-Support check Thread for more infos
    For Linux-User, if you like to move your new plugins automaticly, try the script from Myx0x3:
    or for more features use the one from Tealk:

    Planned Features:
    • Nothing
    Known Issue:

    • Nothing
    Changelog (All times UTC+1):
    Check for the newest file-Changelog
    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.6.6 (31.08.2011 19:00)
    Version 2.6.5 (30.08.2011 18:30)
    Version 2.6.4 (29.08.2011 20:20)

    • Changed the log-Messages, so that the user understand that the author have to add his plugin to
    Version 2.6.3 (29.08.2011 00:20)

    • Bug: zip-Files updated every time
    • Bug: Fix for new pail-Version
    Version 2.6.2 (28.08.2011 20:30)

    • Update for
    • Plugin-Manager for pail
    Version 2.6.1 (10.08.2011 18:10)

    • Fixed Nullpointer, sry for this issue.
    Version 2.6.0 (09.08.2011 23:15)

    • Added Pail Gui-Support
    • CraftBukkit-Update-Check now threaded, because with 7 MB it can take a little bit to update
    Version 2.5.9 (27.07.2011 21:50)

    • Fix: Delete the Quotes in the Essentials-Filenames
    Version 2.5.8 (21.07.2011 22:15)

    • Fix: Can't connect to
    Version 2.5.7 (13.07.2011 22:15)

    • Fix: If broadCastPeriod not parsable set it to default value. Thanks to Torner92 for the bug-Report.
    Version 2.5.6 (16.06.2011 23:15)

    • Implement If-Modified-Since, thanks to Captain Chaos for the tip. This should remove the bandwith-Problem of some Plugin-Authors, let me know if it doesn't work.
    Version 2.5.5 (27.05.2011 23:15)

    • Little Bugfix for robin0van0der0v new xml.
    Version 2.5.4 (26.05.2011 22:15)

    • Little Bugfix
    • Some changes for robin0van0der0v new xml. @robin0van0der0v: Thanks for your work
    Version 2.5.3 (06.05.2011 20:15)

    • Fixed a little bug, with the new XML/RSS-Update-Check
    Version 2.5.2 (02.05.2011 21:55)

    • Add Version to XML-Update-Check
    • Add Description to RSS-Update-Check
    Version 2.5.1 (20.04.2011 20:45)

    • Automatic Plugin-Update at startup only every 6 hours
    • Manual Plugin-Update only every 60 minutes
    Version 2.5.0 (18.04.2011 22:25)

    • Logger changed
    Version 2.4.9 (10.04.2011 10:15)

    • Plugin-Update only every 60 minutes, also after a restart.
    • Some little Bugfixes
    Version 2.4.8 (09.04.2011 22:50)

    • Add new /uptodate update - Command to start update-Process manual
    • Add new option useUserPluginPropertiesFirst to set another priority for the
    Version 2.4.7 (07.04.2011 19:00)

    • Bugfix if filename not in the URL and not a jar
    • Changed the Bukkit-Build-URL to
    Version 2.4.6 (06.04.2011 18:30)

    • Better Exception-Handling if the rss-Feed, xml, txt-File or the properties-File is wrong
    Version 2.4.5 (05.04.2011 20:15)

    • Bugfixes if redirect and the new URL contains a space
    • Changed the UserAgent to CraftBukkitUpToDate
    Version 2.4.4 (03.04.2011 17:10)

    • Little Bugfix if createCheckFiles=true
    Version 2.4.3 (30.03.2011 21:55)

    • New option usePermissions to deactivate permissions-Support
    Version 2.4.2 (30.03.2011 21:02)

    • A little change for better Permissions-Setup
    Version 2.4.1 (30.03.2011 19:06)

    • Changes for the newest recommended Build
    Version 2.4.0 (29.03.2011 22:30)

    • Added txt, xml and properties-Support
    Version 2.3.0 (28.03.2011 22:30)

    • php-Fix
    Version 2.2.3 (28.03.2011 20:30)

    • Little Bugfix
    • Update-Check only every hour
    Version 2.2.2 (28.03.2011 18:15)

    • Killed the Version-Number in the jar-File-Name
    Version 2.2.1 (25.03.2011 22:45)

    • Some Bugfixes
    • New option to disable serverLog if new Update available
    • New option to disable automatic plugin-Update
    Version 2.2.0 (25.03.2011 22:00)

    • Parallel update-Checks (80% faster now)
    • Some other changes to support the update-Script from Tealk
    • New alias cbutd
    Version 2.1.6 (25.03.2011 20:40)

    • Some other changes to support the update-Script from Tealk
    • Changed the Permissions-Setup
    Version 2.1.5 (23.03.2011 23:00)

    • Some changes to support the update-Script from Tealk
    Version 2.1.4 (23.03.2011 19:00)

    • Fixed that zip and tar.gz-Files updated every time
    Version 2.1.3 (21.03.2011 21:30)

    • RSS-Feed now supported check Or use RSS-Part to check how to implement it.
    Version 2.1.2 (16.03.2011 23:10)

    • Changed the updateLogic for CraftBukkit so I don't need longer the check-Files you can delete it if you like. Thanks to Pluckerpluck for the tip.
    Version 2.1.1 (13.03.2011 23:35)

    • A little bugfix for the new
    Version 2.1 (12.03.2011 23:00)

    • for the users to add their own plugins.
    Version 2.0.5 (11.03.2011 20:30)

    • Wish you something Update 3 alias Maddin-Update;): Changed new pluginLog.
    Version 2.0.4 (09.03.2011 22:45)

    • github-Fix, next step is the fix for the php-problem
    • blacklist, to add plugins you don't want update.
    Version 2.0.3 (07.03.2011 18:15)

    • Added a new Option to deactivate craftBukkitUpdateCheck
    Version 2.0.2 (05.03.2011 10:40)

    • Little Bugfix, if pluginLog = false
    Version 2.0.1 (04.03.2011 19:50)

    • Download new Version only ones, if you didn't like to update
    • Smarter Log if down
    Version 2.0 (02.03.2011 21:40)

    • Method to differentiate between Plugins with the same name
    Version 1.9.3 (02.03.2011 18:25)

    • Wish you something Update 2;): Changed new pluginLog.
    • Update for other sources (zip), if Server doesn't send modificationTimestamp
    Version 1.9.2 (01.03.2011 21:40)

    • Wish you something Update;): Added a new Option to change pluginLog.
    Version 1.9.1 (01.03.2011 19:10)

    • Little Bugfix
    • New Update-Message
    Version 1.9 (28.02.2011 22:10)

    • Removed one typos
    • New Command to start Plugin-Update
    • Removed stableBuild-Config, nobody need this
    • Add CraftBukkitName-Config
    Version 1.8 (26.02.2011 22:10)

    • Permissions-Support
    • Smaller messages
    Version 1.7 (26.02.2011 17:11)

    • Some little Bugfixes for the new Plugin-Links
    • Performance-Tuning
    Version 1.6 (24.02.2011 20:43)

    • Better Update-Check
    • Plugin-Update-Check starts after 10 Seconds
    • Configurable Download-Folder (Example: If you like to Download to plugin-Dir write: plugins/CraftBukkitUpToDate/downloads/)
    Version 1.5 (23.02.2011 21:55)

    • Plugin-Update-Check now threaded, so the Server start without waiting for it.
    Version 1.4 (23.02.2011 21:15)

    • Plugin-Support
    Version 1.3 (23.02.2011 19:53)

    • Config if you like to download only RecommendBuild (Default: false)
    • Config if you like to download latestStableBuild (Default: true), no Idea if i need this or remove it in a future release
    • Command to download every Build, for Howto look at Features
    • Command to look at changelog
    • Removed stupid constructor
    Version 1.2 (20.02.2011 23:07)

    Version 1.1 (20.02.2011 19:26)

    • Check for update in a configurable period
    • Send message to all online ops (configurable)
    Version 1.0 (20.02.2011 10:55)

    • Release-Version
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    I hope it helps:

    2011-04-04 19:56:30 [INFO] MCStats2.jar changed, try to download the new
    2011-04-04 19:56:30 [INFO] Not able to update MCStats2.jar check if URL correct. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    2011-04-04 19:56:30 [INFO] No source for playerLives_1_1_1.jar ask the Author to give me one
    2011-04-04 19:56:31 [INFO] No source for VehicleExit.jar ask the Author to give me one
    2011-04-04 19:56:33 [INFO] WormholeXTreme.jar changed, try to download the new
    2011-04-04 19:56:33 [INFO] WormholeXTreme.jar updated, copy E:\Downloads\Minecraft\bukkit_update\plugins\ to your Plugin-Folder
    WormholeXtreme is funny?!
    It downloads a .jar file and a zip file...when i update the file in my plugin folder or extract die zip file and update that in my plugin folder...then i delete the wormhole plugins, and it will download again and saying update.

    Sry i dont know which links i must post that helps you...iam minecraft noob :)...thats only for your that you see this plugins need another links.
  3. Of course it work with a single properties, all changed. Thanks for the new link.

    1. Please don't delete the check-Folder after WormholeXTreme-Update, that one needs for the check.
    2. Rename your playerLives_1_1_1.jar to playerLives.jar

    The other are plugins that don't supported, you can try to ask the plugin-Authors if they like to support CButD.

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    I had to rename my plugin (and consequently the name of the .jar file) to appease bukkits new idea of having configuration folders match plugin names.

    Starting now my plugin "NoCheatPlugin" is called simply "NoCheat" and the direct download link for the always uptodate version of it has changed from "" to just "".

    I'm sorry for any inconveniences arising due to that change.
  6. Changed. Thanks for the info.
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    Hey I want to update the path for AntiGrief to:
    Thanks :D
  8. Changed. Thanks for the info.
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    Mike Primm

    I was going to post to you about my new plugin, AngryWolves, but you are clearly MUCH more efficient than I am :) Thanks for getting it added so quickly, and thanks for the work maintaining such a useful plugin!
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    Posting this in respective threads as well. Sorry if already reported.
    19:20:53 [INFO] Not able to update AutoPlant.jar check if URL http://dl.dropbox.
    com/u/22769272/AutoPlant%20Releases/AutoPlant.jar correct. If not ask the Author
     to give me the new one
    19:20:54 [INFO] Not able to update LogBlock.jar check if URL http://cloud.github
    .com/downloads/DiddiZ/LogBlock/LogBlock correct. If not ask the Author
     to give me the new one
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    Additional question:
    The url is correct, but I'm escaping spaces with %20. Can this cause that error?
  16. Code:
    2011-04-04 22:09:48 [INFO] Not able to update Persistence.jar check if URL correct. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    2011-04-04 22:09:48 [INFO] PermissionsSupport.jar changed, try to download the new
    2011-04-04 22:09:48 [INFO] Not able to update PermissionsSupport.jar check if URL correct. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    2011-04-04 22:09:49 [INFO] Spells.jar changed, try to download the new
    2011-04-04 22:09:49 [INFO] Not able to update Spells.jar check if URL correct. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    2011-04-04 22:09:49 [INFO] Wand.jar changed, try to download the new
    2011-04-04 22:09:49 [INFO] Not able to update Wand.jar check if URL correct. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    2011-04-04 22:09:50 [INFO] CButD: Plugin-Update-Check finished
    I am getting these weird download links and when I look at the properites, everything was still on default. I even tried deleting the craftbukkituptodate folder and still got this error.
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    LOL, I bet you just Copy&Pasted "Added. Thank you." over and over again because there was too much. :p
  18. Ok, I added the first link. Thanks for the links.
    I have added this yesterday but under an other link. I now have changed the link. Thank you.

    There's no copy&paste I have wrote every sentence.:p Please no flaming in the future, else I have to report your post.

    Yes, you have to escape every space with %20. But I have a bug at my redirect-Logik, I will changed this if I'm at home, at the moment I'm at work. Sry for that, also I will add that every space will replace with %20 before use the link to connect. So this bug will no longer a problem.

    These links are correct but down at the moment. All these links also reference on the OP of the Author. Ask the plugin-Author if the links down and if there new links.
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    Can someone please tell me how to fix Essentials, it says I am currently running 2.1.11 however any .jars I copy from the update folder cause it to break.

    Anyone know what I should do?
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    Yeah I had to switch from github to my own server for jar-hosting (better stats keeping, you know).
    Anyways, thank you very much :)
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    Heyo, since yesterday i always get the message: 10:40:04 [WARNING] CraftBukkitUpToDate: Can't connect to

    Anything down at the moment or is there somethin wrong at my side ?
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    @NoFear13 do you think it would be possible that you change the UserAgent CraftBukkitUpToDate uses when fetching the files? Would be great to see how many downloads came from your plugin.
  23. Possible sure, I will check this if this will make problems.

    The side is down at the moment. I'm sure the side will be up again in a few hours.

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    I have dropbox with my plugins for you Fear, but i'm struggling to get it to give me download links for things.
    Edit: im sure you told me to get dropbox :D
  25. Here's the help-Page for this:
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    How do i get my plugins supported by this? Do i need to submit them?
  27. All finished. The plugins supported now by this. Thanks for the links.
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    no problemo!
    Thanks :D
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    I have another plugin for you to add to the list - I asked this in the MobBounty thread:

    Got this reply:

    Also, it seems that the AdminMode plugin now resides here:
    I am not sure of this, but this is where the newest version is and the previous URL 404's

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