[ADMN] ClearLag v1.9.1- Clears entities, decreases lag and RAM usage [1.5-R0.1]

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    Yes, you can config what you want the plugin to remove
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    What is the difference between monster, creature and animals? Animals and monsters should be clear, but what are creatures?
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    Hey I Like Your Plugin It Helps Alot!... :D Thank you!...
    Now Players in my server can play Smoothly!...

    [Currently 100% Working = Java 7 - Bukkit 1.2.5 R2]
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    I added this about 3 months ago, but i deleted it emmediately. Cause pigs cows etc were flying. The others seems to work fine but is this fixed? Cause its a great plugin but i do want to have no flying animalsXD (that was when i hit them)
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    That sounds awesome lol, but no.. My plugin doesn't edit the cows in any way, Well unless you choose to have the plugin remove them (you do this through the config). If you've noticed I've updated this plugin about 5 times, added more things, added better removal, added a config, and added a cool little scheduler. Hope it works for you now, flying cows can be a bitch at times!
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    As the developer of the Nolagg plugin said, decreasing RAM usage isnt possible, java is always taking moar RAM, and some people like you promise less RAM usage, BUT that means ur making a junkbox, which isnt really working becaus the RAM isnt decreased, its still there only hidden.
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    No that's not true. There is a possible way to decrease ram: by using garbage collector. And even tho this plugin doesn't free up ram for people who don't have garbage collector, it does prevent ram from going up higher than when the server doesn't have this plugin. It's very useful, but can also annoy players whose exp and items got deleted.
  8. you have save my server with your simple but AWESOME plugin ! <3
    (sorry if my english is bad, i'm french)
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    Im not being ungratefl here, but could someone tell me if there is a way to make it so it doesnt show up in chat when it clears the entities?
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    Please read the config before commenting! Set "console-broadcast-removal: true"
    to "console-broadcast-removal: false"
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    Please read the config :( It clearly states how to delay the plugin to 600 seconds
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    Well its confusing
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    Will this not remove the minecarts? They are also entities.
    This looks a bit like the command "killall" single-player commands, which also removes minecarts.

    Just want to know that :)
    Thank you,
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    It can remove minecarts if you have that as "true" in the config
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    Is there a way i could disable and re enable this at will?
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    Nice plugin but is there a way to disable auto message in chat ?
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    Yes, look for the first 2 configuartions in the config file. Set the 2nd one false.

    I have an idea that would make this plugin a total worth keeping one. As much as clearing entities is great they instantly come back within the next 2-3 min, what would be nice if you gave the configuration option to set the max amount of entities allowed to spawn per world.

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    Yeah i was thinking of adding this, Not sure if i can limit living entities as that would probably cause more lag rather then clearing lag. I recommend craftbukkit++ or NoLagg for limiting entities.
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    It spams the chat with [CLAG] cleared [] entities. Is there a way to get rid of the broadcasts?
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    Read the config please.
  22. This is one good plugin ill give this a 4/5 rate :D
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    I set everything true but when ı do /lagg clear doesn't removes ghast, slimes and magma cubes!

    and please add additional setting for villagers.. ı dont want to delete villagers - what does creature means at setting please explain them.

    can u add specific options for all of single mobs?
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    i got a bukkit server on a 32-bit system that can hold up to 50 people and my plugins are EssentialsGroupManager, multiworld, autoban_-_1.1.1, BKCommonLib v1.23, IC,BlockControl, MobCatcher, Build-A-Mob, Carz, MobDisguise, Scarest, SpawnMob, Buddies, MultiHome, NoLagg, TNT, Ptweaks, PermissionsBukkit-1.6, NetherBan, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, DisguiseCraft, MobEggs, Worldedit, Worldguard, ChestShop, Lockette,MobArena,and EmeraldMarket!How can i fix the lag!
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    Looks like it has to do with your system specs rather then the server. For 20+ players i suggest a 64bit operating system, If your system is 32bit then the hardware must not be very good.
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    Hi! My nickname Aqel I'm from Russia, I am interested in your plugin ClearLag (installed on my server), so I Translated it to his countrymen, I would like to know your opinion. Thank you. (Translated by Google)
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    Hi, great plugin.
    One problem. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or fixed yet.
    When i throw blocks on the floor they will disappear after a few seconds. I have lost numerous items this way.
    Other than that ... great work. :D
  29. Thank You For This Plugin Are Server Would Hardly Run Becuase Of Lag If We Did Not Use The Plugin
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    can update to MC 1.4.6 please

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