Inactive [ADMN] ChestRestock v2.0 - A simple way to restock chests and a unique way to give items [1.2.4-R1]

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    ChestRestock - A lightweight and easy way for server ops to make automatically restocking chests

    Version: 2.0

    ChestRestock 2.0 is ONLY avaiable at

    This plugin will allow server ops to set up chests that automatically restock based on configurable parameters. This will allow you to create special chests for a variety of situations. You could create a chest for people new to your server containing a set of starter gear that they can only loot once. Or make reward chests in dungeons where you don't have to worry about them being empty. All kinds of things are possible!

    IMPORTANT!: In version 1.1 I had to update how the chest data was stored to make this plugin more multi-world compliant. As such, your current chests will no longer be configured. However, if you know how to work yaml files, you can edit your config.yml file and update it pretty easily. You just need to create another sub-category under "chests:" which will be "worldname:" to indicate which world the chests reside in. (Just make sure to put the name of your world instead of worldname)

    • Automatically-restocking chests
    • Chests can either add to or replace their current stock
    • Configurable restock period
    • Can either be set to start timing based on the time a player last opened the chest or at specific intervals
    • Can be set to preserve the position of the items in the chest
    • *new* Configured chests will be indestructible by default with an option to disable said behavior
    • *new* Chests can be configured to limit the number of times it will restock for each player
    • *new* Restock chest by command
    • *new* Full multi-world support
    • *new* Chest naming
    Download ChestRestock
    Source Code

    There is lots of help available in game! Type "/chestrestock" to see a list of sub commands and "/chestrestock help" to learn more about the plugin.

    • Place ChestRestock.jar in your plugins folder.
    • Start or reload your server.
    • Type /chestrestock while in game
    • Or target a chest and type /chestrestock set
      • This will set up the chest with default settings (adjustable in config.yml) and will restock with the items currently in the chest.
    Version 1.1
    • Added option to make chest indestructible to anyone but ops. This will also cause explosions that hit them to be cancelled completely.
    • Added option to make chests lootable only X amount of times by each player.
    • Added a reload sub-command to reload the config file.
    • Added a restock sub-command to immediately restock a chest.
    • Added better multi-world support. Unfortunately this WILL break existing configurations.
    • Added ability to give chests a name. This should make it a little easier to find them in the config file.
    • Fixed bug that caused chests in replace mode to add items instead.
    Version 1.0-Beta
    • Initial Release!
    • Permissions support
    • Redstone restocking
    • Pretty up the in game text
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    Thanks! It's not so bad, really, just takes time.

    /cr set was broken in one version but was fixed in 2.1.1 and works in the latest version (2.2).

    If you use "/cr set propname" it will display a description of what the property is and possible values.
    The chest files are not meant to be edited directly, which is why they're a little awkward. Unfortunately I guess the config is the same way, basically, if it's not a word (besides true/false) it needs to be in surrounded by single quotes to indicate it's a string. Doing it this way made it easier to make the "/cr set" command possible.

    Also, the t stands for "type". I use identifier tags for items so that I don't have to change my item format if they add things to items (like when they added enchantments). This way, the order of the values doesn't matter, it looks for certain tags and gets the value next to them t:98 <-stone brick.

    It used to not. But in 2.2 I added this. Just set the period to 0 and it will no longer restock based on time. :)
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    Thanks Dumptruckman.

    Is there a command to check which version I've got currently running?

    Much appreciated!

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    Besides look at what it says on start up I don't think so. But that gives me a great idea. Thanks :)
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    Hi mate,

    Updated to the latest version which makes everything heaps easier to configure! Thanks for the advice.

    I'm still having trouble getting the chests to restock via redstone.

    The configuration for one of the chests from the .yml file is as follows:
    period: '0'
    unique: 'false'
    lastRestockTime: '1334283625794'
    loot_table: ''
    name: ''
    global_message: ''
    redstone: 'true'
    period_mode: player
    accept_poll: 'false'
    players: {}
    preserve_slots: 'true'
    restock_mode: replace
    player_limit: '-1'
    indestructible: 'true'
    items: 0:t:314/1:t:315/2:t:316/3:t:317/4:t:283/5:t:261/6:t:262;#:64/7:t:262;#:64/9:t:373;d:8229/10:t:373;d:8229
    I have a button that will power a redstone torch under a block of stone under the chest. Replacing the chest with a redstone lantern shows the location of the chest is getting power for the length of the button press. Does it need to have power for a certain amount of time?

    Thanks again!

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    Ahh sorry, it was broken. Fixed in newest version 2.2.1:
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    The permission nodes dont seem to work for groupmanager. I want my admins to be able to restock the chests but without giving them OP permissions.
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    how do u remove a chest after typing /cr create?
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    Can you make it so that you can do something like /cr createall so it is able to create all of the chests in your world?
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    hi bud was hoping you could help me. i have build a hunger games areana and its huge lol so downloaded your plugin to help me, as far as i can tell your plugin restocks chests and despencers, the prob i have is i dont want them to be player based i would like them time based to restock, what do i change: period_mode: player to ????????

    also you info at top of this page is out of date and wronge as /chestrestock and chestrestock set do not work only /cr and /cr set work

    please help asap cheers
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    Is there a way of setting all the chests in the map at the same time? I'm using this with the Survival Games by Vareide and there are WAY too many hidden chests for it to be practical to find each and every one to set them, if not is there any chance of adding that feature?
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    Is there anyways you can have the chest restock random items from maybe a set list?
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    Yes, there are "loot tables" which while complex offer any sort of randomization you could possibly desire. They're detailed in the files located in the ChestRestock folder... The loot_table.yml and loot_example.yml files, specifically. (Read them)
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    Would you consider adding dispenser support? I need this for a game my server has involving dispensers, and it's annoying to refill them. Thanks for reading. Here, free cake: :) [cake]
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    It already supports dispensers. However, for the time being the "unique" property is disabled for non-chests due to an unresolved bukkit issue.

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