Inactive [ADMN] ChestRestock v2.0 - A simple way to restock chests and a unique way to give items [1.2.4-R1]

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    ChestRestock - A lightweight and easy way for server ops to make automatically restocking chests

    Version: 2.0

    ChestRestock 2.0 is ONLY avaiable at

    This plugin will allow server ops to set up chests that automatically restock based on configurable parameters. This will allow you to create special chests for a variety of situations. You could create a chest for people new to your server containing a set of starter gear that they can only loot once. Or make reward chests in dungeons where you don't have to worry about them being empty. All kinds of things are possible!

    IMPORTANT!: In version 1.1 I had to update how the chest data was stored to make this plugin more multi-world compliant. As such, your current chests will no longer be configured. However, if you know how to work yaml files, you can edit your config.yml file and update it pretty easily. You just need to create another sub-category under "chests:" which will be "worldname:" to indicate which world the chests reside in. (Just make sure to put the name of your world instead of worldname)

    • Automatically-restocking chests
    • Chests can either add to or replace their current stock
    • Configurable restock period
    • Can either be set to start timing based on the time a player last opened the chest or at specific intervals
    • Can be set to preserve the position of the items in the chest
    • *new* Configured chests will be indestructible by default with an option to disable said behavior
    • *new* Chests can be configured to limit the number of times it will restock for each player
    • *new* Restock chest by command
    • *new* Full multi-world support
    • *new* Chest naming
    Download ChestRestock
    Source Code

    There is lots of help available in game! Type "/chestrestock" to see a list of sub commands and "/chestrestock help" to learn more about the plugin.

    • Place ChestRestock.jar in your plugins folder.
    • Start or reload your server.
    • Type /chestrestock while in game
    • Or target a chest and type /chestrestock set
      • This will set up the chest with default settings (adjustable in config.yml) and will restock with the items currently in the chest.
    Version 1.1
    • Added option to make chest indestructible to anyone but ops. This will also cause explosions that hit them to be cancelled completely.
    • Added option to make chests lootable only X amount of times by each player.
    • Added a reload sub-command to reload the config file.
    • Added a restock sub-command to immediately restock a chest.
    • Added better multi-world support. Unfortunately this WILL break existing configurations.
    • Added ability to give chests a name. This should make it a little easier to find them in the config file.
    • Fixed bug that caused chests in replace mode to add items instead.
    Version 1.0-Beta
    • Initial Release!
    • Permissions support
    • Redstone restocking
    • Pretty up the in game text
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    No, sorry >.< I've had other projects distracting me. I will try to get it out this weekend!
  3. Hello,

    I have found a severe bug.
    If you place something with an additional data value in a restocking chest (like slabs, wooden slab, cobble slab, stone slab or colored wool…), it is transformed back to the "default" item (stone slab, white wool…) at restock. I hope you can fix this in an upcoming version of the plugin.

    Create work! I like the plugin.

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    Thanks! Now i can use the commands but still got a problem! I want to make like a starter pack, that new players can get in my spawn house, but i only want them to be abble to take the pack once for EACH player? So each player only will see the items once! Is that possible? :) Please help! :)
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    he said its already fixed in the new version :)

    use /cr playerlimit
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    Set the player limit to 1. In the next version, you can even have them have their own chest instance... That means if someone else opens it but doesn't loot it, no one else will see the leftover items.

    Yes, it is fixed in the next version. I wouldn't call this "severe" though ;p
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    Hey man, great plugin. However my chests stop restocking after awhile. Have no idea what would cause it. It works for awhile, then it just stops working.
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    Do they have a player limit?
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    They do not.
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    this is one of the best plugin ou there.
    makes rpg things lots easier for me. Thanks

    After how long time did u experince this excalibur?
  11. Hey, This plugin is awesome! But I've an idea. Could you make a shop mod to go with this? So there would be an unlimited shop. and no one could loot it and you wouldnt have to restock it.
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    Sorry, this is the only shop I plan to make:
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    Will you be able to do the same thing with dispensers?
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    This may be possible.
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    2 questions. Does this work with CB1000, and are there any plans for Superperns support?
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    It should work with CB1000 and there are plans to support Superperms.
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    I think it's EPIC! Request tho. Can you make it so Furnaces and dispensers also "Restock" Since my server is fallout like and you can find items in furnaces and dispensers O;O! (I dunno if anyone else requested this, I didn't have time to read through all the comments! D:) Thx for the plugin! :D
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    For me this is the best chest refiller plugin, i use this for some quest caves with a reward in the end.
    Can you please add support for Dispensers? also some kind of "refill when its empty" ?
    this would be very cool for self shoot systems =)
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    Will your Plugin be updated in the future? I MUST have it! Please update it for 1185+
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    @dumptruckman, thank you so much for all your hard work on this. Do you plan to continue updating this plugin? It's by far the best restocking one I've come across.

    Two things I'd like to see in the next version:
    1) Dispenser restocking.
    2) Restocking of the correct kind of potion. Currently if I stock a Potion of Strength (or any other potion), it'll restock a Water Bottle.
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    Does this work with 1337, and will it work with the next RB version that is compatible with 1.9/1.0.0

    If the author has abandoned this project, can another author please take up where the previous one left off?
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    :D update would be appreciated.
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    I need a lot of help:
    1) How do i set it to a custom time?
    2) How do i set it so it refills only for certain ranks? with specific time settings?
    3) How do i set it so refills at random times?
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    Awesome, still works with 1597 :D Thanks for this plugins :D
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    what command allows me to make a specific chest only lootable 1 time per player?
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    Needs to support Enchanted items, Potions and dispenser support would be really REALLY nice. Please update :) :)
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    hey this works on 1.1-R4!!!!! WOOOT!
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    I really wish this worked with enchanted items.
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    It will once 2.0 is done.
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    Any idea when 2.0 will be done? ^-^
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    When it's done ;p I'm working on updating several plugins at once because of the removal of deprecated stuff in bukkit 1.1-R5. Ended up making a library (that is finally done) that should speed up this process.

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