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    Current Version: v1.5 (JAR/ZIP)
    if you have problem with warning before post try to download again XD
    Donate to support this plugin XD​


    other pictures (open)






    Alerter is a multi protection plugin ,that you can configure to give a warning into server console and ops, when anyone place and/or destroy a block or when anyone use a command in chat, you can protect areas, object and more other features!!

    • Give a warning in the console (you must edit the settings file) :
      • Place certain Blocks
      • Destroy certain Blocks
      • Any command a player types in chat ("/...")
    • Teleport to player
    • Protect Areas
    • Protect Chest, furnaces, doors (wood, iron, trapdoors, fence door), dispenser, lever
    • Block place of forbidden objects
    Download the lastest Plugin v1.40 (JAR/ZIP)

    Previous version v 1.32 (JAR/ZIP)

    Commands & features & Permissions & configure "Alerter.dat"
    see information here:

    Installation (open)

    Just copy the .JAR file into your plugins directory.
    At start the plugin create automatically "Alerter.dat" with default settings
    If you want to custumize the settings you most modify "Alerter.dat"

    see information here:

    Protect Object:
    Permissions node:
    settings Alerter.dat:
    Change language:
    plugin support:

    Contact me on forum or on skype (Patrick_pk91)

    WARNING: if you want to use protect lever open Alerter.dat and change Plessure_plate_for_areas_activate=true (set true)

    TO DO:
    Future version:
    For more info future version:
    • Spout support
    • Jail
    • inventory control
    • Rollback
    • user can decide to use sqlite (default) or mysql (optional)
    • alerting of when someone joins the server for the first time
    • Areas can set only by one person (super_Admin)
    • mob spawns separated from animal spawns
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.5
    Relased: 3 November 2011
    • Update bukkit 1.0.1-R1
    Version 1.41
    Relased: 3 November 2011
    • fix bug entity damage
    • Update bukkit #1337
    Version 1.40
    Relased: 26 October 2011
    • Area poligonal support
    • can change/set area height ("/al height (Area) (number)")
    • Open inventory of other players ("/al inv (Player)")
    • Trasform blocks into an area to air ("/al air (Area)")
    • fix bug notification
    • Add new language support (Portuguese, Spanish, Czech)
    Version 1.35
    Relased: 3 October 2011
    • fix bug char '
    • BOSEconomy version 7 , iConomy (version 4,5,6 ), Essential, MultiCurrency support
    • add economy features
    • Multilanguage support (English, Italian, French, German)
    Version 1.34

    Relased: 23 September 2011
    • Sub-Area support
    • Limit size of news areas
    • prevent entry of unauthorized players in a private area
    • permissions plugins support (permissions, permissionsEX, bpermission) and default permission (superperms)
    • Rename existing area
    • teleport to an area
    • set warp of an area
    • protect fence door
    • Bug Fix can not destroy block near unprotected sign
    • Bug Fix PVP
    • Update Recommended Build: 1185 (MC: 1.8.1)
    Version 1.33

    Relased: 16 September 2011
      • minecarft support 1.8.1
      • remove permissions 3.0 support (in next version i will support most recent permissions plugin)
    Version 1.32

    Relased: 07 September 2011
      • bug fix multiworld
      • Add new sign [OWNER] to add exception area
    Version 1.31

    Relased: 05 September 2011
    • bug fix "Alerter.dat"
    • add gruop permissions area/object
    • implement [AREA]
    • area multi-world support
    • auto update
    Version 1.3

    Relased: 03 September 2011
    • protect chest, door , furnace, lever, trapdoor with sign
    • get information of area from block selected
    • log alerter into a txt
    • Use the online "Alerter.dat creation" procedure:
    • health regen
    • block place protection
    • now yoo can automatically update Alerter plugin from chat command
    • bug fix lava-bucket and water-bucket
    • update SQLibrary Version 3.0.4 (alpha)
    • update Permissions Latest Stable (3.1.6)
    • update Bukkit Build: 1060 (MC: 1.7.3)
    Version 1.24

    Relased: 19 July 2011
    • Bug fix: missing entry "Search_upgrade=true" in file Alerter.dat
    Version 1.23

    Relased: 18 July 2011
    • Update Bukkit Build: 1000 (MC: 1.7.3)
    • Add search update
    Version 1.22

    Relased: 17 July 2011
    • Bug Fix:"permissions" (IT IS OPTIONAL NOW)
    Version 1.21

    Released: 16 July 2011
    • Add the possibility to change the selection tools (see Settings ''Alerter.dat'' file)
    Version 1.2

    Released: 15 July 2011
    • create and protect Areas like regios

    Bugs (open)

    ou find a bug or a problem?? post here :
    • Description of bug
    • Screen of bug (if possible)
    You can add me on skype: [email protected] or patrick_pk91

    Thanks XD

    STAFF (open)

    • Translate:
      • Ghost or Tron ® (french version)
      • Spyboot & xmxfabian (german version)
      • Patrick_pk91 (italian version)
      • Minotaurus (Dutch version)
      • ygorpatrickbr, alissoncraft (Portuguese version)
      • XMaster1 (Spanish version)
      • Phoenyx (Czech version)
    do you want create a new plugin with me?? contact me (skype: Patrick_pk91)

    For more info:

    do you want create a new plugin with me?? contact me (skype: Patrick_pk91)
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    i must add multilanguage support but i need someone that translate phrases in his language XD
    would you like to translate any phrases in french (so i can put in next version french support) (add me on skype Patrick_pk91)???
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    can i protect trapdoors to with [PRIVATE]?
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    Hmm, is there a node that makes in UNable to lock stuff? I REALLY need because I have a VIP system on my server and only people that are VIP should be able to lock chest and doors. I didnt find a node if its existing please reply it
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    i try to add in a future version
  8. Ok, no problem, i'll translate in french.
    But i use MSN and not Skype sorry.
    We prefer use of independant software for team speaking like TEAMSPEAK 3.
    I'm on the TS3 all the evening : ts3:// (no password)
    You are Welcome.
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    when i create a protected area for my house it protects it only when im logged on when i leave people can break any thing
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    Do you have skype??? add me (Patrick_pk91)
    can you give me the ip of your server??
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    I have a problem with Alerter that I cannot explain.

    With it installed no players take any damage from mobs, laval, pvp, or anything.

    In addition, the following floods my logs infinitely faster than I can read.

    2011-09-24 06:19:39 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGE to Alerter
            at me.Patrick_pk91.area.AreaEntityListener.onEntityDamage(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.aa(
            at net.minecraft.server.Entity.s_(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.s_(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityWolf.s_(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.entityJoinedWorld(
            at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.entityJoinedWorld(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.playerJoinedWorld(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.cleanUp(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Hey, I've been using your plugin for quite some time now (awesome plugin) but since today something strange occurs. People can place blocks in protected areas now. They can not remove them, just place. Any idea what causes this?
    Thanks in advance.
    EDIT: When I try to place a block in an protected area it does say that I have no permission but it does place the block however.
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    i think have fix try to download again:

    can you give me the ip of server??

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    the ip is
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    For block place alerts, how can you specify who is alerted? I don't want the entire server to see it and I don't see anywhere to specify who specifically is alerted in the .dat file.

    Nevermind, it's permisson based. Requires the noded ""
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    A fix for the NPE, a fix for no one having getting any damage, or both?
    This is a large production server so a limited number of restarts to test is best.
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    Awsome plug-in! Really usefull, but can you add a feature that tnt won't destroy the protected blocks?
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    Awesome mod however I am having one problem with it. When protecting levers I can't switch them. Everything else protects and works fine doors, chests, furnace ect.. just cant use the levers.
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    ok i will add soon

    yes you can use node " (default allert only op)

    do you have skype??? add me Patrick_pk91

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    It's a nice plugin i used it in the MC Version 1.7.3 but now in 1.8. the Plugin dosn't work anymore.
    I type in "/al set" and i have now in my inventory the Golden Axe. But when i try to set the 1. point and the 2. point nothing happend!
    What is the problem?

    (Sorry for my bad english..)
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    1) do you have update at last version of my plugin (1.342)??
    2) try to change the "Selection_tools=286" into Alerter.dat with another object
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    1. Yes. I have 1.342
    2. I change it to "Selection_tools=274" but if I type in Game "/al set" it's the Golden axe again.
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    Truly useful plugin, love the options it permits.

    In addition to what jesper has said, could it be possible somehow to prevent all block updates within a zone, i.e. tnt, creeper, fire, in addition to players placing blocks? Creepers tend to be a nuisance and the admin has to repair all the broken damage.

    Another thing to think for future releases as well is a point based system to create polygonal shapes instead of just cuboids would be wonderful to avoid needing multiple regions for one building, or having one region expand outside of the intended borders to encompass the entire structure.

    Thanks and you've got my support!
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    after change Alerter.dat you must reload server

    I will consider these recommendations for future version :)

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    I need help only thing that is not working for me
    is warning you know (placing blocks,destroyng blocks) and when somebody place tnt or fire in the cmd (bukkit server)
    says ( false )
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    I know and I restarted the server! But is still not working...
  28. hi ehm i am new at buckitt but ich din´t test it with other players (i got cracket minecraft) but when i do somthing with a other name so a other figur what is a op is can destroy anything perhabs becouse its me or its becouse it dosen´t work somhow i dont get a message or somthing

    aber sonst ist es ein geiles plug-in

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    I cant seem to deaktive the /command alert from other players. my chat ends up looking like this:

    Any help?

    #Alerter version 1.342
    #You can edit online:
    #Wed Sep 28 13:29:22 EDT 2011
    #General Settings
    #Wed Sep 28 13:29:22 EDT 2011
    #Area Settings
    #Wed Sep 28 13:29:22 EDT 2011
    #Warning Settings
    #Wed Sep 28 13:29:22 EDT 2011
    #Other Settings
    #Wed Sep 28 13:29:22 EDT 2011
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    I'm not sure what's happened, I tested permissions initially to see if users could use the "/al warp" command, and they could not, but now they seem to be able to. checking the wiki for the plugin didn't explicitly say where the "/al warp" command permission lies, any quick assistance so that my users can't just warp around the server world? or at least a note of which permission node contains the warp command.

  31. ah ok i see op is a exeption got a question can i switch it off that op are a exeption but i am a exeption?

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