Inactive [ADMN/CHAT/INFO] cStaff - Let Players Know Who to Ask For Help! [1.3.1-R2]

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    cStaff is a lightweight but powerful plugin designed to improve the quality of your server's community! It features very simple permissions setup and command usage, as well as a number of eye-catching color schemes to choose from!

    • Get the latest version of cStaff, as well as a more complete description of it, on BukkitDev!
    • The source is available on GitHub (all builds, including dev ones, are available here)
    • Players can view a list of online staff members by simply typing /staff (or /cstaff) - no need to spam the chat with questions now that they know who to ask for help!
    • The /staff command also lists online donors - a player is most likely to donate if he/she sees that the server has a strong donor base!
    • There are 6 cool color schemes to choose from (in the config.yml) for the /staff output!
    • Typing '/cstaff reload' applies changes to the config.yml, rendering a /reload unnecessary!
    • Simple permissions handling - players with 'cstaff.staff' show up in the staff list, those with 'cstaff.donor' show up in the donor list, and any player with 'cstaff.reload' can reload the config from ingame!
    • See the BukkitDev page for more!
    Authors: LinearLogic and Developher

    1.5.2 --> 1.6.1
    - Added Op handling to config.yml (by default, Ops show up as staff, but not donors)
    - Added checker methods to /staff output generator, so that Ops only show up as staff/donors if they are configured to do so (in the config.yml)
    - Recompiled using CB 1.3.1 R2
    - Added 'version' command extension (pretty self-explanatory)
    - Added 'reload' command extension - reloads the config so you don't need to restart the server in order to apply color scheme changes
    - Added 'help' command extension - displays a list of cStaff commands and their functions
    - Added error handling for cStaff commands - an unrecognized command will return the '/cstaff help' output
    - Added permissions nodes for '/cstaff version' and '/cstaff reload'
    - Added permissions branch to plugin.yml
    Older changes (open)
    Older changes (open)

    - Removed dependency on Vault for permissions handling
    - Reworked CSCommandHandler class in preparation for the addition of 'version' and 'reload' command extensions
    - Fixed classpath error in plugin.yml
    - Reworked project layout
    - Added standalone logger
    - Altered gray scheme to be more readable (why even bother, it's the gray scheme...)
    - Repackaged .java files
    - Improved the onCommand method
    - Reformatted the /staff output
    - Made root command /cstaff, with /staff as an alias (this will help with new commands currently being implemented)
    - Added color schemes! 6 to choose from; selected in the config.yml
    - Added config file handling methods to
    - Changed package layout
    - Changed class names
    - Stopped onCommand from returning false when it shouldn't
    - Added stacktrace printing for all caught exceptions
    - Fixed permissions nodes to stem from the same branch, 'cstaff'
    - First stable build
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    Great plugin! I might switch from playerz to this.
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    Ah, an aspiring forum drone! No need to tag me, and no need to panic. I had to throw this post up quickly before leaving town; it was meant as a placeholder only. Now that I'm back I can complete it.
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    This plugin is kick-butt. I recommend it to all server owners, especially the ones who own larger sized servers.
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    Thanks for the support. If there are any features you'd like to see added in the future, feel free to suggest them here or on the BukkitDev page.
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    Thanks everyone!
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    Love the plugin!
    Simple, professional, and always updating & Taking Request!
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    Cant wait for the next update.
    Gona be awesome :D

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