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    First comment! :) Looks nice. I will install it to my server, Thanks.
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    Hehe, no problem. :)
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    Does this hide crash leave messages too? Like if you force quit minecraft with Task Manager? Because spam bots uses this glitch.
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    I haven't tested that, but I'm pretty sure it avoids all leave messages.
    I'll take a look into it.
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    Does this plugin allow you to hide the joining/quitting of specified players/groups? Say I don't want players to see when one of my mods/admins gets on, as to not allow them to stop doing something illegal. Does this have support for that?
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    Only for OPs "currently".
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    Since i don't have a 1.2.3 server i can't test it, how was it?
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    The plugin works with 1.1.
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    Отличный плагин, мне понравился.:)
    Good plugin, I liked it!
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    Thank you =)
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    Works great, running on 1.2.4! One thing that kinda makes it not work for me is: I want to disable for everyone but ops, therefor I would hide the messages from all users except ops (mainly kicks, as I want to have ops see these but not users).
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    I could implement that in the coming days.
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    Hey, sometimes the normal leave message someplayername has left the game. comes up and the console gets this at the same time.
    [Server] INFO Fetching addPacket for removed entity: CraftPlayer{name=someplayername}

    I'm not entirely sure if it's this plugin that is causing it but it happens at the same time.
    This doesnt happen every time and never use to before.
    I haven't changed build from craftbukkit 2126 since I installed it either.

    Thanks hope this helps
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    Is there a way i can hide the chat. Because when I change my gamemode I get moaned at for cheating. I would like to hide all the chat box. Now is that possible?
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    This came in very useful when dealing with a join/quit raid we had on our server recently and I have one request for this plugin:
    The ability to toggle it on and off via an in-game command.

    Your work on this plugin is much appreciated by this server admin
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    This is not HideStream, this happens whenever someone is kicked from the server.

    This is not an intended purpose for HideStream. HideStream does only focus on hiding Join & Quit stream.

    I will concider that. Thank you for the feedback :)
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    Could you add "Exempt" permissions. So like, If i only give admins the permission node, they'd be the only ones that have the "User has Joined the Server" message globally displayed?
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    I could do something like that, yes :)
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    Ok, v2.0 released :)
    Did something pretty similar to your suggestion.
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    Is there a way to only enable Log In (Connect) messages just not Logging out messages (Disconnect)

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