[ADMN/CHAT] CommandStopper v1.1 - Stop Commands Temporarily! [1.0.1]

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    Command Stopper
    Stop commands temporarily!
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    Our Bukkit Dev Page!
    - When the "/commands off" command is used, all commands are disabled.
    - When the "/commands on" command is used, all commands are re-enabled.
    - Permissions support!
    - commands.use - Allows a player to use the "/commands off" and "/commands on" commands and the player can use commands while commands are shut off!
    - cs.* - Gives all permissions from this plugin to a player.
    - Add configurable disabled commands!
    - Discover more ideas and suggestions!
    Change Log:
    - Version Beta 1.0 - Plugin released!
    - Version Beta 1.1 - Supports RB # 1.0.1-R1
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    This plugin is great, fantastic! If you can, try to add a configuration file with a list of disabled/enabled commands. That way, a server admin can disable only certain commands temporarily. ;)
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    Thanks for the idea! I'm going to add this to the "To-Do" list! :D
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    If anyone else has any ideas for this, please, tell me!
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    Maybe have something that you can disable 1 players commands.
    /commands off [Player] [time by minutes]
    or have it so you can disable 1 command and then add an allotted amount of time.
    /commands off [command] [time by minutes]

    time is optional if no input detected then defaults to turning it off until they turn it on - can be changed in config maybe

    also maybe add a shortcut like.

    and maybe something in the config that will disable a list of commands if they type the list name.

    /commands off [Player] [List name] [time by minutes]
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    I'll probably use most of this.
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    Updated to RB # 1.0.1-R1 :)
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    Please update again and use friendly download link

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