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    Chat Plugin - Chat Channels, IRC Relay
    Version: v0.9

    The current state is beta, there might be some bugs (If you find some, write it with all informations to this thread if it was not already found

    This Plugin is a little bit special from other IRC Relay Plugins that connects as an IRC-Bot.
    It connects as an IRC Server to another. Currently only InspIRCd is supported as server software.

    Ok, you need to own an IRC Server, don't ask that your Minecraft server can be linked to an existing network.
    The IRC Server software have to be InspIRCd.
    You have to add a link block for your Minecraft server to the config of the IRCd. It have to look like
    <link name="[serverhost]" allowmask="[minecraftserverip]/32" sendpass="[password]" recvpass="[password]">
    Replace the things in the brackets. minecraftserverip might be if both InspIRCd and Minecraft server are on the same machine.

    Sample Configuration (chat/config.yml inside the plugin folder):
    -   name: c
        priority: 5
        irc: '#chat'
        hidden: false
        public-name: Chat
    -   name: g
        priority: 1
        irc: '#guest'
        hidden: false
        public-name: Guest
        port: 7000
        userident: <nick>
        userhost: <host>
        serverid: '404'
        propagate-ip: true
        serverhost: test.johannes13.de
        servername: Minecraft Server
        password: test
    You can add more channels or edit them. hidden does currently almost nothing. (/ch list is not implemented now)
    if irc is left empty no relay is done for that channel.
    name is the name used in commands, public-name will be used for output.
    The channel with the highest priority is used as the current channel for new players.

    port is the port of the ircd for servers.
    userident is the ident used for Minecraft players on irc. <nick> will be replaced with the players nick.
    userhost the host used by the Players on IRC. <host> will be replaced by the host looked up from that user ip.
    serverid is any 3 digit number. You have only to change it if you get a message that tells you that the server id is already used.
    propagate-ip is a boolean value (true/false). If set to false the IPs of the users will not be send to IRC (but even if it is true only opers can on proper configuration of InspIRCd see what IP the user have)
    serverhost is the value you used on the link block for the InspIRCd configuration.
    servername can be choosen free.
    password is the password you have choosen on the link block.
    host is the ip of the address of the IRC server, can be if on the same machine.

    I use GroupManager for permissions, but it is not needed.
    the permission chatplugin.join.<channelname> is needed to join a channel and
    chatplugin.autojoin.<channelname> is checked on player connect to choose all channels the user joins at login (needs the chatplugin.join permission too)

    • Add every Player as an IRC User to the IRC Network.
    • Users appear as real User in the channel.
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 0.9
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Please test your plugin with the latest Recommended Build (493) and update your release post accordingly as it is now a requirement of the submissions process, since the newest RB contains breakages.
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    ^after u test this as he said could you also tell me if this will break plugins such as prefixer,icolor,essentials chat,ichat and etc?or will it play nice

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