Inactive [ADMN] BlockThatName v1.1 - Blocks spaces, and illegal characters in names [1.4.2+]

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    Download Link:
    Version: v1.1

    This plugin is designed to stop blank, symbol, and un-readable in-game names. When a player with the name "你好你好你好你好" joins the plugin will instantly kick them. Or if a player joins the game with a strange spaced out name such as "bobbob bobbob" the plugin will also, instantly kick them. The plugin was developed to stop these strange names from my server, but i decided that if I'm having this problem others are to!

    • Light Weight on server
    • Character whitelist
    • Kicks names with spaces instantly
    • Kicks names with strange characters instantly
    • Kicks names with symbols instantly
    • Add a config file so users may add a whitelist to certain characters
    • None, please report any bugs!

    • Config Added
    • New character whitelist added
    First release v0.1

    Confirmed working on :p

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    I'm not a big fan of online servers, I like having the option to change my name any time I want :)

    Now on bukkit dev!

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    Just use a name changer plugin.
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    Actually, only cracked servers have this problem, because Mojang doesn't authenticate the name.
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    I don't see were your going with this, owners of cracked servers need a plugin like this to get rid of spaces and unbannable characters
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    We don't support cracked servers here.
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    Just because you don't support cracked server doesn't rid the fact that cracked server are allowed, not everyone uses prem servers. Please stop searching for topics to complain about it's very immature.
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    They're not allowed, you're simply abusing the online mode option when it's intended use was to be able to join servers when the login servers were down.

    And yeah, browsing the forums and receiving alerts is totally searching for topics to complain about.

    Buy the game.

    md_5 How was this plugin even approved on BukkitDev seeing as it's clearly marketed towards cracked servers?
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    Hmm, that's funny considering i do own the game? Please go away, if you haven't noticed you are not helping.. It's sad you even replied to me. Have you ever thought, hey! Maybe most servers are cracked because we want to avoid that downtime when is down? I'm sure you just assume everyone using a cracked server is a complete asshole and shouldn't have the rights to turn their server to "online: false". Hmm, perhaps you should go complain about offline authentication plugins aswell? I truly do not want to deal with you, please go make another topic and bitch about cracked servers there.
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    Well yeah, you do seem like a complete asshole. Thanks for proving my point.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Sorry to elbow in on the above argument, but while I agree with your above comment,
    You are being overly rude and confrontational about it, and in practice this plugin doesn't support offline mode servers more than any offline authentication plugin does. Personally, I think that bob7 should just remove mention of cracked servers from the comments below, then you can walk away knowing that it doesn't help cracked servers any more than xAuth does, and that it no longer is "marketed towards cracked servers".
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    Cracked serves suck kinda because there are hackers that can greif the server and bypass the auth things I recomend making the cracked ones whitelisted or just buying the game

    and I am gonna get this plugin for my server because I do have a cracked one but I dont really manange it because of the people that hack I have been making a new server where it wont be cracked but I recomend foe people having a cracked server to get it white-list so you can stop some hackers. This plugin is good in stopping the hackers not get bannable so you can ban them. I get alot of people with spaces on them and I cant ban them. So I am gonna get this plugin also I might make a video of it.

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    This plugin suddenly decided to think sebto360 as 1 or 2 illegal characters, so now I'm either banned or kicked from the servers I used to play :(

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