[ADMN] BananaLogArchive 0.1 - archive your log file once it reaches a certain filesize [953]

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    archive your server.log when it reaches a certain filesize

    Version 0.1
    Configuration options: max-size-in-kb
    Save location: log-archive/dd-MM-yy-hh-mm.zip
    -version 0.1-
    08 July 2011​
    Released plugin - tested and fully working ;)
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    Glad you like it :)
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    Fantastic, should be added to bukkit.
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    Haha perhaps one day :p It certainly helps with keeping things organised and keeping server.log under control.
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    uhh.. I mean there nothing against the rules in the post, but man, that's some crazy formatting
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    Crazy - or creative? :) I mean it's fairly self-explanatary - thanks for the move though :D
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    very interesting idea, I personally hate 18 GB logs... but to tell the truth, 100 180 KB logs would be just as bad in terms of disk space, at least it would not take 30 minutes to open the log however... another suggestion? An option to archive by size or date? like save the logs as "LOG_6-10-2011" or like every few days, every month, etc...
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    You can set the log size to whatever size you want it to archive at in the config, 100kb is just default you could just as well use 1024kb or 4096kb etc etc. It archives by date - did you not read the OP? It saves the logs as log-archive/06-10-10-15-33.zip

    Also - remember that zips take up a LOT less space, so 100 180kb logs will be equivalent to about 8 times as big in normal log size.
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    I read the op omg dude. I'm just saying not size related storing, I was wondering if it was also possible to have an option to store the file every specified amount of days REGARDLESS of file size, which is NOT what you have. I was simply asking if you could add something like that. I was giving an example by the 180 kb, I could have also sais 200 90 KB of 400 45 KB etc.
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    Oh right - storing a file once per day - ermmmm... I guess that's an option yeah but my OCD won't let me >.>

    The source is in the jar - you're a plugin dev - have fun :)
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    call me stupid, but what's OCD?
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    Oo, I thought you were talking about something else...
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    I've been waiting for a plugin like this! When ever the server starts to spew errors, I have to download a log that is a few megs large and takes for ever to load up, read, make changes, restart server, see more errors, reload the still-getting-large log.

    I personally would rather have a new log after each restart (not reload), but that's just my thoughts.

    Edit: Download link down?
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    Try now?
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    Worked, downloaded, installed, waiting for server restart.
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    This is just what I was looking for.
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    Shall check to see if it works with 1060 for you now :D

    EDIT: This works perfectly fine with 1060 :)

    Thank you so much for this plugin :D
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    I am trying to something similar to this and was wondering if you could share your source so i could see how u actually cleared the original server.log file. That's the only part that i am stuck at.
    Just fyi the one I am making is not exactly like this so please don't feel as if i am trying to steal your idea, as i didn't even know this existed until i was directed here when i asked for help from someone.
    Any help is appreciated

    EDIT: Never mind, i found the .java in the .jar file. It worked by the way so many thanks!
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    Thanks, should be added to bukkit :D
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    works on dev build for 1.8?
    1092 i think
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    Love it! My Notepad++ also sends it's gratefulness.

    Option to change the archive saving dir would be neat.
    Seems to be working on CB#1145
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    Not sure if anyone still uses this, but I find it useful when I'm not on decent internet connections to view the server log.
    I am unable to get this to work on R6. Thoughts?
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    I would like to see this work on R6 as well!

    I spent a few minutes fixing this to work on R6. You can download my version here.

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    Thanks! cnaude ! Installed it now, letting server restart when the server is empty to test.
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    I spoke to codename_B and I'll be taking over this project. I'll have it setup in bukkitdev as soon as it gets approved.
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    It's working on my end! Thanks.
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    Long time no see codename_B. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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