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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Torrent, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Author: Torrent (iDnwl)
    Name: AutoReg
    Version: (V1 on hMod but still needs porting for Bukkit.)
    Something to consider: I have a very basic knowledge of coding - Updates will be released slowly and may be glitchy. So bare with me.

    Features that Autoreg has:
    * New players can register themselves without having to hassle Staff members. This will probably change as I have a new feature planned.
    * Players type /rules to access the rules as normal and it gives them the option of typing /yes or /no
    * Typing /no kicks the player and the reason is: 'Did not agree to rules'
    * Typing /yes will upgrade them to a group which allows them to place and destroy blocks in areas which aren't protected by Cuboid Protection.

    NOTE: Yes I know this can register griefers automatically, but on the hMod forums I have received a generally positive response. It also works well with the Cuboid protection plugin.

    Planned features for future versions:
    * Once the player types /yes it sends a message to staff member who is currently online saying '[name] has applied to become a member, type /accept or /decline [reason]' (I have been told that Bukkit hasn't got user groups sorted out yet? Any news on that would be appreciated.)
    * Once the player has typed /yes, they enter a reason for why they want to join. You could include a secret password which is written in the rules. For example, /yes [enter reason to join + secret password hidden in the rules] Idea suggested by TerraPlay, thanks!
    * Pending application for members who applied when the server Admin / Moderator is offline. E.g, /listpending or /pendingmembers, /pending [name] [accept/decline] Suggested by Tazzernator, thanks!
    * If the server has a forum / site where people can apply, I hope to make it so AutoReg can process their application and register them that way. (I dont know if this is entirely possible. Feedback?)


    Original hey0 forum thread: Here
    Download link: (for hMod Pre Minecraft Beta) <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Thanks for reading.

    Torrent. :)
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    Nice idea!

    I run a creative server, so this is a little tooo risky. :p

    But I can definitely see the need for your plugin! Make sure to have fun developing it! :D
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    Thanks for the positive feedback :)

    Fair enough :p
    That's why I hope to add the feature where it sends the application to staff members.

    Haha, i'll try my best to update it. :p
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    Just FYI, bukkit has not implemented a permission system yet. So hold out till then.

    A pending registrations would be awesome! Then have admin commands /pending accept name

    or /pending decline name

    I'm getting excited mate! haha.

    Just have to wait out the API updates ;)
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    Ah okay. Thanks for the update.

    And that sounds like a great idea! I'll note that down for when I can start updating it.
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    if you add the 2 first things planned for the future, i'll love you forever.
    and if you could add an argument to this /yes command where users have to put something like a message (becauce i want that the users read the rules. in the rules theres a hidden password and they have to look through the rules carefully so they're forced to read them.) after the /yes, this would be the best plugin ever :3

    somebody types /rules, reads them carefully, got the passwort and types /yes <pw> so staff members can see the users read the rules and can activate them. in combination with automatic bigbrother watching this is the perfect anti-griefing system.

    and of course usergroup-compability would be great.
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    So, This plugin isn't usable for Bukkit Servers Yet? Although nice idea. I was already thinking about a /rules command.
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    Well done! Nice plugin! =) Im gonna test it and if it is good, gonna add it to my server.
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    No its not ready for the Bukkit servers yet. But it will be soon!
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 5:40 PM ---
    Another excellent idea - thanks!
    Yes these two things shall be implemented in time.
    I shall try my best to get this done for you :)

    I just realised - I wont be able to port this over until Bukkit release the final build or some sort of User Group is released by them.
    I am aware of the User group plugin, but i'd prefer to use something official by Bukkit.
    I will update this when the Bukkit build comes out - don't worry. :)

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    nice now we just gotta know when that is :) / :(
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    I wouldn't use this on my server, as we have some griefer issues, but I like the idea.

    Also, I thought of a possible implementation for your forum integration, or rather, at least half of it. You could open up a socket reader on localhost and take registrations through that. Check out the TCP plugin someone else posted in this release forum - they do something similar. Or if you've ever seen the source code for dynmaps ( I think he's ported to bukkit now too ), he also uses a socket listener to serve HTTP-style GET requests on the socket ( for showing users' positions on the map live ).

    Using this local listening socket, probably implementing the basic HTTP POST request/response, you could easily write a PHP script/page to interface with this local socket. It wouldn't necessarily have to be local either, as a lot of people don't host the server's webpage on the same server as the minecraft server. You could have it listen on the external ip at a specified port for this as well. I would suggest having some sort of password/authentication configuration that the PHP script would need to send the correct password to allow any access/modification ( so people can't externally access this port and try to do malicious things ).

    It's definitely doable, and I think that feature would probably be the best feature of this plugin.

    Just my 2 cents, discard them if you like, i tend to throw pennies away anywas ;)
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    Cosmic Break

    How is this coming along?
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