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    Hi !

    This is a simple plugin that can help many players cause TimeRank has stop its update releases I think that someone must make a new one , and so that's why I am requesting this plugin "AutoRank"

    *Automatically rank players when they have been to the server for a certain amount of time
    *Free items when they play at the server straight amount of time (configurable)
    *Op or Admin can check a player playtime
    *Players can check their own playtime

    /ar check - check self playtime
    /ar check [playername] - checks a player playtime

    Permission Nodes:

    autorank.* - grants all command in this plugin
    autorank.check.user - Players check their own playtime
    autorank.check.others - Check a player playtime

    Recommended Plugin:
    Essentials GroupManager
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    I was planning to pick his project up, hopefully I will be able to.
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    OnTime has this feature. :)
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    Geeehh :D thanks alot man I hope that you can do the plugin so soon :D

    what do you e
    what do you mean?

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    My plugin does all of this except for giving items: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/vitals-plugin/

    /playtime to see your playtime, /playtime [name] to see someone else's, /playtime top to see the top 10, configurable permissions for everything, can show average playtime per day over the last month as well as total playtime, can promote people to certain ranks after a certain amount of playtime, etc

    My plugin has lots of other features, but everything is disabled by default so if you want this functionality only just turn on the Playtime and PlaytimePromotions features
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    I like this plug in! Do you think it's possible to have commands at the time, too? For some reason the world guard plug in I'm using isn't grabbing my essentials gm group.
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    Men did you combine all your plugin into one?
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    Guys its like I need this plguin for the latest craftbukkit release 1.3.1
    And when will they release it anywawy?

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