Inactive [ADMN] µOP a.k.a. MicroOP v3 - The fastest way to switch between OP status. [1.1-R8][1.2.3-R0.2]

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    µOP - The fastest way to switch between OP status.

    Version: 4

    This plugin allows your OPs to quickly switch between OP status, without having to enter their username.

    A Player can become an OP by typing:
    If it has the Vanilla Permission node:

    Similar, a player can remove their own OP status by typing:
    If it has the Vanilla Permission node:

    No need for any additional configuration.


    Bug Tracker (BukkitDev)

    Version 4
    • Added /deopme command.
    Version 3
    • Updated to use bukkit.* instead of craftbukkit.* in permissions
    • Non-Player CommandSenders are now informed that this command is for players only.
    • Refactored Code
    Version 2
    • Fixed Namespace
    • Minor Coding Improvements
    I loved having this command when I was using McMyAdmin and it was one of the things I missed when I switched to another host.
    cmastudios for requesting the /deopme command, and including a patched version with his request.
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    Ummmm..... soooo...... Why can't an op just type /op <playername>?

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    Naturally, you can, however, this allows you to do it without typing your own name.

    Like I said in the Credits, it is one of those small functionalities from McMyAdmin that I missed when I switched to a non-McMyAdmin host.
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    Approved, but please look to the future: BukkitDev.
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    Robert Pendell

    Yay! I was looking for one of these. Oh wait. Does this require PermissionsBukkit?

    I have not done the switch yet (still waiting on HeroChat...).
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    Minor code update, no added features.

    Thanks, but...
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    could you possibly put a thing around the top of your starting post saying you are on BukkitDev, makes it easier for some people. also a confirmation on working with the latest cb would be good also
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    Hmm this makes no sense... Why would an op not want to be an op just so they can be op again?
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    Because an OP usually gets all permissions from plugins.

    This, for example, allows an OP to test features as normal players, or just play normally and only changing to OP when really needed.
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    Ooh ok, i suppose that would save a bit of time. I thought it would be for something similar to that.
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    A new version for the latest CB has been uploaded to BukkitDev.
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    Mods, why is this listed as "null" in Bukkit plugins listings?
    And why isn't this "[INACTIVE]" yet.
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    No need for it to be inactive now, tested with the latest versions, still works perfectly.
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    Version 4 is here, with a new command: /deopme
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    I think the backwards q in the title makes it say "null".

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