Admins can't drop items and don't drop items on death

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by TechnoCraft, Oct 29, 2011.

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    How do i make it so admins can't drop items using q or whatever so others can't get items from them
    And how do i make admins not drop items on death
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    I like this idea
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    cancel the item drop event. want me to try making this?
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    What you would do would be add the admins to a hashmap or in a config and then when a drop event happens check if it is an admin the if it is cancel the event
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    wouldn't know how to do that D:
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    Here's a fast made version of your request. Can't debug on this computer, suprised it could even compile it. You may have issues, but you might not. I'll relook when I return home.

    @greg_t Why would you need a hashmap or anything that complex? Just use permissions. Its already integrated into the normal system, and there is no longer a 'need' for a config. Also, I didn't see a cancel for onEntityDeath so I just cleared the drops.

    AdminDrop.AllowDeath = allow drops on death.
    AdminDrop.AllowDrop = Allow 'q' button dropping.

    Zip is the plugin.jar as well as the source.

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    @Zaros is this first permission for normal players to drop items at death?
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    Thanks for developing it then! @Zaros [diamond]
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    No problem. Make sure it work correctly so I can fix it if needed.
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    @Zaros its not working i think :eek:
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    Not very descriptive... I think. What appears to be the issue? Any errors/etc?

    If it didn't work, I apologize. I had to write it from memory and it's had no previous testing.
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    @Zaros no there's no error but when i kill a player he drops items also i've tried it with giving permission too.
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    On an other note, how will admins prevent inventory clogging? If you can't drop stuff, and you can't lose stuff when you die, you will end up with a filled inventory fairly quickly.
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    If it worked correctly they would lose everything on death, but nothing would appear.

    @lastern I'll work on it the next time I have an opportunity.
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    this worked for me thanks man BIG HELP
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    Quite nice plugin request, would help being able to trust admins on your server! ^^
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    Im gonna try this plugin! i really like the idea! =D
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    very flawed. cant an admin still place shit in a chest which is then available to other members?
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    @tom Yes, this plugin isn't supposed to negate that. It just prevents players from "dropping" items.
    Maybe tom's idea could be a future addition, @Zaros ? Could have potential for a full-fledged, yet sort and concise, plugin.

    Also, the DL isn't working for me.
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    Possible, but I'm very busy at current. I'll have to dig up the download ASAP.
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    Is 'Admin' the highest rank on your server? I take you're wanting this plugin because you don't want your Admins spawning items and giving it to Builders, Donators, etc.

    If so, you know they can just do /give <username> <item> (if they have access)
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    I have logs for those commands which i daily go over so that wouldn't matter

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