Inactive AdminLobby | Mannages Admins And Gives Them More Power

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    Version: 1.0R1

    AdminLobby lets every server admin have full control of their server while all users maintain their happiness and satisfaction with admin and moderator support. Admins can assign moderators too who can do certain things too yet don't have 100% control. We support many different tool with just this one plugin.

    Admin Only
    Moderator and Admin
    1. Submit ticket system
    • You can teleport to the location in was submitted.
    • Saves a message and the player who sent it.
    2. See list of online moderators and admins.
    • Moderators or Admins with permission node: AL.Moderator or AL.Admin will qualify and will appear on list.
    3. Timed Kicks.
    • Kick a player after a specified time. eg. after 300 seconds the player will be kicked after receiving notifications at minute intervals until the last minute and then 30, 10, 3, 2, 1.

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