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  1. Hey guys,
    It would be great to have an admin system/rank system that mimics hMod's functionality.
    Any idea if that will be a part of Bukkit ?
    If not, could any one make a plugin for that ? Pretty please with two cherries on top ? (there were three, but I ate one)
    The groups/ranks system was a strong key element of hMod imho, so i would love it if that got implemented in bukkit or if someone wrote a plugin for that.
    ** Also, group chat would be great

    Thank you very much!
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    I think there will be a basic group system put in which then uses plugins to add to it :)
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    This is one of the few things I really do feel should be made into a part of the mod itself, instead of a plugin. Otherwise, compatibility problems galore! There could be several plugins providing this same functionality, but in completely different ways, which would make other plugins dependent on them.

    Edit: typo. dependable, wtf?? :D
  4. Exactly!
    I feel the same.
    But if it's not possible, at least it should be made into a plugin.
    I am a bit worried about next week's minecraft update.. if it breaks hMod we are basically out of an admin system until bukkit is completely out or until someone makes this plugin...
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    I suspect my server will have a lot of downtime.
    I am pretty sure, but may be wrong, that a group system will be coded into the actual mod with the basic functionality of commands available and what rank they are, i.e admin, moderator, normal user, restricted
    If this is not put in then i am certain that someone will make a plugin for all this as it was one of the most useful, if not THE most useful, part of hMod for admins :)
    Hope this helps in some way :)

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